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VTools Meetings. vTools Home Page 2 Training 3 Integration with your Website 4.

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1 vTools Meetings

2 vTools Home Page 2

3 Training 3

4 Integration with your Website 4

5 Access to vTools Access to L31 and other vTools is automatically enabled for any volunteer who appears on the section roster. To verify who is listed visit this page: Per vTools request, IEEE now records more positions for Chapter and Affinity Group officers: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer. Sections can also report a vTools Coordinator position. New officers can be reported online: – equired_reporting/officer_forms.html equired_reporting/officer_forms.html –Takes a few business days for a change to be reflected. –vTools team has a project on its slate for automating officer reporting, to speed up the process. 52/8/2014

6 vTools.Meetings Meetings Posting – Entry and collection of meeting data – Credit card handling available in a pilot mode to a limited number of R1-R7 sections with CB accounts at the beginning of Q3, 2010. Full release after the pilot phase. R8-R10 support planned for phase 2 – Complements family of products from Conference Services for larger events (Internet Conferencing, Meetings and Conferences Management, Teleconferencing) 2/8/20146

7 vTools.Meetings Form for entering meeting info: (who/what/when/where/registration) Displays meeting list online (anywhere) Meetings list integrated with myIEEE Handles registrations (start, end, limit) [option] – Provides registration list – Provides nametags and meal tickets files RSS, iCal, and other feeds of meetings and L31s Calendar support (e.g. Google) Supports L31 report filing Credit Card registration payment in Beta (Q210) 2/8/20147

8 L-31 The L31 process is changing for all 2010 meetings. –Previous L 31 tool has been archived. The Meetings L31 tool will now be standard. – –Select create a new meeting report NOTE: New security model restricts access to volunteers listed in the Geographic Activities Roster While you are there, please use the Meetings tool to get your meetings on the calendar. 2/8/20148

9 L31

10 L31 Report

11 L31 Report - new

12 L31 Search

13 Meetings Home Page

14 After Log in 14

15 Options to View Feeds 15

16 Feed Types RSS – L31 and Meetings XML – L31 and Meetings HTML – Meetings Table iCalendar (iCal) – Meetings 2/8/201416

17 Using Feeds RSS L31s R1: BOSTON: Meetings RSS R1: RSS BOSTON: NH: HAMPSHIRE HAMPSHIRE 2/8/201417

18 iCal Export Download iCalendar format.ics file Example: iCal for R1: asc/1 asc/1 Web calendar import: –E.g. Google calendar: py?hl=en&answer=37118 py?hl=en&answer=37118 2/8/201418

19 View Meetings

20 Past Meetings

21 New Notice 21

22 Options for Text Fields Text Textile – simplified HTML-type formatting, e.g.: –Bold: *text* - text –Headers: h1. Header text – Header text –Italic: _italicized text_ - italicized text –URL: Ref: HTML 2/8/201422

23 More Meeting Fields 23

24 Location Fields 24

25 Speaker Info Fields 25

26 More Speaker Fields 26

27 Menu and Publishing options 27

28 Example of completed notice 28

29 Example 29

30 Example 30

31 Example 31

32 Other Options 32

33 Meeting Statistics 33

34 Final Published Notice 34

35 Final notice 35

36 Finish 2/8/201436

37 Training: Information and Training Modules located at 2/8/2014372/8/201437

38 Reference info – contains project status, blog, contact information, FAQ, and training information – contact e-mail for any questions related to the project 2/8/201438


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