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Case Study By: Susan Gulick Principal Consultant – Solutions Partners, Inc. May 18, 2005 Oracle Self-Service HR.

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1 Case Study By: Susan Gulick Principal Consultant – Solutions Partners, Inc. May 18, 2005 Oracle Self-Service HR

2 Company Confidential Agenda Introduction to Solutions Partners, Inc. Review of SSHR functionality implemented Key supporting functionality SSHR challenges SSHR benefits to the business

3 Company Confidential Solutions Partners, Inc. Oracle Certified Solution Partner Oracle Authorized Implementer Silicon Valley Industry Expertise  Semiconductor  High Tech  Software Proven Business Solutions Experts Proven Project Methodologies A long-term partner on which you can rely Making Oracle Work for You

4 Company Confidential Oracle SSHR Functionality in Use Employee Self-Service V4.0 Manager Self-Service V4.0 HR Professional V4.0

5 Company Confidential Employee Self-Service Personal Information V4.0  Key Learnings: Created an alert to HR to trigger appropriate follow up for certain personal changes (name/marital status) Must use Personalizations to update additional Address Styles Employee Views Leave of Absence V.4.0  Customizations: Filtered Absence Type LOV to display absences based on the Element Link criteria Renamed menu, workflow notifications to ‘Time Off’  Key Learnings: Required creation of an alert to remind employees to ‘confirm’ planned requests Created an alert to remind Mgrs. to respond to approval requests Required a custom solution to handle holidays, weekends Education and Qualifications Other Professional Awards Resume

6 Company Confidential Manager Self-Service Manager Views Transfer V4.0  Used Personalizations to hide many sections/fields  Place as many actions on a single menu as possible. This approach has two advantages  It lessens potential approval delays (system requires some transactions to complete before additional transactions can be submitted)  Simplifies choices for managers(‘1 stop shopping’) Individual Compensation Distributions V4.0  Key Learnings: Web pages are user friendly, intuitive Setup is time intensive, requires a great deal of planning, very manual Associated PUI forms not especially user friendly Leave of Absence V.4.0 Special Information Types V4.0 Termination V4.0

7 Company Confidential HR Professional V4.0 HR Views Key Benefits  Allowed us to move view-only users from PUI to the web thus reducing the number of users who must have Oracle loaded on their systems  Data is grouped more logically than PUI, easier and faster for users to find the necessary information

8 Company Confidential Critical Supporting Functionality Approvals Manager Self-Service Framework – Personalization's Oracle Alerts/Notifications

9 Company Confidential Approvals Manager Approval routing for SSHR transactions Allows a functional user to create/maintain approval rules once a developer has created all the necessary attributes Key Learning's  Seeded attributes tended not to be the attributes needed for typical HR approval routing requirements  Changes to labels/names within Approvals Manager can corrupt a rule  Termed persons in an Approval Group corrupt the approval group (must update the approval group names before the termination occurs)

10 Company Confidential Self-Service Framework - Personalization Used in SSHR to:  Hide/display optional sections of a self-service form  Personalize text of self-service form Key Learnings:  Must maintain seeded responsibilities without any personalization (especially helpful through upgrades)  Difficult to determine if page has been personalized  Personalize at the Responsibility level (avoided using Site or Function level)  Personal Address requires manual update/maintenance of all non- seeded Address Styles (both on the summary and update pages)  Some fields can be hidden via Personalizations, but other still must be handled via Workflow. If change isn’t accomplished via Personalizations, then must research in Workflow.

11 Company Confidential Oracle Alerts/Notifications Notifies business partners, departments of HR data changes impacting their area of interest Notifies HR of data changes so they can complete any corresponding HR changes Currently have more than 15 different alerts in place and more requested by users Key Learnings  Increased dependence on Self-Service has required greater automated notification  Latest direction is to use java based notifications (are in process of weaning ourselves off of Oracle Alerts). Java allows greater content format flexibility and handles large distribution better than Oracle Alerts. Also easier for the developer to work with.  The more alerts we put in place, the more alerts the users want

12 Company Confidential Additional Self-Service Customization All SSHR Approval/Notifier Notifications changed via workflow to include transaction details in body of notification (rather than requiring user to take url to view details)

13 Company Confidential SSHR Challenges Responsibility for making work data changes is on managers, many of whom usually have their admin. process these changes.  No Oracle solution currently exists for admin. access to Mgr. SS  Managers typical way around this is to share their password with their admin – which introduces a new security issue  Workarounds so far are awkward and manually intensive

14 Company Confidential Resulting impact of SSHR on the Organization HR data quality improved due to increased visibility of the data (viewable to managers and employees) Improved TPT for transactions as the HR data entry bottleneck was removed…and replaced by a manager approval bottleneck. This was then addressed by creating a pending approval alert sent weekly to managers with pending approvals. Sudden influx from other departments wanting information from the HR system (as they now perceived the data as dependable and most up to date. Previously many departments were tracking HR data outside the Oracle HR. As a result of the improved data quality and timeliness of information, we ended up creating numerous feeds to other company systems and email alerts to the various departments providing each with the information needed for their work. This in turn improved the quality of their data and assisted the company overall in their SOX audit

15 Company Confidential Contact Information Susan Gulick Principal Consultant Solutions Partners, Inc. Cell: 408-396-9811 Email:

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