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HIGH SCHOOL ON THE H ORIZON COUNT DOWN TO 2019! Centennial Campus Magnet Middle School.

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1 HIGH SCHOOL ON THE H ORIZON COUNT DOWN TO 2019! Centennial Campus Magnet Middle School

2 Scott Nilsen School Counselor for 9 years. Certified Counselor grades 5-12. Graduated from SUNY Albany with a B.A. in Psychology and from Suffolk University with a M.Ed. in School Counseling. I moved to NC with my wife and two daughters in 2013 and love it here! “The day that people stop bringing you their problems is the day that you stop leading them.” - Colin Powell.

3 Desiree Stover – Dean of Counseling and Student Services

4 Goals for Students and Parents To learn about the “Future Ready Core” high school graduation requirements. To understand courses your student must take to meet the graduation requirements. To better understand the rigor of high school. To lessen the stress and anxiety of high school transition time.

5 High School Terms to Know ACT – American College Testing –alternate admissions assessment to the SAT. AP Course – Advanced Placement course earning the student high school and college credit and 2 extra “quality points” for the final grade earned. Blackboard Block Schedule – 90 minute class period for one semester. Students take 4 courses in fall term & 4 courses in the spring term. CDC- Career Development Coordinator CFNC-College Foundation of North Carolina Free, online resources to assist with helping you plan, apply and pay for College and for submitting college

6 High School Terms (con’t.) Dual Enrollment – taking an off-campus course for graduation credit. Application submitted in advance of taking the course (usually with community college). For more information, visit college-promise. college-promise Elective course – any course not specifically required for graduation but taken as an option to fulfill the required number of credits for graduation. EOC Tests- End-of-Course Exams created by the state. Counts for 25% of grade. All students must pass the 3 EOC’s to meet graduation requirements- Common Core Math I, English II, and Biology. FRC –Future-Ready Core graduation requirements. All students are in “Future Ready” Core unless in Occupational Course of Study (IEP determined). GPA – Grade Point Average calculated by dividing the quality points earned by number of courses taken. HomeBase – Student and Parent Portal on PowerSchool. Parents and students can monitor grades, attendance and discipline.

7 High School Terms (con’t) Honors Course-advanced course earning 1 extra quality point for the final grade in the weighted GPA. IB Diploma Programme- International Baccalaureate – Advanced Diploma Program available at 2 magnet high schools, Millbrook and Garner. NCAA Clearinghouse – National Collegiate Athletic Assoc.- student athletes must register to participate in varsity college sports (see Athletic director for more info). NCVPS – North Carolina Virtual Public Schools-online courses available under certain circumstances to students enrolled in NC public schools.

8 High School Terms (con’t.) NHS – National Honor Society Quality Points – Points earned for passing a course, honors, AP, and IB courses are allotted extra quality points for the “weighted” Grade Point Average (GPA). Required Course – Course that must be taken and passed in order to earn a high school diploma. SAT – Scholastic Aptitude Test – college/university admission assessment. SAT II - Subject tests within the SAT, required for some college admissions. Transcript – Official document listing courses, grades, GPA, class rank.

9 High School Terms (con’t.) UNC Admission Requirements- minimum requirements for admission to the 16 public colleges and universities within the UNC system in North Carolina—slightly more rigorous than the minimum NC graduation requirements. Unweighted GPA – the grade point average calculated without adjustment for academic level of the courses taken (Hon., AP, IB). MSL – Measurement of Student Learning. State-mandated final exams for CTE courses. Weighted GPA – the grade point average calculated by adjusting quality points according to the academic level of the courses taken – Honors, AP, IB.

10 Get Involved!!! Academic Social/Emotional Career

11 Student folders – Green CFNC Contents include HS registration information Teacher recommendations Powerschool registration – username & password Powerschool registration instructions – all except South East Raleigh HS Math sequences Core Courses for graduation Explorer Score reports Test booklet Interpretation guide CFNC Sign-up instructions 4 year plan template 4 year college checklist

12 High School Promotion Requirements

13 PROMOTION 9TH to 10TH GRADE 6 Units of Credit (4 credits at Enloe, Wake Early College, NCSU STEM and Young Men’s and Women’s Academies )  1 English  2 of other 3 cores Math, Science, Social Studies  3 additional credits (1 additional credit at Enloe, Wake Early College, NCSU STEM and Young Men’s and Women’s Academies ) COURSE LOADS  Students are required to carry a course load equal to the number of instructional periods in the school day.

14 Attendance Wake County policy dictates that a student absent for more than 10 days in a semester class or 20 days in a yearlong class can be assigned a grade of FF indicating failure due to excessive absences. This does show in the student’s GPA! 2 absences in a block scheduled class is like missing 4 days of learning.

