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3 Sales function starts with enquiry or by purchase order from the new/existing customer and include dispatch Advice, invoicing sales return, documents tracking, sales voucher and Db/Cr notes generation. EBS50 provides Sales, Warranty and Spares sales functional automation with tracking facilities for the delivery and payments. In EBS50 you can record sales enquiries subsequent follow-ups and then quotations can be send and tracked. Order acceptance, Dispatch planning, Invoicing, Trading, Warranty tracking, spares sales. The sales vouching has been automated to add more convenience to accounting people. MAIN FEATURES Sales Enquiries, Follow ups, Sales Orders, SO Approvals/Acceptance Invoices, Sales return/ rejections, SO profit/loss analysis, Trading, Stock Transfer, Warranty tracking Spares sales Sales Vouchers Postings Db/Cr notes etc.


5 Sales Order is created to represent the customers requirement in the system. That will calculate the price and check for the availability of materials. Proforma Invoice can be created in order to inform the customer about the value of the goods, so that he will make arrangements for the payment to be made, when goods arrive at his place. Dispatch Advice, Packing list, Excise, Custom Invoice, Shipment Details. ARE-1 document is created with reference to generated outgoing Excise Invoice. In sales export e.g. BRC, Bill of Lading, DBK, L/C, BRC, EP Copy, DIFS, ARE1 etc can be tracked. MAIN FEATURES Export Enquiries, Follow ups, Sales Orders SO Acceptance/Approval Proforma Invoices PI Approval Dispatch Advice Packing list Custom Invoicing Shipping Details BRC Sales Vouchers Postings Documents Tracking

6 MASTER SETUP SCREENS Consignee Detail This form is used to enter the consignees detailed information Representative Detail This form is used to enter the representative detailed information Transporter This form is used to enter the Transporter detailed information Port Detail This is used to enter port details Tax Master This is used to enter the information and setting of different taxes and their rates applicable L/C Master Used to enter the L/C related information Terms Of Delivery & DEPBDEPB Used to enter the terms of delivery and DEPB Schedules and rates

7 Marketing Enquiry handling This is used to enter the detail of enquiry received from prospective clients Enquiry Approval This form is used to accept or decline the enquiry Enquiry Follow-ups Used to enter the details of follow ups done with prospects Quotations This is used for sending the quotation for the enquiry Order booking This for entering the SO received from client after enquiry get matured.

8 SALES PROCESS - Domestic Orders For Material This form is used to enter the Sales order received from customer. Sales Orders Approval Used to Approve/accept the SO Sales Schedule This form is used to enter the delivery schedule given by clients against any SO. Dispatch Advice Used to enter the dispatch advice after the required product has been manufactured and FG updated

9 SALES INVOICES VAT Invoice - Used for Intrastate Sale VAT Invoice Retail / CST Invoice - Used for out of state sales VAT /CST Rejection Used for Intrastate /Out of state purchase Rejection Scrap Invoice - Used for scrap sale Stock Invoice – For stock transfer Stock Invoice FOC Invoice Used for free of cost material or samples Supplementary Invoice Used for raising rate difference- supplementary invoices Job Work Invoice - Used for Job work invoicing

10 SALES RETURN Gate entry - Starts with gate entry Gate entry Inspection – After GE the goods are inspected Inspection Rejection goods store – RGS stock is updated Rejection goods store Rework Register – The rework able material is reworked and left over is rejected Rework Register Sales Return – This is used to send the material after rework Sales Return

11 SALES EXPORT Proforma Invoice – This is used to inform the customer regarding the value of goods to be exported. Proforma Invoice Proforma Invoice Approval – Used to Approve the PI Proforma Invoice Approval Dispatch Advice– Used to enter the dispatch advice after the required product has been manufactured and FG updated Dispatch Advice Packing List– The packing list is generated over here Packing List Invoice– Used to enter the custom/export invoice Invoice Shipment Detail - Describe your shipment, determine dutiable status, and comply with Customs regulations Shipment Detail ARE1- Application for removal of excisable goods for export info to be generated using this form ARE1- Bank Realization Certificate - Bank Certificate of Export & Realization info will be entered here. Bank Realization Certificate

12 Sales Warranty Warranty Entry - Here all info related to product and warranty term is entered Warranty Entry Warranty Call Tracking – Used to track the warranty Warranty Call Tracking Warranty Claim – used to claim the warranty Warranty Claim QC Approval For warranty claim – This form is used to approve the claim by QC department QC Approval For warranty claim Warranty Approval form - Use for approving the warranty claim Warranty Approval form Warranty Material Requisition and Approval – used for acquiring the material to be replaced under warranty Warranty Material Requisition Material Issue for warranty replacement – Used to issue the material against the warranty Material Issue The material sold may carry the warranty and information related to this and tracking can be done Using this module

13 Spare Sales Spare Part Order - The requirement of spares from clients is entered here Spare Part Order Material Requisition and Approval – used for acquiring the Spare part to be sold. Material Requisition Material Issue – Used to issue the spares for sale Material Issue Dispatch Advice – The DA is made after material issue Dispatch Advice VAT/Retail Invoice for Spares– As per DA the invoice is made VAT/Retail Invoice for Spares This module is used for sales of Spare Parts

14 REPORTS - Marketing Enquiry Detail Enquiry Detail Follow up Enquiry Cancellation Report Enquiry Conversion Ratio Quotation Report REPORTS – Sales Domestic Sales Order SO Schedule Dispatch Advice Sales Tax Invoice Sales Tax Invoice -char

15 REPORTS – Sales Domestic Supplementary Bill Order Vs Dispatch Sales Figure report Revenue Figures Monthly Sales summary Form 27C Trade/Scrap Invoice Pending Form C Sales Order Register Sales Invoice register Order booking analysis – category wise, customer wise, branch wise, domestic/ export wise

16 REPORTS – Sales Export Proforma Invoice – Material Sales Invoice – custom/commercial Pre-shipment Detail Packing List – Party Bill Of Lading ARE – 1 Bill of Exchange DEPB Pending PI Pre-Packing List FOB Report Insurance Statement

17 REPORTS – Export Documents Declaration Annexure – VII DBK Annexure – I CENVAT certificate SDF Form Shipment Letter of Instruction Annexure – II Annexure – A Appendix – 11.1 Duty Drawback Summary Bank Realization Certificate (BRC)

18 Other Sales Reports Sales Return product wise Rework Register – Sales Return Warranty item product wise Warranty claim check list Warranty Entry and Claim report Spare sales Order report Spares sales invoice Spares dispatch advice

19 REPORTS - MIS Customer Quality Performance Month to date sale – Party/Product Wise Year to date sale - Party/Product Wise Sales Party wise Sales Invoice register Sales vs consumptions Revenue figures

20 THANK YOU Access Infotech Pvt. Ltd. SCO 64-65, 4th Floor, Sector 34-A, Chandigarh Phone: 0172-5002677, 5025577 TeleFax: 0172-2622571 E-mail -


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