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Welcome to the Students’ Union elections! Candidates’ Briefing 2015 Briefing.

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1 Welcome to the Students’ Union elections! Candidates’ Briefing 2015 Briefing

2 Welcome! Welcome to the first step in being elected! Icebreaker Elections Process Election Regulations Manifesto and Publicity Voting Questions?

3 Introduce yourself: Name Course at University What made you want to run in the elections Ice Breaker

4 Congratulations – you are now officially a candidate! Manifesto writing workshop Monday 23rd February, 1-2pm. Campaigning Skills Tuesday 24th February 12-1pm Wednesday 4th March 1-2pm Video making workshop Wednesday 25th February 1-3pm Guidance sessions

5 Congratulations – you are now officially a candidate! What do Students want? Thursday 26th February, 1-2pm. Creative workshop Friday 27th February 1-3pm Thursday 5th March 1-3pm. Public Speaking Workshop Monday 2nd March, 1-2pm Making the most of Social Media Tuesday 3rd March 1-2pm Guidance sessions

6 Returning Officers: Alison Chappell, National Union of Students (NUS) Deputy Returning Officers: Rhiannon Roberts, Student Engagement Manager Luke Newton, Student Engagement Coordinator Michelle Livesey, Deputy Chief Executive Honorary Returning Officer: Matt Robinson, Chief Executive, Manchester Metropolitan University Students’ Union All enquiries: Key Contacts

7 It is your responsibility to read them Rules for campaigning are clear and simple Complaints Procedure Candidate Pledge Elections rules and regulations

8 You MUST make a video, no more than 1 minute. You are responsible for the conduct of your campaign team. Respect voters, other candidates and elections staff. Elections rules

9 1) I will run a fair campaign 2) I will abide by the campaign rules and regulations 3) I will not make malicious complaints 4) I will not harass students to vote for me and will respect students right to vote in a free and confidential manner. 5) I will ensure any campaign team or individual associated with me will also follow the rules Campaign Pledge- Reminder

10 What we need from you: A manifesto of no more than two sides of A4 In both PDF and JPEG form Your video Designs for your publicity pack (one design per item) Manifesto and publicity

11 By midday 2 nd March, you need to: Prepare design files Choose a pack Choose a paper colour You also need to evidence additional expenditure by the close of voting Publicity packs Pack APack BPack C 500 x A5, double sided 100 x A4, single sided 50 x A3, single sided 1000 x A5, double sided 50 x A4, single sided 20 x A3, single sided 750 x A5, double sided 60 x A4, double sided 20 x A3, single sided We will also give you stickers, creative materials and a LOT of digital promotion!

12 You all run in one election First person elected is offered SU President The second to fifth elected are offered Vice President Voting online at Students must activate accounts by using their university address Students rank candidates on preference Randomised ballot paper The Election process

13 Morning Briefings: 8.30am each weekday during voting week Attendance by you or someone from your campaign team Tea, coffee, and healthy snacks Run through of previous day’s issues Update on voting numbers Resolution of complaints and grumbles The Candidates’ Zone Boardroom 1 throughout the whole week Staff support Access to materials Drinks and snacks Space to chill out! Voting week March

14 Getting elected is about being seen and being remembered – in a good way! Be visible, Be genuine, Be informed, Be memorable Get Elected! How to win!

15 Let’s go! Any questions?

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