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Presented by: David Paul Donna Duncan Marcie Jackson.

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1 Presented by: David Paul Donna Duncan Marcie Jackson

2 OVERVIEW  Introduction to OSP  Locating Funding Opportunities  Proposal Development  Budget Development  Submission Process

3 Sponsored Programs Cradle to Grave operations for Externally funded grants/contracts CUSTOMER FOCUS

4 Funding Opportunities  Grants Resource Center (GRC) GRC publications GrantSearch database Receive announcements directly  Library IRIS Foundation Center  Agency websites 

5 Proposal Development  Idea – activity – agencies fund activities  Do literature review  Locate funding  Contact program officer with your idea to see if it’s a good fit with agency mission/priorities

6 Understanding the Solicitation  Read program solicitation or RFP – read it again  Review evaluation criteria  Review eligibility requirements  Deadlines or target dates Letter of intent

7 Standard Proposal Components  Abstract  Project Description Needs statement - hypothesis Goals & objectives Methodology Evaluation Dissemination  Budget & justification  References Cited  Bio-sketch (PI/PD qualifications)  Curriculum vitae

8 Writing the Proposal  Use correct grammar and spelling; proofread  3 rd person  No trendy buzz words  Follow guidelines FORMAT PAGE LIMITATION  Contact program officer (again) to see if your idea is a good fit with agency mission/ priorities  Write to evaluation criteria

9 Budget Development Most budgets consist of the following line items: Salaries and Wages Fringe Benefits Materials and Supplies Travel Equipment Subrecipients Other Direct Costs Facilities & Administrative Costs Budget Justification

10 Facilities & Administrative Costs (AKA Indirect Costs and Overhead)  Cannot be easily allocated to specific projects Operations and Maintenance College, Department, & Central Administration Libraries Facility & Equipment use or depreciation  Federally Negotiated  Mandatory unless waiver pre- approved by VP/AVP of Research

11 Internal Routing Form More Paperwork??  What is it and why is it required? Project description and summary Institutional Approval Fiscal review ○ Cost Share, F&A Waiver, Rates Used, etc. Compliance issues ○ Human Participants, Animal Use, Conflict of Interest, Hazardous Materials, etc. Reporting ○ Personal Credit ○ University Reporting

12 Internal Review and Approval  4-Day Review Policy  Signature Authority  Consequences Miss Deadlines Incorrect Budgets Unacceptable Terms Reject Award Examples

13 Proposal Submission  Electronic NIH eRA Commons NSF Fastlane Other  Paper Copies Mailing OSP is the official approver and submitter

14 My proposal was rejected…Now What?  Review comments  Revise  Resubmit Some sponsors expect to reject initial submissions so you can resubmit a stronger proposal based on suggestions

15 Resources Website OSP Handbook OSP FAQ PI Responsibilities Memo  Senior Research Administrators & Accountants Call Us!! That’s why we’re here

16 Questions?

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