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Food Court Restaurant Management System Develop By:

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1 Food Court Restaurant Management System Develop By:

2 Who can use? Any type of Chinese Thai Indian Restaurant Bangla Food Restaurant Fast Food & Any type of Food Manufacturing organization.

3 Module Panel S a l e s Stock Account Basic Setup Purchase P r o d u c t i o n Management

4 Basic Setup Unlimited Item Entry. Enlisted Supplier Functionality. Business Item Price Configuration. Regular Client Information Tracking.

5 Item Enlisted Page with Different Type

6 Business Item wise price Configuration.

7 Purchase Cash Purchase Facility. Credit Purchase Tracking. Purchase Order Generate from Software. Multi Time Order item Receive. Purchase Order Cancellation. Supplier Payment Functionality. Item Return To Supplier. Multi Dimensional Purchase Log Report. Create Supplier Statement. Supplier Payment Log Report

8 Credit Purchase with out Purchase Order

9 Payment to Supplier Against Delivery Item.

10 Purchase History with multiple Parameter.

11 Configuration & Stock Configuration Standard Recipe. Calculate Current Food Costing. Stock Adjustment Functionality. Item Issue From Central Stock. Daily Indent Book Current Stock Valuation (Central/Cook) Auto Stock Out Calculation Stock Analysis Report (Central/Cook)

12 Calculate Current Food Costing

13 Setup Standard Recipe for Manufacturing Item.

14 Sales Running sale with Touch Screen Facility. Credit sale Facility. Sales Adjustment Process. Graphical Sales Report. Product wise daily or monthly Sales Report. Client Statement Report.

15 Running Sale With Touch Screen Facility

16 Accounting Custom Chart of Account Creation. DV/CV/JV Posting Voucher Verification Process Bank Book/Cash Book. Cash Flow Statement. Daily Trial Balance. Income/Expense Statement. Profit Loss Calculation General Ledger Balance Sheet

17 Debit Voucher Page. Credit voucher Page.

18 Journal Entry

19 Software Can Be Calculate Item wise Profit loss Statement

20 Report Sample Sales Graph Report

21 Payment Log Report.

22 Current Stock Analysis Report Sample

23 Management Unlimited User Creation. Customize Access Control to User. Current Stock Valuation Report. Stock Analysis Report Short at Stock Report

24 Create Username & Password use Login Access.

25 Assign User Activity to Selected User.

26 Thank you For Expand your Valuable Time with Us

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