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2 Who We Are And How Can We Help Your Business Grow. Hello, my name is Angela Hebert, and I am a National Finance Consultant for First Look Approval. First Look Approval is your source for consumer finance. We work with multiple programs across several lenders and consult with our clients on which solution would work best in their business. All of our programs are designed to help businesses appeal to more customers. In our experience, we've found that we can help increase sales revenue by changing a business's sales technique to include offering affordable monthly payment options with every sale. This helps make your product more affordable for those who may not have cash or credit available.

3 GROW YOUR BUSINESS UNIQUE Financing Programs The Promise We Make To Our Clients Better ServiceMore Approvals An Easier Process Zero Risk

4 How Can Our UNIQUE Financing Programs Help You? We Offer Our Clients: Installment Loan Programs Revolving Credit Card Programs Both Programs Feature The Following: Prime, Near-Prime and Sub-Prime Applicants Approved Easy, Online Application Platform That Gives Credit Decisions Instantly More Approvals, More Sales, Increased Revenue Many Promotional Offers Available To Choose From For Your Customers 100% Non-Recourse ACH Funding We have an online payment calculator that will help when quoting approximate monthly payments.

5 Installment Loan Program * Best Suited For Single, Upfront Purchases over $500 * Best For Home Improvement and Consumer Goods Easy, Online Application Platform That Gives Credit Decisions Instantly. Completing Customer Contracts Is Easy & Painless. Online System Is Integrated With Electronic Signatures, Simplifying The Contract Signing Process. Multiple Lenders Are Integrated Into One Platform, Allowing More Approvals For Your Business. Our Lenders Will Approve Prime, Near-Prime And Even Sub-Prime Borrowers. There Are Many Promotional Offers Available To Borrowers, Such As 0% Interest For Up To 24 Months. Merchants Can Select Promotional Offers On A Loan By Loan Basis. Low Borrower Interest Rates Starting At 8.99%. All Interest Rates Are Fixed, Allowing For A Consistent, Affordable Monthly Payment That Never Increases. Competitive Merchant Discount Rates, Absolutely No Risk To You Or Your Business. Our Program Should Be Used As A Way To Increase Cashflow. Superior Customer Service And Support. We Additionally Work One On One With Your Staff To Ensure The Program Implemented Is A Success.

6 Installment Loan Process Online Enrollment Process Has Docusign Integration To Make Enrolling Into The Program Simple and Painless

7 Revolving Credit Card Program * Best For Medical Services For Multiple Purchases Over A Period Of Time No Upfront Enrollment Or Monthly Fees. Only Cost Associated With Program Is A Discount Rate. Extremely Competitive Discount Rates When Compared To Similar Big Bank Financing Programs. In Medical, We Beat CareCredit! Easy To Use Online Application Platform With Instant Credit Decisions. Approve More Customers For Financing With Two Levels Of Approval. Both Prime and Sub- Prime Borrowers Are Approved, Thus Increasing Sales. Once Credit Line Is Established, Customer Can Add Subsequent Charges Without Having To Re-Apply. This Is Great For Businesses Who Have Repeat Visits With Customers. Quick ACH Funding Allows For Fast Turnaround Times. You'll Be Funded Within 48 Hours. Reduced Interest For 18 Months Included On Every Approval. Additional 0% Interest Promotions Available At Merchants Discretion.

8 Revolving Credit Card Process Process To Begin Enrollment Is Extremely Simple, Initial Step Takes Only Minutes.

9 Did You Know? Offering A Payment Plan Option In Your Business Is A MUST In Today's Economy. We Can Help You Less than 10% of consumers use cash for purchases over $700. 32% of consumers don't own a credit card. 68% of US credit card holders are within 5% of their available credit. Only 33% of US consumers are considered "Prime," meaning they possess a credit score over 720.

10 Offering a payment plan is a great way to attract more clients, increase profits and continue to grow sales revenue. By breaking a large dollar amount into a manageable monthly payment, you are allowing your customers to move forward with your recommended product or service. Benefits of Offering Financing

11 Our Unique Process For All New Clients Step 1: Introduction We spend some time to first learn about who our clients are. Every business is different, and financing programs aren't a one-size-fits-all solution. The needs of your business are first evaluated before looking at any of our potential solutions. This helps us know where to focus our efforts moving forward. Step 2: Evaluation After learning more about your unique business, our team evaluates which of our financing programs would be the best fit for your needs. Because we aren't tied to one particular program, you can count on a program that's built around what you really need. Step 3: Implementation & Training After successfully evaluating which of our consumer financing programs is best for your business, we'll move into implementation. The implementation of a financing program is everything. We'll work one on one with your business to ensure your staff is properly trained on how to effectively offer financing to your customers. We'll even work directly with you on creating custom marketing material so you can begin marketing your new financing program. At the end of the day, we only succeed if you succeed.

12 Our Ongoing Process To Ensure Success

13 FIRST LOOK APPROVAL Offers A Unique Approach To Consumer Finance Unique Service Service is everything. Unfortunately, great service is not often found in the consumer finance industry. We have set out to change that with our personalized, hands on approach. Unique Process We take a consultative approach with every new client we work with. This helps ensure the consumer finance program we implement is a success, add sales revenue and ultimately increasing your business's bottom line. Unique Programs Every business is different, so why are most consumer finance programs designed as a one-size-fits-all solution? We, instead, give you more options and offer multiple financing programs.

14 Fill Out Contact Form To Receive A FREE EVALUATION Of Your Business To See Which Financing Solution Works Best For You. (or) Contact: Angela Hebert Toll Free: (888) 958-7477 ext 808 Cell: 228-547-0246 Find Out Why Our Clients Are Saying We're Refreshing Different


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