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Workflow & eForms Accpol BPM is the powerful new workflow solution for growing businesses. Accpol BPM lets you: ► Eliminate repetitive effort ► Simplify.

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2 Workflow & eForms Accpol BPM is the powerful new workflow solution for growing businesses. Accpol BPM lets you: ► Eliminate repetitive effort ► Simplify processes ► Maximize productivity

3 Repetitive data entry is inefficient Managing data flows and populating forms consumes significant time and expense, especially for small-to-mid- sized HR departments, insurance companies, real estate firms, and healthcare organizations.

4 Are the people who’ve been there for five years productive? Who controls your team’s critical workflows? Can you track sensitive purchase info in real time? How do you delegate sales order approvals to meet critical deadlines? How productive is your staff?

5 How can I cut operational costs? How can I boost productivity ? How can I contain IT costs? How can I get anything done with my people always on the move? How can I speed up the workflow approval process? What management wants to know

6 Why do we have all these applications? Why can’t I work from home? Why does the system go down whenever I need something? Why do I have to keep recreating forms? Why are we even using physical forms? What employees wants to know?

7 What IT wants to know? How can I make sure my software idea succeeds? Why can't I work from home too? What did the previous programmer do? Why can't the system create Database connectors? Am I going to lose my job if this project is delayed? Why do they keep changing the process?

8 Isn’t there a better way? ? What if you could eliminate manually repopulating forms, with an affordable solution?

9 A New Solution Now you can, with an advanced Business Process Management (BPM) solution from QBizTech.

10 Business Process Management - Defined 1. Model and Design Model and document business process Design electronic forms Design collaborative applications 2. Develop and Deploy Develop business processes Reuse existing systems to create new composite processes Deploy “distributed processes” 3. Manage and Interact Intuitive end-user process Management and control distributed processes 4. Analyze and Optimize Track process performance in real time Gain visibility into performance Optimize process in real-time

11 Accpol Workflow Management - Features AccpolWorkflowManagement Admin Organization Hierarchy Dynamic Workflow Management Electronic Forms Processing Business Activity Monitoring Business Intelligence Performance Tracking Web Service Integration

12 Accpol BPM - Benefits 100% configurable – can be managed and optimized by anyone Mobile ready – anytime, anywhere accessibility Integrates seamlessly with any application Eliminates paper forms (environmentally friendly) Supports Adobe, X-forms and Infopath Enhances security – electronic signature support Field tested quality you can trust with clients including Seagate, Epson, L'Oreal, Borneo, and more Scales quickly and easily Industry recognized as superior-quality solution

13 Accpol BPM Hosted Server Model Real Estate Insurance Health Care Human Resource

14 Sample Accpol BPM Process (Travel Request) An employee initiates a travel request. Accpol routes the request form to the employee’s manager for approval Employee receives email: “Request approved” Department manager approves request via mobile device OR, if the manager does not respond to the request before the specified time limit, the request is routed to the department manager The employee’s manager approves the request

15 A If claims needed proceed further Accounts department for approval Accounts department releases the payment Customer support department Update Other Database Customer service – Update through web service (XML)/EDI/ Text File (CSV) Accpol BPM is a dynamic process designer. It can be modified to address complex needs with no programming required

16 Accpol BPM Architecture

17 165432 Web based application with wireless / mobile support Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Web services enabled (both functions and data) HTML, XML Microsoft dotnet SQL / Oracle Technology

18 Accpol BPM Performance Tracker Identifies high performing business processes Poorly performing processes Processes with bottlenecks Processes needing improvement Low and high performing departments Low and high performing individuals

19 Business Activity Monitoring ► Automatic routing and reminders ► Routing during non-availability ► Time-sensitive situations ► Profile-based ► Absentees and holidays

20 15432 Simplified processes Superior performance Enhanced productivity Reduced operational costs Greater profitability Summary of Accpol BPM Benefits

21 Value Chain – Sample B2B Customer Experienc e Sourcing Research & Development Operations Sales & Marketing Delivering Products & services Supplier Channel Partner Alliance Partner Service Partner Customer Service/support

22 Thank You! QBizTech Corporation USA. EUROPE. ASIA PACIFIC. INDIA Our global presence

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