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Statistics – Finding the Easy Button! An ACEware Webinar.

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2 Statistics – Finding the Easy Button! An ACEware Webinar

3 With Chuck HavlicekLauri Thompson

4 Todays Agenda The importance of data codes Finding them that are & arent Deadbeat Reports Top Dogs! Our Favorite Statistical Reports Summary & Questions

5 This Webinar Could Have Been Titled Envisioning the Future – Finding Trends by Examining Data Data Driven Project Management How Statistics Changed My Life Inferential Statistics Rock!

6 Youre probably not psychic and you dont want to guess... You need Help to spot trends

7 You DO have help…

8 Back to the Drawing board… Will Way Wanda Good Statistics start with the three Ws …. Not a WWW… but..

9 How can I get my staff to capture the data? The Hawthorne Effect.. Shine your little light on me…

10 Free, New Report just for attending today! Performance Monitoring / Tracking Code Collection Deadbeat – Additional Reports Regs X Creator %age Track To get your copy, go to Student Manager Resources Reports (Customer Log-on Required)

11 Its all about the codes… A Code by any other name…. Codes on the… –Name Record –Course Record –Registration Record

12 DEADBEAT REPORTS (Chucks favorites!)

13 Deadbeat Statistical Reports.. Accounting Special 1-Reg/1-Line (Deadbeat) Additional Reports Half-Life Rept 9-wk (JDI) First Time Enrollee First Course Registration LERN Life HistXyr 00-09 Prior Year Growth – Year Code Analyzer

14 Half-Life Amount of time prior to course begin date when registrations arrived. Particularly useful for conference planning. Answers the question: Were six weeks from the conference – based on years past, how many more registrations can we traditionally anticipate? Or: How bad are pre-registrations (relative to last year) at NN weeks before the program?

15 First Time Enrollees Summarizes all registrations and singles out those that are first time enrollees Answers the question: How many new students did we attract during the time period of ???

16 First Course Registration Can we identify seminal courses.. That tend to generate the most follow up registrations Answers the question: What courses will generate the most long term revenue (through students taking more classes)?

17 Life History Given a sample of students (from a quarter, from a class, frome ??), what were their attendance history in the time(s) before and after that sample time frame? Answers the questions: What was the past registration history of a group? How long are we keeping students around (to enroll in subesequent terms?)

18 Prior Year Growth ( also by Quarter or Month) Compares current registrations to previous year(s) Answers the question: How are we doing this (year? Quarter? Month? ) compared to prior years?

19 Code Analyzer Uses a combination of JustDoIt and CODEREPT to analyze multiple code groups based on a name criteria (ie: zip code.) Answers the question: What are the characteristics (based on selected Codes.) of particular geographic/demographic groups. Ie: Would an Italian Cooking course have enough interest on the north side of Kansas City? …. For the Advanced Statistics Guru…

20 Name Statistical Reports (Including Top Dog) Statistics Names Demographic Summary Performance Summary


22 Top Dog Names (& Firms!) Reports / Statistics / Names / Performance Sorting Can be sorted by Money Courses Taken CEUs Earned Class Hours Credits Earned

23 Top Dog Courses Reports / Statistics / Course / Performance Sorting Can be sorted by Total Due Total Paid Outstanding Balance Net Income

24 Demographic Summaries Reports / Demographics / Names / Demographic Summary Statistical Reports:

25 Why would you run demographic summaries? To determine # of students with specific interest codes How far are your students traveling? Should you put a stack of free brochures in the library in the next county?

26 Course Data Summaries Reports / Statistics / Course / Course Data Summary

27 Why would you run course data summaries? In what types of courses were your registrations? Which coordinator is running the most profitable courses? Course capacity Do classes make more often on Monday or Saturday?

28 Participants

29 Statistics / Tracking Code Reports / Statistics / Tracking Code (Brochure) Answers the question: How well did a specific marketing effort succeed?

30 Let us not forget...


32 A chain will break at its weakest link.

33 Find and fix your weakest link to improve the overall strength of your program

34 Questions? Comments? Upcoming Webinars: Promoting your Website March 26 th, 10:30 am CST Reporting Tips and Tricks June 2 nd 10:30 am CST ACEware Regional Meetings: May 5-6 th Las Vegas May 19-20 th San Antonio Dont Forget….

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