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Verifying & Entering Award Information into PeopleSoft NEW AWARD SET UP.

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1 Verifying & Entering Award Information into PeopleSoft NEW AWARD SET UP

2 Overview Award Set-up Verification, Verification, Verification! Entry (including cost share) Notification Time Extension Change in Shared Credit Delegation of Authority

3 Verification… Verify from fully executed Agreement Sponsor Name Awarded Amount Period of Performance Agency Award Number CFDA (or from email)

4 Verification… Proposal & Project ID Numbers DeptIDs per Rate Type from Spreadsheet Project PI Co-PIs Center (s) Milestone sheet attached Subcontract Agreement RUC form for Cost Share

5 Cost Share RUC Form Justification – required or voluntary? Department(s) Amount Non-Grant DeptID Non-Grant Fund Code Department(s) Chair signature PI signature VPR signature

6 Verification! Budget for Awarded Amount F&A Rate per Rate Type (proposed vs. agreed) Fringe rate(s) Stipend – salary or tuition? Subcontract split if over 25K Equipment vs. Department Operating Participant Support – no F&A

7 Entry into PeopleSoft Enter all verified information into correct panels in PeopleSoft Financials Grant Module Enter ARRA and/or Equipment attributes Enter budget with correct account code, fund code, budget item and amounts Create new Sponsor address or contact person if necessary Enter Customer Contract information Cost Reimbursable or Fixed Price Cycle ID Billing plan OSPA name/numbers

8 Entry & Notification Create new MoCode(s) tied to project Enter Signature Authority into Web Apps Document in award workflow list Generate the Grant Award Summary (GAS) & verify information is correct Email GAS to PI, Dept Chair, Co-PIs, Dept & Center Admins, Env Health, Academic Affairs, OSP Personnel Forward file for folder creation, Subcontract, Cost Share

9 Other Duties… Time Extension Must be approved by agency (and VPR if necessary) Delegation of Authority Must be approved by PI Change in Shared Credit Must be approved by PI, Co-PIs, Department Chair, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, VPR What?! Where?! How?!

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