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| Campaigning Workshop Wednesday 18 th February 2015 Kate Dawson Assistant Returning |

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1 Twitter: @UBUbristol | Campaigning Workshop Wednesday 18 th February 2015 Kate Dawson Assistant Returning Officer @UBUbristol | |

2 Twitter: @UBUbristol | Welcome Preparation & planning Techniques Geography Materials Social media Show and tell @UBUbristol | |

3 Official Stuff Twitter: @UBUbristol | @UBUbristol | | 1.Read and sign the Code of Conduct 2.If in doubt, ask! 3.Only do what others can do 4.Don’t use UBU resources 5.Don’t break any Union / University rules 6.Check first – don’t try and apologise later

4 Preparation & planning Twitter: @UBUbristol | @UBUbristol | | Campaign Plan Campaign team/manager Know the rules Know your budget Know your voters

5 Techniques Twitter: @UBUbristol | @UBUbristol | | 2 step process: 1. Voting is relevant & important 2. Vote for you! Talk & listen to students Make a script/list your priorities Test your tactics: what, why, where, when, who, how? Simple is effective...

6 Techniques: simple is effective Twitter: @UBUbristol | @UBUbristol | | Use your talents – playing the guitar High fives! Sandwich boards Megaphone Dressing up… Lollipops/cakes - FOOD Dollar bill Be nice…

7 Geography: who voted last year... Twitter: @UBUbristol | @UBUbristol | | UGs: 93% PGs: 7% 1 st years: 37% 2 nd years:29% 3 rd years:25% 4 th years+:9% Arts: 21% SSL: 20% Engineer:16% Science: 26% Med&Vet: 10% Med&Dent: 7%

8 Geography: things to think about Twitter: @UBUbristol | @UBUbristol | | Over 2000 students are in Stoke Bishop halls Over 700 in Clifton halls Over 500 in City Centre halls Langford site Where are the big lecture theatres? High footfall locations? Building opening hours? High usage hours? e.g Students’ Union in the evening...

9 Materials Twitter: @UBUbristol | @UBUbristol | | Manifesto T-shirts Badges Flyers Posters Banners Video Twitter/Facebook Music Cakes/food Overall ‘brand’ Interactive List everything on your Campaign Plan

10 Cheap & Sustainable Campaigning Twitter: @UBUbristol | @UBUbristol | | Methods include: Street Stunts Reverse Graffiti Online Campaigns Use a hashtag Create a video Use upcycled materials Print only what you need “Creative Campaigning” methods save you money, reduce your waste, and make a bigger impact on voters!

11 Social media Twitter: @UBUbristol | @UBUbristol | | 1. Be yourself. Your existing social networks are your biggest asset. Talk with your own voice. Share your interests. Have an opinion, but let others have one too. Don’t take yourself too seriously. 2. Say something worth sharing. Give your followers an incentive to like, share, retweet etc. What kind of reaction do you want someone to have to your post/tweet? Quality not quantity.

12 Social media Twitter: @UBUbristol | @UBUbristol | | 3. Go to where the conversation is taking place. Use applications such as HootSuite ( to track mentions, influence, tweeters, conversations and retweets. Make a schedule. Follow others. Use relevant articles from other popular sites (Youtube, Buzzfeed) 4. Make a commitment. Be there when it happens. Don’t disappoint.

13 Social media Twitter: @UBUbristol | @UBUbristol | | 5. Think before you jump (don’t feed the trolls). Don’t react. You will gain a lot more respect for staying strong in your convictions but not reacting emotionally to personal or provocative arguments. Be the bigger person. The whole world is listening. One message can make or break your campaign. Seek resolution. Turn off your social media apps if you’re drinking. 6. Never ever (ever) spam. 7. If you’re not having fun, neither are your followers.

14 Social media Twitter: @UBUbristol | @UBUbristol | | 8. Ask for help! We have UBU staff whose job it is to effectively use social media and they are happy to offer advice. Marketing Executive:

15 Show and tell

16 Twitter: @UBUbristol | @UBUbristol | | Videos are fun: Vote for Welshy: The Wolf of UL: Freya Potter: Best Student Council Video Ever: Vote George #1: Vote G&T for E&D: Vote Tom Dixon: Get to NoHa: We're all voting Jason: Irish Brian: Vote Lawrence: Imo-gine:

17 Your Student Media Twitter: @UBUbristol | @UBUbristol | | Burst Radio Epigram Newspaper UBTV Inter:Mission

18 Top Tips Twitter: @UBUbristol | @UBUbristol | | People vote because they were asked: talk to students Plan and prep your campaign team Be realistic, relevant and representative Have a clear identity/brand that highlights your priorities Be positive and friendly (no negative campaigning) Include voting info on print and no official logos Don’t forget 2 nd preferences Don’t fail your course over it! Expect to win, but be ready to lose Prepare for life after the elections

19 Twitter: @UBUbristol | @UBUbristol | |

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