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| Manifesto Writing Workshop Wednesday February 18 th 2015 Jeanette Monaco Research and Policy

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1 Twitter: @UBUbristol | Manifesto Writing Workshop Wednesday February 18 th 2015 Jeanette Monaco Research and Policy Coordinator @UBUbristol | |

2 Twitter: @UBUbristol | Welcome What is a manifesto? Top Tips Activity Next steps Questions @UBUbristol | |

3 What is a manifesto? Twitter: @UBUbristol | @UBUbristol | | A manifesto tells people why you want to represent them and why they should vote for you; it sets out your ideas and plans. Your manifesto needs to say why you think you would be a good elected representative and what you would do if elected.

4 Your manifesto: why is it important? Twitter: @UBUbristol | @UBUbristol | | 1.Convince students to vote for you. 2.Tie your campaign together with policy. 3.Set students’ expectations if you’re elected. 4.Prioritise your year in office. 5.Help UBU staff support your priorities. 6.Link with wider UBU plans and objectives.

5 Elected Officers are supported by 50+ UBU staff members. UBU as an organisation focuses and organises its work around four key areas: Staff provide expertise and support in key functional areas and work with elected officers to agreed objectives. There is an transition and induction period for all elected officers. In this time staff support skills, knowledge and team development. You will also work on your manifesto to translate this into actual plans. A specific session will be run on this. UBU @UBUbristol | | Representation Development Social Enterprise Social Experience

6 Your manifesto: getting started Twitter: @UBUbristol | @UBUbristol | | Introduce yourself. Think about the reasons that you would be good for the position. Stick to a few key priorities that you would work on if you were elected. Link your priorities to existing evidence on Bristol student experience to strengthen your case.

7 An informed candidate = a strong manifesto Twitter: @UBUbristol | @UBUbristol | | It shows the candidate is fully informed about key issues. There’s little reliance on guessing, generalisations and ‘anecdotal’ evidence. Anecdotal ‘chats’ with friends at the pub can offer useful starting points but…

8 … the views of a small group of friends are not representative of the student body. Maybe as a Rep or Part-Time Officer you conducted your own surveys, larger scale forums, or you knocked on 50 doors in halls… Or, you can find out what some of the most pressing issues are from UBU’s evidence base. An informed candidate = a strong manifesto

9 Last year’s UBU survey on mental wellbeing showed that respondents who did not make time to enjoy themselves (16%) stated workload pressure, lack of time, and guilt as key reasons. 1 in 4 (out of 2,100) respondents stated they had a previous diagnosis of a mental health issue. UBU’s Sport and Health Survey with 738 respondents revealed that most felt sport and health activities were key to a positive student experience. Did you know that…

10 1. “Students are getting a bad deal at the Sports Centre with grossly high fees. I will fight for lower yearly costs and better pay as you go fees.” 2. “Last year’s large Sport and Health Survey showed that most respondents recognised you can’t have academic success without good physical and mental health. The university has a responsibility to provide an affordable, non-elitist Sports Centre and Union activities to all its students. I will prioritise this by fighting for more funding to be allocated to this area.” Which one says more? Consider the difference between these statements

11 1. “Students experience the most stress during exam periods. I will ensure that they get the support they need to achieve their best while at Bristol.” 2. “In a large UBU survey last year students reported difficulties in prioritising their health and wellbeing during exam periods. I will work toward ensuring that more support activities are available and better communicated to all students during these crisis moments.” Which one says more? Consider the difference between these statements

12 For brief summaries of UBU’s range of student experience evidence see: ‘Examining the evidence: Summary of UBU research initiatives’ Follow this link: previous-impact/research/ This page will also provide links to some reports and will tell you a bit about our current work in progress. UBU Research Summary Document 2014

13 Your manifesto: 10 Top Tips Twitter: @UBUbristol | @UBUbristol | | 1.Start with what you want to change; facts are your friend. 2.Think SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound). 3.Describe the benefits of your ideas (not features). 4.Talk to current officers and students. 5.Include something for everyone. 6.Use clear language (avoid ‘abbrevs’) and grammar/spell-check. 7.Be creative. 8.Don’t get carried away or waffle to fill space. 9.It’s about you and your relevant experience – not your opponents. 10.Repeat your name and ask for their vote.

14 Brainstorming: Problem and Solution Trees Problem Roots Consequences Effects Vision Solutions @UBUbristol | |

15 Activity! Twitter: @UBUbristol | @UBUbristol | | Find a friend. Not standing for the same role as you. Come up with 4-ish priorities – talk them over. Or share a draft manifesto if you brought one. Feed back. How do their priorities measure up against the top 10 tips?

16 Next steps Twitter: @UBUbristol | @UBUbristol | | 1.Draft something – get words on paper. 2.Get feedback from your friends, course-mates, other students. 3.Contact current officers and/or staff about specific ideas. 4.Upload your manifesto at 5.Think about how your campaign will communicate your priorities. Big deadline for Manifesto submission: 4pm, 3 rd March

17 @UBUbristol | | Stages of Elections Jan 12 – 6 Feb30 Jan– 23 Feb23 Feb – 5 Mar5 – 8 Mar9 – 12 Mar13 Mar15 March > UBU Staff work with candidates to ensure they have everything they need for campaigning UBU and Candidates can promote themselves The main stage! Your fellow students will be able to vote Election Awareness & Information Nominations Candidate Preparation Candidate Promotion & Campaigning VotingResultsPost Election

18 Twitter: @UBUbristol | Any questions? 0117 331 8637 @UBUbristol | |

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