15 DWFHS (Driving while Failing High School) Policy Students must pass 70% of courses (3 out of 4 on a block schedule) to be able to obtain or maintain their drivers license!

16 Understanding Grade Point Average (GPA)


18 EXAMPLE - 11TH GRADE COURSE GRADEQUALITY PTS. AP English IIIB5 Common Core III PlusA5 Honors ChemistryB4 American History IIA4 French IA4 French IIB3 ChorusA4 PhotographyA4 8 attempted credits33 QT. PT GPA33 divided by 8 = 4.125

19 CUMULATIVE GPA 9 TH Course Grade QP Honors English ID2 Common Core I D 1 Earth ScienceF0 World History D1 Healthful LivingF0 Speech C2 Computer AppC2 Teen LivingF0 TOTAL QPs8 10 th Course Grade QP English II C2 Common Core II B 3 Earth ScienceA4 American Hist. I C2 Healthful LivingA4 Chorus A4 Biology C2 Computer App IIA4 TOTAL QPs 25


21 TOTAL CREDITS/TOTAL QUALITY POINTS = GPA Cumulative (9 th – 11 th grades) 66 DIVIDED BY 24 = 2.75 GPA (C+) Remember the 11 th grade GPA – 4.125 (A) Freshman Year Counts!

22 How is the Block Schedule different?

23 BLOCK SCHEDULE 1ST SEMESTER 1. Math 2. World History or Paideia or Communications & Technology 3. Healthful Living 4. Elective 2ND SEMESTER 5. Science 6. English I or Paideia or Communications & Technology 7. Elective 8. Elective Example

24 High School Graduation Requirements

25 High School Courses Taken in Middle School If your student completes a high school level course in middle school they will receive a high school credit if they: Earn a passing grade in the course. AND Achieve level 3 or higher on EOC (if applicable). Prove proficient on placement test. (Spanish only) Courses will count toward graduation requirements but not the high school GPA.

26 Required Tests  CPR instruction (8 th grade)  End of Course Tests Common Core Math I English II Biology  Plan (10 th grade)  ACT plus Writing (11 th grade) – English, Math, Reading, Science and Writing  WorkKeys (12 th grade – 4 th course in CTE sequence)

27 Future-Ready Core Diploma Requirements CourseNo. of Credits English 4 English I,II,III,IV Math4 Common Core Math I, II, III & 4 th math beyond level CCMIII Science3 Biology, Earth or Environ., a Physical Science Social Studies4 World History., American History I and II, Civics and Economics Healthful Living1 Electives (2 required from Career and Tech, 10 Arts or Second Language; 4 recommended in a course concentration) Total ___26___

28 Occupational Course of Study Diploma Requirements CourseNo. of Credits English 4 Occupational English I,II,III,IV Math3 Occupational Intro to Math, CCM I & Financial Management Science2 Occupational Applied Science & Biology Social Studies2 Occupational Social Std. I & II Healthful Living1 Career/Tech4 Occupational Prep6 Total __22__

29 Looking Beyond High School

30 UNC System Minimum Requirements Language – 6 credits English – 4 credits Second Language – 2 credits (recommended that highest level be taken in grade 12) Math – 4 credits (Common Core Math I, II and & 1 credit beyond Math III – recommended that highest level be taken in 12 th grade) Science - 3 credits (Biological, Physical and a lab science) Social Studies – 2 credits (United States history & one other)

31 College Planning? College Admission Offices pay careful attention to the following: þ Grade Point Average (GPA) þ Difficulty of course load þ SAT/ACT scores þ Class rank þ HS and community activities, involvement þ Recommendations þ Essays þ Passion þ Well-rounded

32 STEM Academies at Area High Schools

33 STEM Academies z STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math z Middle Creek, Athens Dr., Cary, Southeast Raleigh z STEM academy information and applications on school websites z Some schools have suggested/required 9 th grade courses.

34 9 th Grade High School Courses

35 English – 9 th Grade English I Honors English I Paideia: At some schools. The Paideia program combines the English and Social Studies courses and is taught in a seminar format. Student may choose this option. Broughton, Sanderson, Garner, Millbrook & Leesville Civilizations and Culture – Enloe. English and Social Studies classes taught together. Student may choose this option. (Honors level only)

36 MATH – 9 th Grade Fundamental Math I (elective credit) Introductory Math (Pre-CCM I) (elective credit) Foundation of CCMI/CCM I (Common Core Math I in 2 semesters, receive 1 math credit and 1 elective credit) Common Core Math I Special Topics in Math/ CCM II (elective credit, repeat of CCMI) Special Topics in Math/CCM II Honors (receive 1 math credit and 1 elective credit) Foundations of Math II (elective credit) Common Core Math II Common Core Math II Honors Common Core Math III Honors


