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CDR PROJECT Roll Out Requirements Maharashtra Telecom Circle.

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1 CDR PROJECT Roll Out Requirements Maharashtra Telecom Circle

2 Points for discussion Switch wise requirement of cards and cables for X.25 enabled ports WAN diagram of SSA Integration of existing CSR network with proposed CDR network Availability of E1 for extending LE router to Aggregation/Central router Suitability of existing PCs for CDR project Connectivity of Call Centre

3 Collection Methodology of CDRs Backbone Router Backbone Router E3/STM-1 Data Center Firewall Eth S W I T C H NIDS Mediation System SSA E1 Aggregation Router (Optional) NIB – MPLS VPN Network Edge Rtr E1 Edge Rtr Aggregation Router (Optional) E1 PSTN Swt. LE Router Local Exchange E1 LE Router PSTN Swt. Call Made Call Received Call Complete d CDR Generate d MTE CDOT CES

4 Exchange Name - ____________ To Aggregation Router To Central Router To Exchange Switch for CDR Collection To Exchange Switch for provisioning 67 8 5 For Port details of 1 to 8 see slide for Exchange Router For CDOT/E10B Port 2 will be used to connect to CES/MTE for CDR Collection 4 1 2 Exchange Router Managed Switch LAN Extender Remote Router Un Managed Switch 3 CSR Node 1,2 are Fast Ethernet 3 Is Sync Serial 4,5 are Async/Sync Serial 6,7,8 are Fractional E1 Interface Type and protocol used Exchange

5 SSA - KALYAN Kalyan1- E10B Kalyan1-CDot Kalyan1-OCB Kalyan1-TAX OCB Kalyan1- Tandem OCB Dombivelli 1-OCB- Local Dombivelli1 C- DOT Talasari1 CDOT Ulhasnagar -OCB Ulhasnagar 2-OCB Ulhasnagar 1-Fetex Ulhasnagar 1-E-10B Dombivelli1- EWSD Vasai Papdi1 OCB Wada1 CDOT Mokhada1 CDOT E1Shahapur1-C-DOT Murbad CDOT Badalapur East1 EWSD VasaiRoad 1 OCB Vasai Road 1 OCB Bhiwandi1 CDOT Bhiwandi1- OCB Local Jawhar1 CDOT Bhiwandi1 -AXE NIB II Cloud Central router Aggregation router Palghar 1 CDOT Tarapur1 OCB Dahanu1 CDOT FESTM1 FE CSR Network Pune CR Kalyan

6 Requirement of Hardware for CDR collection and provisioning SWITCHCARDCABLE OCBACV 11 3BW01585 GL cable (ACV11 to IRP box) 3BL01939 HL cable or 3BL02204 JA cable (IRP box to Router) 5 ESSUN 582 B ED5D500-21-G72C ( UN582B card to Router ) AXELIU 4 TSR909031 (Card to Router) EWSDLAU B & LCU B S38228Z149A300 (Card to Router)

7 Requirement of hardware (contd) E10B:- MTE will be mounted in the OMC. Requires 2 nos. of -48v dc 3 pin sockets in the bottom shelf of the OMC C-DOT:- CES will be mounted on IOP. Requires 2 nos. of -48 v DC sockets near IOP NEAX & FETEX:- MTE will be used. The power requirement is 2 nos. of -48 v dc. The mounting details will be conveyed shortly

8 Status of CDR collection In respect of E-10 B exchanges, the CDRs are collected using MTE in Golconda Exchange 17-01-2008. In respect of C-DoT exchanges, the CDRs are collected using CES in Medchal exchange on 18-01-2008

9 CDR collection for E-10 B & C-DOT E10B_MTE.doc CDOT_CES.doc

10 CDR collection at NT switches For testing the CDR collection at NT switches, a server was temporarily installed at Charminar EWSD switch room. The following exchanges were connected to this test server and CDRs were pulled successfully – –EWSD Exchange, Charminar, HTD –5ESS Exchange, Vanasthalipuram, HTD Testing the CDR Collection Process is in Progress at the following exchanges –OCB Exchange, Kavadiguda, HTD –AXE Exchange (IN 56), Annaroad, Chennai –AXE Exchange (IN73), NTB TAX, Bangalore

11 Changes in CDR Formats C-DoT Exchanges are required to be upgraded to 2_2_1_9 version. Instructions from MS cell already issued. OCB exchanges require Variable CDR Format (TLV). Field trails completed. 5ESS exchanges are to be upgraded to SU11. Some additional optional fields are required to be added in EWSD CDRs

12 Transmission requirement E1 from each exchange router to Central and Aggregation router STM 1 link between Aggregation and Central routers

13 Action to be taken by SSA Channel allocation for E1s from LE routers to aggregation routers as per the SSA WAN diagram Assessing availability of the cards and cables for X.25 protocol enables ports and procuring the same either directly or through MS cell. The requirement of cards is to be assessed by considering the present utility and CDR requirement.

14 Action to be taken by SSA Network diagram of existing CSR network marking clearly the replacement of routers etc., and new locations as per the provision made in BOM. Instruction to be given to the exchange in- charges for allowing the HCL personnel to install the routers and extending the all possible help in making power sockets available, in laying of data and power cables etc

15 Action to be taken by SSA Up gradation of the existing PCs to the requirement of CDR project ( 256 MB RAM, windows XP) Switch upgradations as required –C-DoT 256 Boards to be replaced with ANRAX –C-DoT SBMs to be converted to RSUs –CDR format changes as required

16 PCs & Antivirus status All PCs should have Win XP or Win 2000; Should have a browser. All SSAs should ensure valid and updated anti-virus running on PCs If necessary old PCs may be replaced with New PCs of required config All Dumb terminals working for DQ, FRS etc should be replaced with PCs SSAs have to procure work station PCs for any newly planned CSCs If any CDMs/Touch screens are provided in the SSAs, details about connectivity, configuration, Integration of software etc may be intimated.

17 BOM – SSA Items S.NoItem Total Qty. (POC+ Rollout) Rollout for entire zone 1Exchange Router785693 2Managed Ethernet Switch (24 Ports)785700 3Ethernet Extender (One Pair)196121 4Remote Router589469 5Ethernet Switch (Unmanaged, 16 Ports)785665 6Aggregation Router9388 7Additional Module (4 ports E1) for AR186181 8Additional Module (1 port E3) for AR9389 9Central Router1814 10Additional Module (4 ports E1) for CR3624 11Additional Module (1 port E3) for CR3633 12Additional Module (STM-1) for CR189 13MTE for E-10B6252 14CES for C-DoT823785 15IP Phones1090935 16Workstations (PCs)1069634 17MS office1069634 18AntiVirus for Workstations3976 licenses3541

18 Responsible matrix Circle/SSA Coordinators: –Designing of Network for CDR collection and CSRs –Preparation of switches for CDR Project –Upgradation of PCs whereever required –Anti-virus –Making Available Transmission links for Project rollout –Maintenance of CSR and Switch (CDR) network –Maintenance of Call centre –Receipt and maintaining stores


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