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SM101 - Registrations Session 3 of 5 An ACEware Presentation.

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1 SM101 - Registrations Session 3 of 5 An ACEware Presentation

2 Todays Topics Adding registrations Registration details Grouping registrations Fees and payments Canceling a registration Refunds and the Refund Wizard Transferring registrations Speed registrations A few helpful morsels

3 Adding registrations

4 Whats your favorite method? Look Up Name, Add Registration button on Name screen Look Up Course Hit Add Reggies button on course screen Look Up Reggies (Green Binoc) Add button on the registration screen

5 Clicking any action button saves the registration

6 Source Tracking Code Want to know how well your marketing performs? Make sure you use the Tracking Code Yes! There is a report to monitor reported results.

7 Registration details

8 Fields indicate who added the registration, who updated the registration and when

9 Indicates the standing of a registrant: Guest, Participant, Speaker, Panelist etc. NOTE: New in 7.2.A You may choose to make RGSTATUS A open entry field. ( See Reg Preferences)

10 Remember: all fields with + Next to them are fields YOU set up the valid entry options Reg Code & Misc Code: Two customizable fields

11 Indicates who will pay? Registration, Firm, Other?

12 The course must be completed by And the course was completed on What about the Empty spaces??? Its all about the Preferences

13 CEUs, Grade, Hours and Credits pull from the course screen but can be edited here. Cert Date indicates the date a certificate was printed.

14 One-click buttons Give you quick reference to other key components of a registration

15 Who approved this registration? Capture the Approving Supervisors Contact

16 New reg Add Time field New Feature!

17 Grouping registrations

18 Why group registrations? An individual registers in several courses and makes a payment with his credit card. Several employees from one company have registered in various courses. The company pays for all the registrations with one check. Two or more children from the same family register for a camp and a parent makes a single payment You do not need to group registrations if you are using company invoicing

19 Clicking the Group button (upper right corner) opens the Grouping Dialog Box. Answer Yes to connect two or more registrations together for billing purposes Think of it as a way to do a Shopping Cart from Student Manager

20 Fees and Payments

21 Assign the proper fee(s) on the registration screen Remember…. Course Fees are set At the Main Course Screen….

22 Assign the proper fee(s) on the registration screen You CAN use the Fee Preference on the Name Screen to Set person level special fees..

23 Adjustments to fees… Unique circumstances call for a fee adjustment. Coupons, cancellation fees, bad check fees – adjust the total owed with the Fee Adjustment field. NOTE: Fee adjustments can be a negative amount for discounts. Set Adjustment Fee Descriptions in CODES Can use Quantity (set via Reg Preferences) If you have a one-time adjustment reason… Press Alt+4 for open text

24 Show me (GET ME) the $$$$ Move from the Registration Screen to the Payment Screen By clicking the Payments Button

25 Select your payment type: Payment types may be labeled on the preferences screen By Default.. The total due is in the Pay Amount YOU CAN CHANGE THAT!

26 Payment Notes You can make multiple payments Each with a different method Pay part, Bill Part Payments by different people Use the Force.. Quick links You can add notes

27 Select a payment type and fill in the details You can set up to 6 custom payment methods (See Pay Preferences)

28 When you are finished adding Pay detail, use this button to save, Close AND print the receipt

29 If you make multiple payments... Make certain to click the Add button. Otherwise, you will be changing the existing payment

30 Special Type of Registration: Billing Only The Billing Record option creates a record for invoicing purposes, but is not part of the enrollment count Great for Contract Programs Where a invoice needs to be sent to a third party

31 Create payment plans to pay off a registration

32 Canceling Registrations

33 Changes to a registration? You have choices! 1.Cancel Reg - Refund all or a portion of $$$ 2.Cancel Reg - Keep all of money 3.Cancel Reg –Transfer all $$ to Escrow 4.Transfer Registration 1.To a different class 2.To a different participant

34 If no payment has been made... Click Canceled Then back out the amount owed by entering a negative adjustment

35 Refunds and the Refund Wizard

36 Use the Refund Wizard to return (or Escrow) fees already paid

37 Transfer some or all of the payment to another registration or escrow

38 Youll find both options on the payment screen

39 Or, transfer the registration to another class or student

40 Special Case: Cancelling a Registration with an active BILLING…

41 Speed registration

42 Speed registration helps you enroll multiple participants on a single course This is particularly helpful when you receive a list of participants after the course has been taught


44 A few helpful morsels...

45 Have ACEweb? …. And want to show whos registered

46 New Feature! Confirm the Delete Option when you Dbl-Click on an additional fee

47 Not a groupie?? You can disable the grouping prompt on the Preferences screen

48 Enrolling in Workshops....

49 Dont forget... Catalog Builder will help you up- sell courses with similar topics, as well as keep track of prerequisites

50 Questions? 800-925-2493

51 Join us next week for Part 4 of the Student Manager 101 Series Help & Communications

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