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Creating Proposal and Managing Grants Maria Whalen (508)856-6510.

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1 Creating Proposal and Managing Grants Maria Whalen (508)856-6510

2 Introductions Name Your Department How many years, months, weeks, days with the University? How will you be using PeopleSoft? 2

3 Housekeeping Logistics Restrooms Cafe One - 15 minute break Parking Lot items Handouts 3

4 Objectives By the end of the session, participants will be able to: Describe the business process for Creating and Updating a proposal Create and submit a Budget Proposal Print a Proposal Routing Form Inquire on Proposals, Awards, Budgets and Expenditures 4

5 Lesson 1 Grants Overview

6 PeopleSoft Grants Module All grants-related data is stored in one system Handles both Pre-Award and Post-Award functions 6

7 Pre-Award Create/Update Profiles Create Proposal Each proposal consists of at least one project Enter Projects Enter Budget Information Each project consists of at least one budget Print Routing Form Submit Proposal 7

8 Post Award Award is generated from Final Proposal Negotiate with Agency to achieve final funding Update Final Proposal and generate award Activate Project Budget, Contract, Billing Plan and Revenue Recognition Plan Close Grant 8

9 Pre-Award to Award Generation 9 enter Enter Demographic and Budget Information into Proposal V101 (Decentral) Proposal is created and Proposal Routing Form is Printed. Obtain necessary signature. Submit Proposal in PeopleSoft and send paper work to RFS RFS reviews proposal. A fully signed copy returned to Dept once approved If award is funded, RFS updates proposal, makes a copy to FINAL version. Generate Award from Final proposal.

10 Research Funding Services Supports department and faculty in pre-award and some post award activities Maintain information on federal and private funding sources including standards guidelines and application material RFS requires you to submit Paperwork for administrative review at least 5 working days for review and approval of proposals All application require RFS to be the official submitter 10

11 Important Resources Research Funding Services Proposal Review and Submission Policy Indirect Rate Agreement Internal Budget Worksheet 11

12 Required Forms for Review and Approval Annual Progress Report Proposal Routing Form (PeopleSoft generated) Conflict of Interest Disclosure Summary Internal Budget Worksheet Letter of Intent (only if UMASS is sub-other Univ is the Prime) 12

13 Lesson 2 Creating a Proposal

14 Award Structure 14 Award 000000000011111 (same as Proposal ID) Project S61110000005024 Budget Period 1Budget Period 2Budget Period 3

15 Proposal Creation Proposal (called “V101”) is created with the following data: ▫Institutional and personnel data ▫One or more project descriptions ▫Preliminary budget data ▫Compliance information Standard information about the campus, the sponsor, and departments and personnel involved in the proposal is captured from templates called “profiles,” maintained by the central grants office on each campus Each project within the proposal may have its own budget, with multiple budget periods Additional information can be tracked for the submission, such as sub-recipients, federal flow through, conflicts of interest, intellectual property and previous awards Proposal is assigned a Proposal ID by the system 15

16 Proposal Projects Each proposal is required to have at least one project. The project is used to track the fiscal part of the proposal and/or award. The project can be used to differentiate scope of work and/or budgets among multiple projects contained in a single proposal. Each project can have only one Department and one F&A base and rate. F&A distribution may be defined for the V101 proposal, but must be defined before the FINAL proposal award is generated. If applicable, decentralized offices will input this data. This information must be completed for each project on the proposal. 16

17 IMPORTANT PRINTING INFORMATION You must have a run control setup in order to print proposals in PeopleSoft If you do not know how to setup Run Controls – please see me after class 17

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