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CDR Based Customer Care and Convergent Billing Data Migration – Pre-golive and Post-golive issues 21-01-2011.

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1 CDR Based Customer Care and Convergent Billing Data Migration – Pre-golive and Post-golive issues 21-01-2011

2 Agenda Important Dates to be adhered Plan Mapping considerations Pre-checks before Datacut Post-Golive reconciliation Post-Golive issues

3 Important dates Last date for Inventory Submission by SSA : 15 days prior to scheduled Golive date Validation and submission of Dry run report of Inventory – 12 days prior to Golive date Correction of Inventory and resubmission of Final Inventory – 10 days prior to Golive date Status review by ITPC on SSA readiness and Inventory error position – 7 days prior to Golive date Data Cut decision – Data cut date : 7 days prior to Golive date

4 Migration pre-checks 1WLL Exchange Codes for the Exclusion Criteria 2 Ensure that all Number Ranges are part of in File-1 Inventory 3 All active telephone numbers should be present in File 1 & in Network Dynamic data in File 8 4NEMS Data in File-15 shall be correctly provided 5 Verification and correction of Network type and userids related to Broadband 6 ONE to ONE mapping of OLD and NEW Exchange codes. In case of One to Many, provide UIDwise Lists, eg. Centrex 7 VIP / VVIP list of Dunning Exempt Customers to be identified and provided to migration team 8 All Broadband userids shall be verified for duplication across P2 & P3 nation-wide and userid changed before migration

5 Migration pre-checks 9 Cross-check the Broadband status of Billing database with NIB 10 Verification of LL and BB Plan mapping provided by ITPC with Billing before hand 11 No new plans shall be created within one month of prior to migration 12 Identification of LKLB/YNA-MGU facilities correctly. If provided with Sulabh plan, be sure to change the plan with Sulabh-OG. 13 Identification of Broadband Concession groups/details. Besure to provide plan associated concessions as part of Broadband Conccession data 14 LL Concessional Schemes identification is to be provided to the TCS Migration team – War Widows, Gallantry Award etc. in case of Trichur application only 15 Identification of Village Public Telephones ( VPT) & Departmental PCO has been given to the TCS Migration Team (in case of Trichur application only) 16 I/C & O/G Bar list along with the Barring Date has been given to the TCS Migration team (in case of Trichur application only)

6 Migration pre-checks 17 Cleanup of Waitlist and refund more than 3 months waitlisted cases 18 Make sure that pending NPC advice notes are completed or cancelled and brought back to Waitlist before migration (in case of DOTSOFT only) 19 Ensure that pending Advise Notes in process are completed/Cancelled and updated in Commercial System/Billing systems 20 Make sure to provide correct Rent Billed Upto Date for LL and BB (in case of Trichur application only) 21 Make sure that all Customers on BB Combo Plans do not have a different LL plan and vice versa 22 Verification of Deposits before migration - Run the DOTSOFT scripts beforehand for verification purpose. Specific care is to be taken in Trichur application to ensure correct data after migration scripts

7 Migration pre-checks 23 In case of Trichur System, CDR_TARIFF_DATA should have at least one record of latest tariff plan for each service of the subscriber 24 ISDN Main Phone (11 digits) and Sub Phones have been correctly given in the Switch Data. ISDN PRI/BRI ranges have been correctly provided. The Main & Sub Phone have been checked for CDR Generation. Extension ranges shall be correctly provided 25 Centrex Group (max 10 char) and individual details have been correctly given in the Switch Data. Correct differentiation is given between CUG & Centrex. 26 Ensure 100% billing upto last date of previous month before data cut 27 In case of Dotsoft System, OS List and PT OS List shall be processed upto the current date / month of migration. Ensure ledger creation for the current month also after data cut 28 Ensure that all CRM roles eg GM,DGM,AOTR,AOCASH, AOPURSUIT, PRIMARY AO,PRIMARY CO,RETENTION TEAM,NODAL OFFICER,DE, FTO,CSR,IPTV NODAL OFFICER (Commercial Data) are mapped properly

8 Migration pre-checks 29 Ensure that BSNL Employees (B Prefix) and Franchisee ( C Prefix) has been correctly given in the Roles Data 30 Non Mandatory files of Inventory – File 4 NE Master, File 6 (MDF Master), File 7 – DP Master must be provided along with the Mandatory files for Loading in CDR System. 31 Crosscheck STD & ISD Facility of Switch vs database in case of DOTSOFT and incase of Trichur based SSA’s, STD & ISD data to be provided as a part of Switch Template. 32 Provide AO – TR Vs Number Range and Commercial Officer Vs Exchange 33 For Trichur Based Systems, identification of Group Customers complying to the GROUP BILL Solution in CDR System has been provided in the format Group Customer Name, Telephone Number & Unique id. For Dotsoft based Systems, list of group customers has been verified in the GROUP_ID_DETAILS table. 34 Ensure that Subscriber (Unique id) Wise CDR Tariff Plan list is to be provided in case of General plan customers for DOTSOFT and for all customers in Trichur application.

9 Post Migration issues – Trichur Specific 1.Numbers going out of scope 2.Invalid/Incorrect STD Code attached 3.All Class codes not configured – Numbers dropped 4.Service types do not match with the reality hence LL/BB not migrated 5.Service status is closed hence Broadband not migrated 6.Plan number/code is not reflected properly for LL or BB

10 Post Migration issues – Trichur Specific 7.Rent value is not shown correctly 8.Same Class code descriptions vary from one SSA to other – Help not available 9.Rent billed-up-to value is provided casually without looking up for Annual cases 10. Combo plan values reflect differently for LL and BB 11. Free phone number information is not provided in full 12. PT are appearing in normal service types eg INPCO

11 Post Migration issues – Trichur Specific 13.Outstanding arrived through Data Migration scripts do not match with Source information 14.Cancellation amounts are not reflecting in Migrated data due to source issue 15.Deposit adjusted is not reflected in target due to source issue 16.Partially paid cases are appearing as outstanding in target where as it is not in source 17.Casual approach in preparing Network inventory – Causing Area code Blank issues 18.Information of Broadband provided in File14 does not agree with that of active database

12 Post Migration issues – Trichur Specific 19.Disconnection for Non-payment information is not provided properly. Many cases of yester years are appearing. 20.Dates are not given in proper format – Please provide in DD-MON-YYYY format 21.Broadband data for DNP cases is missed-out in file14 22.Information on ISDN is not provided completely 23.Information about Centrex/CUG is not provided properly 24.Information about LKLB facility is not provided in full – All numbers which are under Combo Plan799 are shown as HUL 750. 25.Concession group information is to be provided in time

13 Post Migration issues – DOTSOFT Specific Customers migrated in Active Status, but Next bill date is pretty old – hence non-billing LL Billed-up-to date is very old STD code vs. Station code mismatch causing Error CDRs ISDN PRIs not part of DOTSOFT BBoEPABX cases created as separate customers Combo to Non-combo conversions – Failure to update Working Line plans causing Plan mismatches LL vs BB BB Concession group information not managed properly

14 Post Migration issues – DOTSOFT Specific LKLB provided on Sulabh customers – plan shown Sulabh In-coming – Dropping of LKLB do not go to Switch LKLB listing not provided uniformly – Annual plan associated cases reflect in different LKLB scheme Centrex and CUG discrimination is not handled by SSAs ISDN PRI information is not provided properly – hence billing issues WLL exclusions not provided correctly Corporate customer plans configured in such a way with reduced rent applicable – not part of BB concession detail – causing post migration issue

15 Thank You P Vara Prasad 9422009433

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