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Student Manager Preferences An ACEware Presentation.

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1 Student Manager Preferences An ACEware Presentation

2 Todays preferred topics... What are preferences?How do you set preferences?What are UDFs?Rules about preferencesQuestions

3 Preferences Settings that allow you to customize Student Manager to suit your organization. Preference fields can be turned on or off, or re-labeled.

4 WHO can/may set Preferences? Your System Administrator (the ACEware KOF) sets permissions to access preferences for you. (on the Password Maintenance Screen). Depending on your Power Level in Security, you may have other Preference Power

5 There is a preference screen for each major area (data entry screen) in Student Manager SystemNamesCoursesRegistrationsOrg DefaultsPocket LedgerFirmLedgerFacultyPay

6 Black - are user specific (they effect the user only). Blue - are global (effect every user). You must have level 6 (Admin) power level to edit blue preferences. Purple - user must be a level 6 in the particular area to use the option (e.g. user must be level 6 in Pay to edit receipt numbers). RULES of the Road…. Preferences are color coded

7 Activate fields Fields marked with a check Will display on the appropriate screen Use em or Lose em!

8 Re-label fields Fields with the Label As may be renamed You HAVE to be POWERFUL (be a Level 6 – System Admin) To edit/change the Blue stuff

9 Lets take a walk down…. Preference lane…

10 Where do I start?

11 System Preferences Controls delay in Find Mode For LARGE databases, speeds up Deadbeat Report For ACEweb Users.. Allows Live web view of Course For Repeatedly used Dates… MMDDYYYY

12 Names Preferences Top = data field properties Enable/Disable Rename Validate Bottom = Screen Behavior properties Changes how things work Use em or Lose em!

13 Names Preferences

14 Course Preferences IF you want to utilize the Automatic Email Reminder….

15 Register Preferences WTD is This? Registrar Mode Can hide fields that are not relevant on a new registration Set in Password Maintenance

16 Org Defaults Preferences Unless you use REAL SSNs, we suggest setting this to Open Text

17 Pocket Ledger Preferences

18 Firm Preferences

19 Faculty Preferences

20 Pay Preferences There are some BIG Deals here….

21 Preferences: Global Local Every user has same look / behavior on data entry screens Each user (May) change look / behavior on data entry screens

22 You (the KOF) can mass re-set preferences based on any users preference set…. 1.Select Tools / Password Maintenance. 2.Locate the Poster Child user record. (the one who you want EVERYONE to model) 3.Check the Set as Default Preferences box. 4.Click the Save button. 5.Youll be warned that youre about to change others' settings. Click Yes to continue. 6.On the SCOPE FOR DEFAULT PREFERENCES window, click the appropriate button:

23 Warning/Note: When doing a Mass Re-Set, All other users should be logged off… Once you do a mass set, if you allow local users control, they can choose to edit their own preferences. (unless you disable their edit preferences)

24 What are UDFs?

25 UDF = User Defined Field Names, Courses, Registrations & Instructors have UDF options

26 Activate and label

27 Want to Validate Data entry? Validate a field by placing a + sign in front of the label in preference. On the record, click the plus sign to build your list.

28 A note to system admins: Establish a policy in your organization that encourages people to use the preferences, but also limits who and when preferences are altered. Too many cooks spoil the broth!

29 use the Force… http :// Help Guide

30 Questions? 800-925-2493 Our next webinar CRM & Student Manager Thursday, Nov 29, 2012 1:30 Central

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