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Sponsored Projects Administration

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1 Sponsored Projects Administration
Jodi S. Ogden, MBA, CRA Associate Vice President Direct: Main:

2 An Overview of the Pre-Award Grant Process
Krystal Toups, CRA Director, Grants

3 Objectives About Us Role of the Grants Team
The internal review process Discuss the responsibilities of Department, PI and Schools Life Cycle of a UTHealth Grant Proposal Development Details

4 1 2 3 Pre-Award 4 5 Authorized Signing Official (ASO)
a.k.a Business Official a.k.a Authorized Organizational Official (AOR)

5 The Role of the Grants Team
Internal Review Process


7 SPA Grants Team Review and approve administrative components of a proposal (i.e. not science) for Grants, Cooperative Agreements, & Subcontracts (HOOP 64) Ensures grants meet sponsor, UT System and institutional guidelines Serves as liaison between PI and sponsor on administrative/financial issues General pre-proposal guidance RFP guideline interpretation Authorized signing officials (HOOP 124 )

8 Internal Review Process

9 Purpose of the Institutional Review
Grants and contracts are made to the institution. The institution is legally and financially responsible for committing facilities and managing awarded funds.

10 Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA)
Who is Responsible? Department/PI Eligibility of Principal Investigator (PI) Scientific merit within scope of department Proposal meets sponsor requirements Willingness of co-investigators and consultants to participate Subcontract documents from collaborators Assurances (Animal, Human, Biological Agents, etc) Compliance (Conflict of Interest & PI Responsibility Training) Financial (Budget development, Cost Sharing, Salary Verification) R&A Form Approvals School Scientific merit within research and educational objectives Meets financial interests of school Additional space, renovations, equipment installations Approval of indirect cost waivers and cost-sharing R&A form approvals Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) Administrative & Financial (A&F review) for accuracy and compliance to sponsor guidelines Review for compliance with institution and UT System Review assurances & Conflict of Interest Forms Secure institutional approval of cost sharing and indirect cost waivers Provide the Authorized Signing Official Signature (ASO)

11 Life Cycle of a UTHealth Grant
Internal Review Process

12 Life Cycle of a UTHealth Grant
Pre-Award Post Award PI/ Dept. Find Funding PI/ Dept. Award Closeout PI/ Dept. Proposal Development Progress Reports (route to SPA for signature) Budget management Contact Department Administrator Develop your budget Complete Internal (A&F) Forms for SPA Obtain Dept./School Approvals Route forms to SPA using Cayuse424 PI/ Dept. Award Management PAF SPA Internal Review PI/ Dept. Proposal Submission (self-submit for Federal) SPA Just-In-Times (send documents to SPA) SPA will review/negotiate the award Award setup (Final Budget Setup) Project Setup PI/ Dept. PAF

13 More about the Proposal Development Stage
Internal Review Process

14 SPA Internal Deadlines
HOOP 64 Requires Sponsored Projects Administration review proposals prior to their submission to an agency SPA request that proposals are submitted for Administrative and Financial Review (A&F) review 10 working days prior to submission Proposals meeting the published 10 business day deadline will be given priority as proposals are reviewed in order received. Proposals received within 3 business days (or less) of the sponsor deadline are not guaranteed to be reviewed in time for submission Proposals will not be signed or submitted without a review by SPA.

15 Locating your Department Admin - Complete Half the Battle
Proposal Development X Identified Funding Source Notify your Department Administrator Build Application Route to SPA (Internal Review) Submit Application Notify Department Administrator Find them by asking Dept. Chair or DMO or Dept. Contact webpage or contact SPA. Dept. Admin may: Provide internal deadlines Complete and route the internal documents to SPA to obtain the university approval. Navigate Cayuse424 and complete the administrative sections of your grant application. Assist you with building the Grant Budget Locating your Department Admin - Complete Half the Battle

16 X X Proposal Development Build Application
Identified Funding Source Notify your Department Administrator Build Application Route to SPA (Internal Review) Submit Application Build Application Review the FOA instructions – guide for completing agency grant forms. PA Complete administrative section of the grant application. Institutional Information Draft final budgets (obtaining docs from collaborators, subcontracts, etc.) Budget Development / Simple Detailed Budget  Complete internal Review and Approval Form Review & Approval Form  Obtain depts. /schools approval via signature on the R&A form

17 X X X Proposal Development Route Application to SPA
Identified Funding Source Notify your Department Administrator Build Application Route to SPA (Internal Review) Submit Application Route Application to SPA Route Administrative and Financial (A&F) Packet to SPA 10 Business days prior to the deadline. (Note A&F excludes the science). Route the A&F packet using Cayuse424. System to System (S2S) software used to submit electronic proposals to federal agencies (NIH, DoD, HRSA, CDC – SF424 forms based, auto fills, stores information, tracks errors Routing Proposals for Review and Cayuse424 The Grants Team will review the grant application. Assigned Grants Team SPS will check: Budget, Budget Justification, Grant Application Admin pages, etc. SPA give the approval to submit once the internal review is complete.

18 X X X X Proposal Development Submit Application
Identified Funding Source Notify your Department Administrator Build Application Route to SPA (Internal Review) Submit Application Submit Application For Federal applications – PI/Dept. uploads the completed science and will submit the Cayuse424 application via the Self-Submit Process. For non-Federal applications – Grants Team SPS will: Provide signatures from an Authorized Signing Official. And/Or Submit all non-Cayuse424 electronic submissions (Fastlane, CPRIT, EHB, Komen, CDMRP, AHA, THECB); the department is responsible for hard copy submissions.

19 X X X X X After Submission Grants Team will:
Identified Funding Source Notify your Department Administrator Build Application Route to SPA (Internal Review) Submit Application Grants Team will: Review and submit supplemental information. Obtain Just-In-Time (JIT) information from the PI/Dept., review and submit any information needed by the sponsor (i.e. budgets, IRB & IACUC approvals, other support information). If an award is made, the sponsor sends SPA the notice of grant award (NOGA or NOA) document. If the PI receives the NOGA, it should be sent to SPA.  Grants Team will obtain the information (i.e. setup budget) from PI/Dept. Review progress reports. Visit our Website

20 Before I Go…Remember Start early SPA Internal Deadline (HOOP 64)
Notify Departmental Research Administrators Contact Me

21 Contact:
More Questions? Contact SPA with any questions during the pre-award process: (713) Visit SPA Website for Additional Resources: Join the SPA List Serve – “AURA” for research administration updates and information, Contact:

22 Contact Information Krystal Toups, CRA Sponsored Projects Administration Director, Grants 7000 Fannin, UCT Houston, TX (713)

23 Thanks! Any Questions?

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