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Stephen Krashen’s L2 Acquisition Theory Compiled by Doris Shih.

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2 Stephen Krashen’s L2 Acquisition Theory Compiled by Doris Shih

3 Outline for Today w The acquisition-learning hypothesis The acquisition-learning hypothesis w The natural order hypothesis The natural order hypothesis w The monitor hypothesis The monitor hypothesis w The input hypothesis The input hypothesis w The affective filter hypothesis The affective filter hypothesis

4 What are the causative variables in second language acquisition?

5 For you, does language teaching really help? When does it help and when does it NOT help?

6 Effecting Variables w Comprehensible input (causative) w Strength of the filter (causative) w Language teaching w Exposure variable w Age w Acculturation


8 The Acquisition-Learning Hypothesis w Acquisition = subconsciously picking up w Learning = conscious Error correction Explicit instruction w Children acquire language better than adults

9 The Natural Order Hypothesis w Grammar structures are acquired in a predictable order w L2 learning order is different from L1 order w L2 learning adults and children show similar order

10 ING (progressive) PLURAL COPULA (“to be”) AUXILIARY ARTICLE IRREGULAR PAST REGULAR PAST SINGULAR (-s) POSSESSIVE (-s) The order for L2 learners (Krashen, 1977)

11 The Monitor Hypothesis w Acquisition has the central role w Learning functions as a Monitor w 3 conditions needed to use Monitor Time Focus on form Know the rule w When Monitor is not used, errors are natural w Pedagogically: study of grammar has a place, but a limited one

12 The Input Hypothesis w We acquire by comprehensible input (i) + 1 w Input Hypothesis relates to acquisition, not learning w Focus not on structure but on understanding the message w Do not teach structure deliberately; i+1 is provided naturally when input is understood w Production ability emerges. It’s not taught directly

13 The Affective Filter Hypothesis w Motivation w Self-confidence w Anxiety w Lower affective filter will go further

14 Language Input Affective Filter Acquired Competence Language Acquisition Device The affective filter

15 Reference w Krashen, Stephen D. Principles and Practice in Second Language Acquisition. New York, NY: Prentice Hall, 1987.

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