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GREENSSOFT. Profile Greensoft is a software company based at Kochi, Kerala, India. Being in the field since 2001, it has a group of young developers,

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2 Profile Greensoft is a software company based at Kochi, Kerala, India. Being in the field since 2001, it has a group of young developers, project leaders and system analysts who are specialised in customized ERP. Managed by a group of young enthusiastic management and IT experts, the company has wide reach across sectors all over India and middle east.

3 ERP Solutions We have proven capabalities in conceiving and developing ERP solutions for Transformer manufacturing industries, pressure vessels and steel structure manufacturing Co, Co-operative Banks and health care sectors.Web Portals and SitesThe Web application is based on 2 technology with the backend support of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 as Database Server.

4 Greens ERP is designed to enable the manufacturer to plan, implement and monitor the entire processes of product development and manufacturing. This provides the enterprise to adapt quickly to ever-increasing industry requirements. It strengthens all the three levels of management making life much simpler. The end user finds it very simple, friendly and comprehensive. Enhanced productivity and streamlined output are the end results promised. Greens ERP

5 Greens ERP can be used in firms /wide variety of industries, in which the client companies will get complete control over the planning and management of all the facets of their operations. Greens ERP is provided with all functionalities needed for small manufacturing companies to corporate giants.

6 Our Products It is an integrated Business Software Package, designed to meet the business requirements of Manufacturing Companies, particularly Transformer Manufacturing Companies. It simplifies otherwise complex and strenuous tasks involved in a Transformer Manufacturing Company by integrating all the departments and functions across the company to a single computer system, which can serve all those department’s particular needs. TranSoft

7 System at a glance Enquiry Enquiry Detail LOI Sales Order Marketing Client Design Bill Of Material Estimate Transformer Details BOM, Estimate Material Production Sales Order Planning Purchase Order Purchase Material Required Raw Material Supplier Material Production Material Finished Goods Material Supplies Testing G R N Material Issue Packing List Production Finished Goods Stores Sales Invoice Sales Books of Accounts Accounts Product Delivery Payments Receipts

8 TransSoft ( Soft but Sophisticated )

9 Departments

10 Marketing Activities  Creation of Offer Templates.  Quoting the offer to customers.  Sales Order Entry.  Order Cancellation.  Letter Of Intends.  Offer status Updation. Reports  Offer Register.  Undecided Offers.  Sales Order Register.  Unexecuted Orders.  Sales Register.  Order Cancellation register.

11 Offer Template

12 Offer Quoting

13 Sales Order

14 Payment Schedule

15 Delivery Schedule

16 Order Cancellation

17 Release Note

18 Design Activities  Creation of Design folders.  Creation of Work Orders against sales orders.  Assign Bill of Material / Advance Information.  Analysis of Actual Material Consumption against the Bill Of Material. Reports  WO Register.  BOM Details.  Variance of Actual consumption and BOM Materials.

19 Design Template

20 Work Order

21 BOM Allocation

22 Planning Activities  Production Planning  Daily Production Planning.  Material Planning  No Confirmation Reports  Projected Stock Status of each material for a specified period.  Analysis of Actual Production against the Planned Production.  Men our Requirement for the month as per the Planning.

23 Production Planning

24 Planning Report

25 Purchase Activities  Placing Local and Import Purchase Orders.  Purchase Order Cancellation  Consignment Details entry.  Loading Incidental cost to the Received Materials.

26 Purchase Order

27 Purchase Order Cancellation

28 Purchase Reports  Purchase Orders Register.  Analysis of Pending Purchase Orders.  Details of Materials Shipped from Supplier Site.  Expected Receipt of Material as per the Purchase Order and lead-time.  Supplier wise Material lead- time Details.  Supplier Rating based on Delivery Schedule, Quality, Pricing, Communication and Response.  Freight Bill Register  List of all GRN’s for which freight bill is not loaded

29 Stores Activities  Goods Receipt Note.  Material Issue based on the Request from the corresponding departments.  Return of issued materials from the departments.  Damaged Material Entry.  Removing the End piece scrap from the stock.  Entry of semi finished goods from the sub units (fabrication).  Non Returnable Gate Pass.  Purchase Return.  Entry of Copper and CRGO Scrap.

30 GRN

31 Material Issue

32 Material Details

33 Material return

34 Packing List

35 Delivery Note

36 Stock Transfer

37 Sales Return

38 Site Visit


40 Quality Activities  Inspection of Inward Materials.  Testing of Finished Goods. Reports  Report of Inward Materials details and remarks, if any.  Production Report.

41 Transformer Testing

42 Production Activities  Transformer wise Production progress entry.  Men Hour Utilization details entry.  Material Request to stores.  Material Return to Stores.  End Piece and scrap generation.  Rework Entry, if any.  Power consumption.

43 Material Request

44 Daily Production

45 Material Consumption

46 End Piece Entry

47 Men Hour Utilization

48 Rework

49 Sales  Invoicing.  Sales Register.  Receivables.  Debtors Aging Analysis.

50 Sales Invoicing

51 Purchase Invoicing

52 Bills Receivables.

53 Bills Payable

54 Accounts  Ledgers.  Cash Book.  Bank Book.  Credit Note Register.  Debit Note Register.  Journal.  Payment Register.  Purchase Register.  Transaction Balances.  Fund Planning Sales  Fund planning Purchase

55 Accounts  Trial Balance.  Profit & Loss.  Balance Sheet.  Post Dated Cheques.  Bank Reconciliation Statement.  Supplier Payment Details.  Creditor’s Aging Report.  Debtors Ageing Report.  Daily Bank Statement.  Cash flow Statement.  Credit Note  Debit Note

56 Ageing Creditors

57 Ageing Debtors

58 Cheque Report

59 Bills Payable

60 Bills Receivable

61 Fund Requirements Purchase

62 Doesn ’ t End Here.. Periodical Updating Goes Here

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