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The impact of publishing an overview of raspberry health aspects.

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1 The impact of publishing an overview of raspberry health aspects

2 Review in BioFactors Beekwilder, Hall & de Vos Antioxidants from raspberry How are they measured Comparison to other fruits Effect of culture practice and cultivar What happens during freezing or jam-making Bio-availability No new data, only literature

3 What is the impact of publishing this? Paper available March 20 th 2006

4 Society appreciates this paper 23 rd March: Willem Koert publishes a small message about this article in WB. Message: raspberries are healthy! That evening Radio 1 journaal broadcast a live interview with Jules Beekwilder NOS 8-o’clock news has an issue that raspberry is healthy

5 Immediate reaction of written press NRC next Eindhovens dagblad and other regional newspapers VARA gids J/M magazine for parents Cosmopolitan Etc.

6 Magazines all over the world Natuurwetenschap en Techniek - Petra de Gunst; Gezond Nu - Raissa Luif; Shape Magazine (N.Y., 2.000.000 readers) - Sharon Liao; Self Magazine - Anna Roufos / Lee Walker; Working Mother Magazine - Michele Bender; WebMD ( - Elaine Magee; Natur+kosmos (German) - Jan Berndorff; "Integral" (Spanish) - M.T. Palomas Peix. Dagens Nyheter (Sweden)- Torill Kornfeldt Daily Health News - Shannon McKay Carroll

7 Websites;;,35241.asp,lang,2/ticket,g_u_e_s_t/oid,18133/print,1




11 And it doesn’t stop ….. July 13 th 2006: Full-page article about raspberry in regional newspapers Het Parool BN/De Stem Eindhovens dagblad Tubantia Limburgs dagblad De Gelderlander de Stentor Brabants Dagblad Provinciale Zeeuwse Courant July 30 th 2006 Interview Radio L1 (Limburg)

12 Impact on sales fresh raspberries Data Fruit World Breda

13 Impact on sales raspberry jam

14 And there is probably direct impact on health…. NOS website august 2006: During the first half of 2006, per family 49 kg fruit was bought in NL: 2kg more than last year Mainly raspberries, berries and exotic fruits

15 Why is the raspberry health-message so well received? The Dutch love raspberries Raspberry is traditional Dutch and natural Raspberry is tasty Raspberry is healthy Need for information Health aspects Stories: Historical & botanic information Where can we buy them cheaply?

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