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World Civilization Qtr. 4 Study Guide. Yalta Conference.

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1 World Civilization Qtr. 4 Study Guide

2 Yalta Conference

3 Iron Curtain

4 Truman Doctrine

5 Marshall Plan

6 Berlin Blockade

7 Satellite countries of the Soviet Union



10 Domino Theory

11 Cuban Missile Crisis

12 World Trade Organization

13 Containment policy

14 What was the primary cause of the Cold War between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R? Competition for political influence over other countries

15 What was the goal of Mao Zedong’s Great Leap Forward and how did he try to accomplish it? Modernize China’s economy by dividing China into communes

16 What influence did Mao’s cultural Revolution want to destroy? Capitalistic influences

17 Read the Primary Source quote on pg This excerpt from a speech delivered in 1947 forms part of the rationale for what U.S. foreign policy? Truman Doctrine

18 What goal did Gandhi hope to achieve with his non-violent disobedience policy? Independence for India from Britain

19 What was the main reason that the countries of Eastern Europe became Soviet Satellites? The Soviets occupied this area at the end of World War II

20 In what Eastern country did the following events take place during 1968: A writers’ protest began, a hard-line Communist leader resigned and a more democratic one stepped in, the new leader started reforms like freedom of speech and the press, the Soviet army came in and regained control. Czechoslovakia

21 In 1973 the Arab nations imposed an oil embargo against the U.S. because the U.S. supported what nation? Israel

22 Why was NATO formed? A military defense alliance between U.S. & Europe

23 The partition of India and Pakistan resulted because of the religious conflict between which two groups? Muslims and Hindus

24 What was the goal of the Marshall Plan following World War II? To rebuild European prosperity and political stability

25 The U.S. foreign policy of “containment” was aimed at containing what? The spread of communism

26 This unsuccessful 1989 Chinese Student revolt for democracy ended in hundreds being killed, thousands being wounded, and began a massive government campaign to stamp out protest? Tiananmen Square Massacre

27 Put the following event of the Middle East conflict in the correct chronological order: Six Day War, intifada, Israeli Independence, the first Israeli-Arab war. Israeli Independence; first Arab-Israeli War; Six Day War, intifada

28 True or False. The August 1991 Soviet Coup strengthened Mikhail Gorbachev’s power. False

29 This theory was the idea that if one nation became communist other neighboring nations would “fall to communism, one right after another like____ Dominoes, aka the domino theory

30 Name the alliance that was formed to stop the spread of communism in Southeast Asia. SEATO, Southeast Asian treaty Organization (right: SEATO members)

31 Name four common practices essential for democracy to work Free elections, citizen participation, majority rule, minority rights, constitutional government

32 Define the U.S. policy of “brinksmanship.” What 1962 event was an example of the willingness of the U.S. to put this policy to the test? (p. 563, 557) The Cuban Missile Crisis

33 How does the economic policy of “Free Trade” stimulate economic growth? (p. 642) Removing barriers such as tariffs (taxes on imported goods)

34 True or False As a result of globalization, both developed and developing nations become more dependent on each other. (p. 646) True: both developed and developing nations become more dependent on other nations

35 State the goal of “sustainable development.” (p. 646) Preserve and protect the environment

36 Elected representatives and citizens’ right to liberty go along with what American Document? (p ) The U.S. Constitution

37 What policy drove the US to go to war against Vietnam? (p. 544) Containment (containing Communism)

38 What was the state of Japan’s economy following WWII? (p. 516) Economically, Japan was devastated - Japan focused on developing industry and exporting Japanese produces products.

39 What did the Truman Doctrine do for European governments after WWII? (p. 534) Helped prevent Communist governments from taking over. Provided foreign aid to Turkey and Greece.

40 According to President John F. Kennedy, the U.S. would consider “any nuclear missile launched from Cuba” evidence of S______ A ___. Soviet Aggression

41 What were the main discussions among the Allied powers at the Yalta Conference ? The division of defeated Germany into occupied zones controlled by allied forces. Free elections in the occupied areas

42 List some examples of Glasnost. Free flow of the media Re-opening of churches Re-publish banned books

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