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Midterm Jeopardy Review Commies Everywhere! Domestic US 1945-60 People/ Groups Emerging Nations PotpourriEarly Cold War 100 200 300 400 500.

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1 Midterm Jeopardy Review Commies Everywhere! Domestic US 1945-60 People/ Groups Emerging Nations PotpourriEarly Cold War 100 200 300 400 500

2 Fear of communism throughout America during the 1950s home

3 The Red Scare home

4 When people in the entertainment industry were on a list of possible “communists” and therefore they could not get jobs in their industry. home

5 Blacklisted home

6 Hollywood actors accused of putting communist propaganda in movies home

7 Hollywood Ten

8 These people were executed for being spies and giving information about the atomic bomb to the USSR. home

9 Ethyl and Julius Rosenberg home

10 This person made unsubstantiated accusations that communists were present in the military and government home

11 Joseph McCarthy home

12 This was created to help American soldiers coming home from WWII -gave loans with low interest rates, unemployment for 1 year and paid for school Bonus: Official Name home

13 GI Bill of Rights AKA: Serviceman’s Readjustment Act home

14 Counterculture group against 1950s conformity home

15 Beatniks home

16 List ways in which Conformity was seen in the 1950s home

17 Growth of Suburbs Organization Man Baby Boom Automobile Culture Consumerism Mass Media home

18 In post WWII America, Women’s Roles changed in the following way: home

19 Reluctantly returned to housewife role home

20 The increased desire and ability to spend more money on goods and services home

21 Consumerism home

22 Non-violent leader who fought for Indian Independence with peaceful protests and civil disobedience home

23 Mohandas Gandhi home

24 Chinese Nationalist leader who wound up losing the war and fleeing to _______ Bonus: his “other” name home

25 Chiang Kai-Shek AKA: Jiang Jieshi Fled to Taiwan home

26 Communist leader who won the support of the peasants during the Chinese Civil War home

27 Mao Zedong home

28 This president pledged to give financial aid to Greece and Turkey after WWII Bonus: What was this pledge called and why was it done? home

29 Harry S. Truman Truman Doctrine was to help contain communism, so nations didn’t feel desperate enough to fall to communism home

30 Explain the difference between the General Assembly and the Security Council in the UN home

31 General Assembly: Makes recommendations to maintain international peace and security. Each member nation has a voice and one vote Security Council: Includes “Big Five” plus 10 other rotating nations. May punish threats to world peace. home

32 A country that rejected both American and Soviet dominated alliances was considered this home

33 Non-aligned home

34 What is the cause of conflict in Kashmir? home

35 Kashmir belongs to India (which is mostly Hindu) but it has a big population of Muslims so Pakistan wants it as their own. home

36 This movement was for Jews to reestablish a homeland in Palestine This and the recent Holocaust experience led to the creation of Israel. home

37 Zionist Movement (Zionism) home

38 What led to the emergence of new nations after WWII? (100 pts each) home

39 1. Defeat of dictatorships (had to give up their colonies as punishment) 2. Decline of colonial powers (weakened and broke from the war) 3. Unparalleled destruction (rebuilding their own nations) 4. Rise of Superpowers (trying to get people on their side, each side favored end of colonialism) home

40 What caused major problems in the development of newly formed African Nations? home

41 -political boundaries imposed by Europeans had little relationship to African tribal boundaries so there was still a lot of turmoil and civil war within new nations as rival groups struggled for control. home

42 Why was there a partition of India and what was the result of that partition? home

43 Conflict between Hindus and Muslims: Mostly Hindu India & Mostly Muslim Pakistan home

44 List ways in which the quality of life improved for the Chinese people after the Communist Revolution home

45 -Land distribution allowed for land ownership -Women’s rights (ban on foot binding, inclusion in government and education) -No more arranged marriages -Health care improvements -Education opportunities home

46 The term coined by Winston Churchill that described the separation between free and communist Europe home

47 Iron Curtain home

48 A strategy in which a group of nations agree to defend each other against attack from other nations. home

49 Collective Security home

50 People choosing their own form of government without reference to the wishes of any other nation home

51 Self-determination home

52 The blocking of another nation’s attempt to spread communism. Provide examples home

53 Containment 1. Marshall Plan 2. Truman Doctrine 3. Berlin Airlift 4. US support for Chinese Nationalists home

54 Why were NATO and the Warsaw Pact formed? home

55 –NATO was an alliance formed by Western nations against communist aggression –Warsaw Pact was formed in response to NATO (eastern communist nations) home

56 What happened to Japan after WWII? home

57 1.U.S. helped rebuild its economy 2. Japan became a representative democracy and the U.S. helped write its constitution 3. Japan could only have a military large enough for self-defense 4. Emperor became a figurehead (no longer a god) home

58 What are the two main goals of the United Nations? home

59 1. Promote world peace 2. Raise the standard of living home

60 Why was the Veto Power of the Permanent 5 members of the UN significant to the Cold War? home

61 Because it made dealing with Cold War issues ineffective since the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. were both part of the Permanent 5 members. home

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