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Distance Learning PACADA Update Trends, Growth, Success April 25, 2013 Lindsay Roberts.

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1 Distance Learning PACADA Update Trends, Growth, Success April 25, 2013 Lindsay Roberts

2 Credit Courses Distance Learning Undergraduate Services provided: 2 1.Distance learning offers courses to help build flexibility into a students schedule. 2.These courses are taught by Purdue faculty/staff. 3.Current offerings (approximately 70 online). 4.Provide instructional design assistance in developing the online course work. 5.Registration: Only register students taking courses through the Indiana College Network We do not register students in Purdue originating online courses 6.Provide ongoing communication to instructors and departments to continue to enhance distance learning opportunities through the unique partnership with Purdue Extended Campus. 7.Follow the same dates, deadlines and policies in partnership with Purdue’s Admissions office, Office of the Registrar and Bursar’s Office. 8.Work on best practices for online retention. Student success will be top priority for our staff. The staff will work with instructors and students to keep them on track to complete the course.

3 Credit Courses Evening Classes 3 Evening classes are also funded for the same purposes; 15 courses per semester serving about 400 students Growth of Purdue-originated distance learning courses in the last 24 months has saved the University about $2 million in costs that were being paid for Purdue students to take courses through the Indiana College Network (ICN) The status of ICN remains that after June 1, registrations cannot be processed. PEC is currently offering 10 courses for summer 2013. The alternative would be for Vincennes to take over the operation in its entirety. Options still on the table. Indiana College Network COM 114 COM 212 ENGL 421 HIST 104 HIST 151 MGMT 200 MUS 250 OLS 252 OLS 274 SOC 100

4 Credit Courses Purdue Express 4

5 Credit Courses Purdue Express 5 CS 110 CS 177 ENGR 103i HIST 152 PSY 120 VM 10201 300 students will be accepted as non- degree for the summer to participated in the pilot. Online Achievement Assistance -each course will be assigned a staff member to monitor the students progress

6 Credit Courses Undergraduate Participation 6 00-0101-0202-0303-0404-0505-0606-0707-0808-0909-1010-1111-12 ICN* Enrollment 3331,1171,9282,6463,7593,9424,4814,0695,0875,2633,7461,289 Purdue Enrollment NA 371401307631,2302,6082,5052,5004,1038,451 Total Online3331,1171,9652,7863,8894,7055,7116,6777,5927,7637,8499,740

7 Credit Courses 7 Enrollment Trends Course subjects with highest enrollments: Math842 Statistics967 English 1,297 Political Science1,303 Communications1,386 Computer Science2,375 Sociology 2,843 History 2,848 Psychology3,756

8 Credit Courses Enrollment Trends 8

9 Credit Courses Development Possibilities 9 Purdue Extended Campus is looking to move forward with development of new online offerings for the Purdue West Lafayette undergraduate population. These efforts will be in line with the University’s movement in increasing summer enrollment. PEC will strategically look to fund development of courses that will benefit the students. The tool that will be used to identify the courses is the list of those courses 90% or above capacity during the academic year with high enrollments. PEC will begin discussions with colleges on the possibility of new development with the following courses: BIOL 11000MA 16100ME 20000 CHEM 11500 MA 16200MGMT 20000 Courses currently being developed for new offering: CHNS 10100CHNS 10200ITAL 22300 COM 32000ANTH 10000HIST 10300 OLS 28400MGMT 32300ECE 20100 POL 22200POL 23200POL 23500

10 Credit Courses Development Opportunities 10 Proposed new minor fully online Organizational Leadership & Supervision to be ready for launch summer 2014. Research the opportunity to develop additional courses to achieve minors online. Build the 2 nd 8-week course option. Look into the possibility of a 12 week option. This would allow students to get settled into courses and if need to make a change would have an option four weeks into the semester.

11 Credit Courses Advisors Speak Up! 11 How strongly would you support PEC expanding its offerings of summer online courses? AnswerResponse% Very Weakly00% Weakly24% Undecided510% Strongly2855% Very Strongly1631% Total51100% AnswerResponse% Very Weakly12% Weakly36% Undecided918% Strongly2143% Very Strongly1531% Total49100% How strongly would you support PEC offering more 8-week courses?

12 Credit Courses Advisors Speak Up! 12 How likely are you to advise a student to enroll in a Purdue- originated online class? AnswerResponse% Very Unlikely 24% Unlikely12% Undecided1122% Likely2244% Very Likely1428% Total50100% AnswerResponse% Very Weakly1224% Weakly1428% Undecided1836% Strongly48% Very Strongly 24% Total50100% How strongly would you support PEC offering selected summer online courses for admitted first-year students?

13 Credit Courses Moving Forward…………… 13 What: Distance education and online learning have come to the forefront in higher education. The opportunities are endless and boundaries wide with discussion of credit and non-credit offerings at institutions. The traditional face-to-face learning now has new competition and distance is growing at a double digit rate. The field is very exciting one to be a part of and our unit will play an integral part in the growth and expansion at Purdue. Why: My focus as the associate director would be to create partnerships and build solid relationships with the departments on campus through strategic initiatives and negotiations as I have began to do with over 70 courses online and multiple colleges participating in online learning. How: Engaging the university and the community by excellent communication skills and enhancing student retention and graduation rates by being a student advocate, using my current role with managing enrollments of well over 8,000 as experience. Advancing a culture of excellent customer care by being a vocal leader and establishing a good work environment and promoting and marketing programs by being an innovator would be of utmost importance.

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