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Present status CDR Portal for BSNL internal communication launched PO has been released -23 rd July Coordination meetings were held on 23/06/07, 26/06/07,

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1 Present status CDR Portal for BSNL internal communication launched PO has been released -23 rd July Coordination meetings were held on 23/06/07, 26/06/07, 29/06/07 and 02.07.07. Site meetings were held on 22/06/07, 25/06/07, 30/06/07 and 03.07.07 Review meeting conducted at sites on 17/07/07,18/07/07,19/07/07, 20/07/07 POC SSA’s requirement of equipment for placing POs have been discussed.

2 NIB Node Details Chandigarh (A4)Simla (B2) Shimla Ghaziabad (B2)Meerut (B2) Merrut Kanpur (B2)Lucknow (A3) Lucknow Jalandhar (A3) Jammu (B1) Jammu HaridwarDehradun (B2)Dehradun Jalandhar (A3) Chandigarh (A4) Chandigarh Chandigarh (A4)Ambala (B2) Ambala MPLS 2 MPLS 1SSA

3 Finalised Requirement of N/W Equpt for North Zone

4 Finalised Requirement of Other Equpt for North Zone 200141527161520 25 4290 AntiVirus for Workstations6 200141527161520 25 MS office5 200141527161520 25 1148Workstations (PCs)4 11210202210 15 20 766IP Phones3 351141810 7 431CES for C-DoT2 18 33008 2 51MTE for E-10B1 Shi mla Mee rut Luckn ow Jam mu Dehra- dun Chand- igarh Ambal a Orde red Qty Finalised Quantity Tend er Qty Item S. No.

5 Networking Reliable Transmission Media is Required. Maintenance of the transmission links Connecting Datacentre with MPLS shall be made over to the Concerned Regions Existing maintenance incharges shall continue to maintain the links connecting the SSAs to the nearest MPLS node and the links connecting different exchanges

6 Networking (Contd..) Bandwidth between Aggregation Router to MPLS shall be E3/ STM1 Backbone Routers in DC shall be connected to two MPLS nodes, each connectivity shall be 1Gb This connectivity shall be extended through TWO nos. of STM16 rings – to connect to two nodes. STM-16 equipment (CPE) with a provision to have 1Gb port should be installed at DCs The entry and exit routes of OF cable within the DC premises should be different. Internet Routers in DC shall be connected to two NIB nodes, each connectivity shall be E3/STM1

7 Preparedness of switches Readiness of the switches for 100% CDR generation for all the calls. Availability of at least one week CDR storage capacity in the switches. Availability of X.25 interface for pulling the CDR files. Speed of data transfer of X.25 interface to be minimum 64 Kbps. Conversion of all CDOT RAX switches and standalone CDOT SBM switches to ANRAX and RSUs. Software upgradation of C-DoT MBMs to 2_2_1_9. Standardization of the values of the Subscriber parameters.

8 Pending CDoT conversions 12 (Manigunj, Gahdeo, Garhi, Kahela, Kasmandikala, Aalal, Kadhawara, Komharawan, Mall, Navioanah, Sansarpur, Dedaman Nil MalihavadLucknow 1 (Trilokpur) Jammu 3 (Bani (2), Mahanpur (1)) Nil Basoli Jammu 3 (Koti, Tuni, Chillhar) Nil ChakottaDehradun Nil Chandigarh Nil Ambala RAX CDOT SBM SDCASSA Contd…

9 Pending CDoT conversions (contd) 6 (Kibber, Hurling, Losar, Tabo, Sagnam, Schling) Kaza 5 (Chango, Yangthang, Gaibang, Namgia, Nesang) 1 (Moorang) Pooh 2 (Purban, Raksham) 1 (Sangla) Recongpeo 4 (Majhauli, Pulbal, Gomma, Sainjakhad) Theog 2 (Binan, Kotasiri) 1 (Dalash) Nimand 2 (Dodragur, Dhamwari) Rohru 3 (Delath, Madhavani, Kangal) Rampur 1 (Drogra) Shimla Nil Merrut RAXCDOT SBMSDCASSA

10 POC SSAs – PCs & Antivirus status All PCs should have Win XP or Win 2000; Should have a browser. All SSAs should ensure valid and updated anti-virus running on PCs If necessary old PCs may be replaced with New PCs of required config All Dumb terminals working for DQ, FRS etc should be replaced with PCs SSAs have to procure work station PCs for any newly planned CSCs If any CDMs/Touch screens are provided in the SSAs, details about connectivity, configuration, Integration of software etc may be intimated.

