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Open Approach Marjan Vernooy-Gerritsen EIFL GA, August 2010, Lund.

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1 Open Approach Marjan Vernooy-Gerritsen EIFL GA, August 2010, Lund

2 Inspiration for rOAdmap 1

3 Kick-off meeting OA-year Presentation Grass root projects: ideas for OA activities Video clip Just Publish! Start of rOAdmap activities

4 3 Multi level approach 1.Policy Economic study Costs and Benefits of OA Presentation report Press release White paper for librarians / rectors 2.Infrastructure & workflow (SURFshare programme) 3.IPR (SURFdirect project) 4.Awareness / Communication (draagvlak) Committee of Recommendation Pilot group of researchers OA-week National OA web site

5 Presentation Report Seminar at the Ministery of Education, Culture and Science Reaction stakeholders NWO, KNAW, VSNU, HBO-raad, KB, researchers, UKB en AUP 4

6 5 Articles in news paper Press release about the Houghton-study front page article in NRC 4 pages in science supplement NRC -It is no hype, the trend is irreversible -Funders should mandate Open Access -Silence from NWO.

7 6 Public debate in news papers

8 Open Access Week October 2009 National programme at the SURF website Local activities in institutions SURF Communication toolkit 7

9 Communication Toolbox 8

10 Agenda OA week NL 9

11 10 Various OA activities

12 Agenda OA week EU 11 Open Access Directory

13 SPARC Europe 12

14 Community in action 13

15 14

16 15

17 16

18 Open Access in NL Commimtee of Recommendation Experts Speak (each discipline) OA in NL 17

19 18 Speakers Corner

20 19 Speakers Corner (2)

21 20 OA Website Website Open Access:

22 Open Access Seminar Public debate with politicians, rectors and board members of universities, funding agency, researchers and publishers. Open Access Awards: - best practice in OA-week, - best OA-project. Presentation of activities in the institutions 21

23 22

24 Lessons Learned Central facilitating role is essential Use your Network: -Search for Ambassadors -Keep in close contact with early adopters -Stimulate Followers You need lots of time and energy Use the off season for public communication Re-use ideas and materials of other countries Make fun!

25 24 Lets pave the way for Open Access

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