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MEMBERSHIP RECRUITMENT Why do people join organizations? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

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3 Why do people join organizations? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

4 TOP 6 Reasons people join orgs. Holden Leadership Center Get involved Meet new people Make new friends Explore Interests Develop leadership skills and talents HAVE FUN!! Are we meeting our own expectations as well as our prospective members??

5 GOALS *What kind of group are we asking them to join? *Basic Membership Criteria *What is our RECRUITMENT game plan? *How do we retain members? What are our recruitment goals?

6 *What kind of group are we asking them to join?* Who are we and what do we stand for? – Know, understand, and sell the VISION What is the state of our organization? – Are we bringing new members into a positive environment… Are we on the same page? – officers, advisors, members, new members

7 *Basic Membership Criteria* What are our new member requirements? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

8 Examples… We want all members to… Agree with the organizations mission and values Meet certain GPA Pay membership fees Know that education comes FIRST Be invested in the organization Agree to equality for all and accountability *Let them know NOW so there’s no confusion LATER*


10 * What is our RECRUITMENT game plan? * LISTEN If we are trying to build a long lasting organization where people invest their time, energy and ideas (these are the orgs. that will be effective and last), then you need to build an organization of many leaders. Target Audience Who are we looking to reach out to or attract? What skills, attributes, and common interests should members have? Visual Aids How do we want to market our organization in the most efficient way? Posters Flyers Banners/T-shirts/Awards/Past Recognition

11 * What is our RECRUITMENT game plan?* Budget Who is our targeted audience and how do we reach them? What information do we want to convey? HUMAN resources What location will give our materials the MOST attention? Publicity Plan

12 Social Media Facebook YouTube Twitter WORD OF MOUTH Visual Aids Interest Meetings Quad Days Student Organization Fair LBJSC Marketing Office Current members Give your prospective members a “sneak peek!” Membership Fees/Meetings/Practice/Game Days, etc.

13 College Sports Recruitment Video

14 *How do we retain members?* Letting members know what they can expect from the beginning Awards/Positive recognition/Scholarships Planning new member orientation activities at meetings Ask new/current members what they EXPECT!

15 TAKE-AWAYS Who is our targeted audience? –Goals and objectives Recruitment GOALS –New members…what are we focusing on? Quality vs. Quantity –Time Frame (how long and when will we recruit members through the year?) –Keep in mind our membership profile and use that to our advantage –Publicity…what attracts you?? –Get EVERYONE involved –Delegate tasks and use your membership skills to enhance HAVE FUN!!!

16 THANK YOU!! Abreetta Goode, Graduate Research Assistant LBJSC Marketing 245-4905 LBJSC 4-13.1

17 GRAPE PRINCIPLE (Motivating Organizational Members) G- GROWTH - having opportunities to increase your skills and competencies, personal skill development opportunities, becoming more competent, experienced, and confident R- RECOGNITION - gaining respect from others you admire, receiving recognition and praise for a job well done, receiving feedback on your work within the organization A- ACHIEVEMENT - Having the opportunity to solve problems, seeing the result of your efforts, being given meaningful responsibilities, seeing your feedback and ideas become reality.

18 P- PARTICIPATION- Planning and scheduling work, given the opportunity and being allowed to make or contribute in important decision making, being “active,” not just a member E- ENJOYMENT- Having fun, working as part of a team, feeling a part of something important

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