11 POC SSAs – Existing Software Applications CCMS TrichurSHIMLA 7 CommandirDOTSOFT MEERUT6 COSSCommandirCOSSTrichurLUCKNOW5 DOTSOFT JAMMU4 Commandir DOTSOFT/ Commandir DOTSOFT DEHRADUN3 DOTSOFT CHANDIGARH2 Integrated with Trichur COSS Integrated with Trichur TrichurAMBALA1 FRSDQCommercialBillingSSA S. No. All India Status – Dotsoft in 183 SSAs; Trichur in 147 SSAs out of 334 SSAs

12 POC SSAs – Data cleansing issues Customer data across various systems such as Billing, Commercial, FRS and exchange data shall be cross checked to see that there is uniqueness in the data Existing customer data shall be purified by removing duplicates etc. Customer categories shall be properly identified and mismatches corrected. Finalisation of closed cases should be completed and Special drive should be taken to clear Outstanding cases by setting up HPCs

13 POC SSAs – Data Collection items All existing connections of a Customer (office, home, Mobile, LC shall be obtained as far as practicable for creation of unique customer ID Group id can be a corporate id or family id Corporate id/Family id shall be created for corporate groups/Families where in customer ids may be a subset. Mobile (even if non-BSNL) and e-Mail of the customer should be taken for SMSing/ eMailing the customers any service related information/issues

14 POC SSAs – Data related to provisioning Exchange related information such as Vacant numbers, Date on which the no. became vacant, NE numbers, Catgegory specific port information for provisioning of PCO, ISDN or CLI cases, Faulty NEs in both swiches and DLCs DSLAM related information (spare ports, faulty ports) should be prepared

15 POC SSAs – Data related to FRS MDF& OD information like  Vertical no.,  NE No.,  Cabinet details,  Pillar No., Pillar-in, Pillar-out,  DP No., DP Tag,  Block wiring details,  DLC and DSLAM details,  Staff no. contact nos. of the lineman/JTO/TTA/SDO/DE, shall be verified and updated.

16 POC SSAs – Data migration issues Migration of data of both closed and working customers Installation address and billing address along with PIN code. All unpaid bills and paid bills for the past 6 months. Bank code and branch code for customers using ECS Other data such as debits, credits, DEPOSITS, accessories and facilities.

17 POC SSAs – Data migration issues For a customer Class code (Individual, Service, PCO, TAC etc.) Category code Rural/ Urban Plan or Usage rate IDs Billing schedule RATING – Duration based or MCUs ?

18 Basic Services Call Centres Circlewise Call centres established at Uttaranchal and Haryana (Outsourced) SSA wise / Cluster of SSAs wise call centres to migrate to Circlewise Call Centres

19 Call Centres - Existing Status (as on 31.5.07) 83898 3016EPABX basedCircleUAL => Dehradun7 BSNL10610Server based Cluster of SSAs => Noida BSNL10610Server based Cluster of SSAs => Bareilly BSNL10610Server based Cluster of SSAsUPW => Meerut6 1908Server based Cluster of 8 SSAsUP(E) => Lucknow (**)5 24017 EPABX based SSAPB => Patiala (**)4 JK (**)3 Outsourced6027EPABX basedCircle HR => Gurgaon 2 -- HP1 Equipment owned byIVRS ports No of positionsBased OnCircle/SSASSAS No ** Tender evaluation under progress

20 Call Centres in CDR Tender Procuring the call centre equipment: –IP EPABX –IVRS –CTI –ACD –IP Phones Circles to procure PCs for call centre positions (if required)

21 IVRS Configuration 1547838 Minimum IVRS Port requirement including DR (Without FAX ports) 16 faxes at any given time --FAX Capability 76698Agents 71.4 Subscribers ( In Millions) ProposedExistingZone

22 Responsibility matrix Zonal Coordinators: –Coordination with Civil and Electrical –Coordination with SIs –Coordination with NIB –Coordination with Telecom Regions –Coordination with other circle coordinators –Receipt and maintaining stores of Data centre

23 Responsible matrix (Contd..) Circle/SSA Coordinators: –Preparation of switches for CDR Project –Upgradation of PCs whereever required –Anti-virus –Making Available Transmission links for Project rollout –Maintenance of CSR and Switch (CDR) network –Maintenance of Call centre –Receipt and maintaining stores

24 Status of Data Centre - Chandigarh Site meetings were held on 27/06/07 and 17/07/07 Some of the pending issues –Finalisation of Layout –Finalisation of Power requirement –Review of Civil and Electrical Works after finalisation of Layout and Power requirements –Review of transmission and network requirements

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