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The Moses Chronicles How you (too) can lead your people Out of bondage….

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1 The Moses Chronicles How you (too) can lead your people Out of bondage….

2 Introductions Chuck Havlicek Dr. Bill Beisel Michele Reasinger Lauri Thompson Why are you here???? You may be wanting to: Make a case to leave a campus registration system? ( or avoid going to one..) Hear about a case study of how one unit was able to “break free”. Pick up some tools/ammunition to fight the Campus System Battle.. With us today...

3 What is on today’s Tablet…. The Five Battle fronts Our perspective of: Vive le Difference A parable…The story of one tribe The Jerry McGuire Tool Showing the Campus.. The $$ Questions

4 The Five Battle fronts 1.Campus High Priests are vested in their Credit System.. 2.Semantics : “Registration Software” 3.Push for Central Control 4.Battle Weary IT Staff 5.Treasury Folk not excited about spending ANY $$ on a new “Registration System”

5 It’s a different world The business model for continuing education is completely different from credit. Diplomacy and education will help them understand

6 Functional Differences in Registration Software... Traditional Student / CreditNon-Traditional / Non-Credit  Fixed Schedules Any time, Any place  Prescribed fees Fees? Lets talk …  Customer Service ??? Customer Service !!!  Multi-tiered data screens Compact data screens  Reports: specific and prescribed Reports -- nimble & agile  Scarce financials Show me the $$$  Marketing??? Say what? Marketing is integral!  Get rid of ‘em in 4 years Lifetime Value

7 Lakeland CE attempted to use the credit system, but needed a different direction

8 The Challenge The one stop system The registration debacle The need for support

9 Why didn’t the credit system work for Lakeland CC? Discount pricing was problematic Application for class was the same as for a credit course Non-credit students not required to pay upfront Not able to offer multiple course fees Required auxiliary reporting system System couldn’t capture and track marketing efforts Drop adds and refunds required the same process as credit courses No group registrations allowed Cumbersome webpage navigation

10 How Can YOU plead your case Build the team Develop the plan Change the culture Make the change The Launch

11 1. Vested Interest in Status Quo You must be willing to take the battle TO them

12 2. The problem with the Words: Registration Software…. When it comes to Fruit: Apples do NOT equal oranges Ask any little boy, a truck is not just a truck

13 3. The institutional thirst for control give to Caesar that which is Caesars.

14 4. IT Concerns How can you disarm them peacefully?

15 4. IT Concerns 1) A Dedicated NonCredit package is NOT as hard to set up as a Campus Wide one 2) For an ACEware system, most installs require between 1-5 hours of IT support a month. 3) The Support for a NonCredit Package is often provided by the Vendor

16 5. Dealing with the Money Lenders Talk to them in the language they understand !

17 Maybe Jerry was correct after all? ? ? Show me the $$$


19 There it is! The five major objections... and possible solutions Proof that it can be done

20 Questions? 800-925-2493

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