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Governing the Colonies

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1 Governing the Colonies

2 English Parliamentary Tradition
Magna Carta 1215 English nobles forced King John to sign the Magna Carta First document to place restrictions on an English ruler’s power Limited monarch’s right to levy taxes without consulting the nobles Protected right to own private property Guaranteed right to trial by jury

3 English Parliamentary Tradition
Under Magna Carta nobles formed a Great Council to advise the king Developed into the English Parliament Two house legislature: a group of people who have the power to make laws House of Lords- made up of nobles House of Commons- elected

4 English Parliamentary Traditions
Greatest power was to approve new taxes “Power of the purse” gave Parliament a degree of control over the monarch Even after power struggles with the monarchs, Parliament retain: to keep, it’s traditional rights

5 English Parliamentary Tradition
English Bill of Rights 1688 Parliament removed King James II from throne and invited his daughter Mary and her husband to rule England Glorious Revolution They signed the English Bill of Rights Bill of Rights: a written list of freedoms that a government promises to protect Stated many of the rights granted by Magna Carta Habeas Corpus: a person can not be held in prison without being charged with a specific crime

6 Colonial Self Government
Colonial Legislatures House of Burgesses: Virginia General Court: Massachusetts General Assembly: Pennsylvania By 1760 every British colony in North America had a legislature of some kind 50-75% of white males in the American colonies could vote

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