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Introduction   Business Scenario Finacle Process Overview Key Terminologies Functionalities Available Demonstration Summary.

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2 Introduction Business Scenario Finacle Process Overview Key Terminologies Functionalities Available Demonstration Summary

3 Lesson Objective Duration Intended Audience
To understand the customer options in Internet Banking Duration 1 Hour Customer Service Intended Audience

4 Business Scenario One of your Saving Account Customers has come to the branch to understand the features and process of Internet Banking, so that he can enable his account for Internet Banking feature and start using it. As a counter assistant, you have to explain the process and facilities available in Internet Banking offered by India Post Internet Banking portal. Let us see the facilities available in the Finacle Internet Banking for a customer.

5 Finacle Process Overview
The features of Finacle Internet Banking are: This includes the basic Internet Banking functionalities related to accounts and transactions performed by retail users. The functionalities for the Retail users are: Dashboards, My Profile, Accounts, Transactions and General Services. Core Functions Accounts information inquiry Bills inquiry and payments Initiating service requests Activities log Personal preferences maintenance Mails Reports view Consumer E-Banking Operations Finacle e-Banking provides a flexible infrastructure that can be used by India Post themselves for providing various enhanced functionality. Basic infrastructure is provided for service request infrastructure, by default in the product. Infrastructure Features

6 Key Terminologies TERMS DESCRIPTION 1 Admin User
These are the users who will be responsible for parameterizing the e-Banking application based on the post offices’ business requirements. They will have to do changes in the parameters if there is any change in the functioning of the Post Office. They will also be doing certain activities such as creation of users, password generation and maintaining of e-Banking application. 2 Relationship Managers (RM) These are the users who will be facing the Post office customers. They are the touch points for their customers, if the customers need any clarifications on the products offered. These types of users will also be constantly interacting with the existing customers by replying to their mails and responding to the service requests raised. 3 Retail Users These are the end users who maintain accounts with the Post office in personal capacity. In other words, these are the users whom the Post office will classify as “Retail Customers‟ and give retail banking facilities. Mostly, these types of users will have operative accounts, deposit accounts, loan accounts, credit card and so on with the Post office. They will also be interested in viewing the balances, performing some transactions, raising service requests online. The Internet Banking related activities that are performed by the Retail customers of the post office is referred to as consumer e-Banking.

7 Functionalities Available
The Internet Banking functionalities available in Finacle are: Dashboard Last login successful attempt – the date and the time will be displayed Mail Alerts – Mails received will be displayed List of accounts summary will be displayed Mini Statement Transaction History can also be viewed. My Profile The Personal profile options available are: Change password view personal details – Details such as name , preferred address, communication address, contact details -Home phone number, Office phone number communication phone number, mobile number, Fax number, personal , work can be viewed. Inquiry on Accounts The balance and transaction information inquiry can be made on, Account summary, saving accounts, Loan on PPF, PPF account, Recurring account, NSC accounts, Loan on RD, Tax deducted at source.

8 Functionalities Available (Contd…)
Transaction Transaction Support Services are available to Manage Payee and Manage Biller. Transaction Management activities that can be performed are: Initiate fund transfer within India Post - Bill payment, Initiate fund transfer outside, India Post (RTGS/NEFT), Pay your Bill, Receive funds, View incomplete transaction, View complete, Transaction, PPF account withdrawal, View scheduled transaction, Pay PPF account, Repay Loan on PPF, View Recurring Deposit instruction, Pay RD Accounts, View all transactions and Repay Loan on RD. General Services The general services that are available for the customers are: Mails, View inbox, Compose new mail, View sent mail, View Trash, View your folder, Inquiry Facility, Detailed activity inquiry, Transaction Limit inquiry, Service Requests, New Request, ATM Block, Online Deposit account, Break fixed deposit, Online and Offline Operative account, Block debit cards, Request new cheque books, Stop Cheque, Online PPF account, Open a new account, Offline RD accounts, Open an RD account, Online TD accounts, Open a TD account, Online Reports.

9 Demonstration

10 Summary Congratulations!! You have successfully completed the lesson on Internet Banking. Following are the summary of important points discussed in this lesson: In Finacle you can access the Internet Banking. The Option Tabs available are: Dashboard My Profile Accounts Transactions General Services


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