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The Origins of Early Government in the Colonies

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1 The Origins of Early Government in the Colonies
Magna Carta The Mayflower Compact The Virginia House of Burgesses Fundamental Orders of Connecticut Declaration of Rights, 1689

2 England Government “Divine Rights” belief that the king was God’s choice to rule on earth A monarch has absolute power over his nation A monarch appoints government officials who answer to him not the people A monarch passed laws without the peoples consent or input

3 The Signing of the Magna Carta, 1215

4 The Magna Carta, 1215 King John, an English King constantly demanded money and men for wars from his feudal barons. The feudal barons in 1215 forced King John agrees that he had “no right” to demand their property without their consent. Their consent was to be agreed upon in a grand council. King must now get consent of the people

5 The Magna Carta Important aspects of the Magna Carta:
First Time a King gave up any power to the people. there must be a set of laws governing (precedents) how the King and his subjects will deal with each other. the King is not the highest authority and that he is bound by a higher law that limits his authority.

6 Magna Carta 1215 He agreed that the King could not raisse taxes without first getting it approved by the Great Council Nobles and freeman should not be punished without a trial by jury.

7 Colonial Government King appointed the governor in his place
Governor appointed by King and had final say on laws Assemblies made laws, passed taxes, paid governor’s salary which made the governor listen to the assemblies

8 Virginia House of Burgesses, 1619

9 Virginia House of Burgesses
1619 the first elected representative government appears in Virginia. House of Burgesses imposed taxes and ran the colony It is modeled after the English Parliament. English Parliament was England’s lawmaking elected government.

10 Colonial Government Colonial governments like the House of Burgesses elect their own representatives Representatives impose taxes, fines and managed colonial affairs Colonists believe they are Englishmen and should have a say in their government Colonists are used to running their governments on their own, the English have let the colonies get used to this

11 Signing of the Mayflower Compact

12 Mayflower Compact, 1620 1620, Pilgrims arriving near the New England Coast agree to write a contract that allows for self-government. The Mayflower Compact promised that every adult male would vote for the Governor and his advisors on a yearly basis. It supports the idea of majority rule.

13 Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, 1639

14 Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, 1639
First written constitution in North America. It was the work of a Puritan clergyman, Thomas Hooker. It was an outline for self-government of the colony. The well being of the community came before the individual. Adult males elected a governor, assistants, and a legislative assembly to make laws for the community.

15 English Bill of Rights, 1689 Monarchs William of Orange and Mary agree to give Parliament and people have more power under Bills of rights than the monarchs: Parliament agrees on laws not the king Raise taxes Parliament okays the raising of an army Parliament and public have free speech against the government Trial by jury Elections and debates These ideals are inclued in the Bill of rights attached to the American Constitution. As English citizens, colonists were protected by the bill.

16 Freedom of the Press John Peter Zenger Trial, 1735
Arrested for exposing governor’s corruption in his paper Charged with seditious libel Wins freedom of press and papers will begin to address political issues

17 Ticket out the door Colonial Government
How did the King govern the colonies? What important English Rights did the colonist gain from the following dates. 1215, 1689? What is a representative government? Who had more power in the colonial government system. The king, governor or the assemblies? Compare and contrast a monarchy and a representative government. (use a double bubble) Create an illustrated Flow Map on representative government in colonial America.

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