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HR SERVICE REQUEST SYSTEM Department Demonstrations February 2012.

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1 HR SERVICE REQUEST SYSTEM Department Demonstrations February 2012

2 Agenda Todays Objectives HR Service Request System (HR SRS) Overview Experience to-date Summary of Department Roles Demo of Service Request System Business Process Considerations Next Steps 2

3 Todays Objectives Introduce the HR Service Request System Present department roles and business process considerations After today: Issue additional materials to help departments plan how to assign roles Provide on-line Job Aides before go-live to serve as a reference for system users 3

4 Overview Previously departments worked with their internal HR folks to initiate, review and approve HR service requests In the new world they will be working with an HR professional outside their departments There are business process and workflow implications that departments need to consider to ensure proper controls and communication of accurate information The HR Service Request System is an enabling technology that allows departments to request, review, control and monitor progress on all HR service requests 4

5 HR Service Request System (HR SRS) Overview HR SRS provides ability for departments to make on-line transaction requests to the service center Enables departments to submit requests for entire HR life cycle (recruit, hire, make changes to records, separate, etc.) for staff and academic personnel. Captures required data elements so that requests are complete and HR service center can process them quickly and accurately SRS does not replace face to face or phone conversations! HR SRS auto-populates with key PPS data to limit department typing and improve data accuracy ( Examples include employee name, EID, work location, funding information, department information, etc ) HR SRS has a user role and security structure that is flexible yet based on proper controls Includes a flexible framework for Department Initiators and Approvers based upon departmental business process Security and access to data is driven by department code HR SRS provides work lists to helps departments and the service centers manage and track requests 5

6 Experience with HR SRS to-date Deployed system 1/17/12 with Service Center A departments As of 1/31/12: All 7 departments supported by Service Center A are using it Service Center A received 172 requests through the tool Feedback from departments: Tool is intuitive Major to do for departments is to think through their business processes prior to go-live to identify who they want to initiate and approve transactions Ability to see all of departments requests/transactions and their status is very valuable to department managers 6

7 Summary of Department Roles Initiator: departments can assign one, a few, or many initiators A request is created by an Initiator Approver: departments can assign one, a few or many approvers Every request needs one approval The person approving can vary based upon the transaction. (i.e. Department may choose to have a finance staff approve funding changes and the MSO to approve new hire transactions ) Reviewer: department can assign one, a few or many reviewers The review function is NOT required from a system perspective Reviewers may be designated on a transaction-by-transaction basis; they do not need to be pre-determined and loaded in the system Departments may choose to require it as part of their internal business process Department Authority: department can assign one or a few Allows a view of all transactions in process for department 7

8 Demo 8

9 Business Process Considerations 9

10 1. The way the Initiator and Approver roles are used should be defined by how a departments business is organized 2. Several options are in use by Service Center A departments A given Approver approves all transactions initiated by a given group of Initiators E.g., All transactions created by Initiators within a particular Division are approved by the Division Administrator Approvers approve all transactions of a given type E.g., All funding changes initiated in a Department are approved by CFO A small group of Approvers approve all transactions for all Initiators E.g., MSO, CFO and CAO approve all transactions for all Initiators, depending on workload or another way of balancing the volume 10

11 Business Process Considerations 11 3. Departments need to ensure they adequately communicate their business procedures regarding who should initiate and who is authorized to approve Service Centers will review the department Approver list and check with departments before processing a transaction from an unexpected Approver 4. Use of the Reviewer role This role is being used by one department as a supplemental approval with comments indicating when it is ready for official approval by the Approver Another use may be for certain kinds of transactions, again based upon department- specific business processes Department communications to their team will drive consistent implementation of the reviewer function 5. Determine how to use Department Authority Role In Service Center A, some departments assigned this to the MSO only, others assigned it to the MSO and 1-2 lead staff Consider how Department Authority will monitor accurate/appropriate activity by Initiators and Approvers per departmental business process

12 Business Process Considerations 6. Interaction with the Service Center Remember: HR SRS is meant to be a helpful tool, not restrict the department from speaking with their HR service provider! HR SRS will automatically route the approved request from the department: The service center generalist assigned to the department will receive the request in her/his work list Any member of service center team supporting that department can work the request Department will be able to see from their work list view who is working on their request Where a request needs to be escalated to a specialty center (i.e. Compensation), request will be sent by Service Center via workflow to the appropriate expert Department will have on-line visibility to see if request has been escalated and to whom When transaction is complete, Service Center will update HR SRS and department will receive notification that their request has been completed 12

13 Department Next Steps I. Assess current business processes and workflow to identify any needed changes in light of transition of HR services from the department to the Service Center Document changes to workflow II. Identify who will be Initiators, Approvers, and Department Authority, and protocol for adding Reviewers Complete Department Roles Template (to be provided) by March 14 (for Service Centers B & E) April 2 (for Service Centers C & D) III. Communicate roles and workflow changes to your department IV. Review on-line job aides (to be provided) and disseminate to users within your department 13

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