38 SCIENCE – 9 th Grade Earth Science Honors Earth Science Biology Honors Biology Physical Science


40 SOCIAL STUDIES 9 th Grade World History Honors World History Magnet Civilizations and Culture, Honors English I paired with Honors Civics and Economics, 2 credits, 2 periods, yearlong Enloe (C & C) Paideia: At some schools

41 Electives Electives may come from any of the following areas:  Arts (i.e. - Visual Arts, Band, Chorus, Theatre Arts I, etc.)  Career and Technical (i.e. - Microsoft Word and Powerpoint, Principles of Business & Personal Finance, Teen Living, Apparel Design, Foods I, Drafting, etc.)  Computer Education (Computer Science)  English (i.e. – Study Skills, Creative Writing, Newspaper, Speech)  Healthful Living (Prerequisite Healthful Living 1) (i.e. – Weight Training, Personal Fitness, Team Sports, Community First Aid & Safety, etc.)  JROTC (Offered at Broughton, Enloe, Garner, Sanderson, Cary, Millbrook, Knightdale, & Wake Forest Rolesville only)  Math (i.e. Special Topics in Math)  Science (i.e. Principles of Technology, etc.)  Second Language (i.e.- Spanish, French, Latin, German, etc.)  Social Studies (i.e. – Geography, Sociology/Psychology, Religions in World Culture, etc.)

42 World Languages Students who earn HS credit for Spanish 1 in MS are encouraged to take Spanish II in 9 th grade. If you have not taken a World Language in MS you are encouraged to take a minimum of 2 credits in the same world language for admission to the UNC system. The majority of students, without MS credit, are encouraged to take a world language starting their 10 th grade year Exceptions are Broughton, Millbrook, and Enloe – suggested starting in 9 th grade.

43 Registering for 9 th Grade Courses

44 Wake County Public School System High School Registration Work Plan 9th Graders Entering in 2014-15 Name______________________________ID#______________ LastFirstMiddle 2014-15 High School ________________Current Middle School ________________ Subject AreaCourse NumberCreditCourse Name 1. English No Numbers Needed 2. Math 3. Science 4. Social Studies 5. Healthful Living 6. Additional Course 7. Additional Course 8. Additional Course 1. Alternative Course 2. Alternative Course 3. Alternative Course 4. Alternative Course All students should select 8 courses and 3 alternative courses for a total of 11 course selections. Some schools may require a 4 th alternative course selection. 1.English I or Honors English 1 2.Math (if Foundations of CCMI/CCMI or Special Topics/CCM II Plus - write Found. Of CCMI or Special Topics here and write CCMI or CCM II Plus in the 1st additional course slot) 3. Science 4. World History or Honors World History 5. Healthful Living I 6. Additional Course (Common Core I or CCM II Plus if required) 7. Additional Course 8. Additional Course Alternative Courses 1. Alternative Course 2. Alternative Course 3. Alternative Course 4. Alternative Course ______________________________________ Students and Parents will sign this form and turn it in by due date. English I Foundations of Math I Common Core Math I Earth Science World History Healthful Living Common Core Math I Elective Alternate elective Alternative elective (Some schools.)

45 Registering in Power Schools Log-in and Password is inside Green Folders along with step- by-step directions.

46 Selecting Courses in PowerSchools Use registration worksheet to complete course selection. Follow the PowerSchools instructions provided. Select Core Courses first. Then select all other primary classes. (Total of 8) Select alternate classes. (Total of 3 or 4)

47 PowerSchools



50 CRS numCourseType Cr HrsPrerequisite Notes 1. ENG1100English IPrimary1.00 2. MAT1100Common Core Math I Primary1.00 3. SCI1100Earth SciencePrimary1.00 4. SS1100World HistoryPrimary1.00 5. Health9000Healthful Liv IPrimary1.00 6. CTE1000Microsoft WordPrimary1.00 7. Arts1000BandPrimary1.00 8. Arts1100BandPrimary1.00 Total Credit Hours Requested8.00 CRS numCourseType Cr HrsPrerequisite Notes 1. ENG1100Creative WritingAlternate1.00 2. CTE1000MarketingAlternate1.00 3. CTE1400DraftingAlternate1.00 Total Credit Hours Requested3.00

51 9th Grade10th Grade11th Grade12th Grade English English IEnglish IIEnglish IIIEnglish IV Honors English IHonors English IIHonors English III or AP English IIIHonors English III or AP English IV Math Math Sequence for student enrolled in Math 8 Fundamentals of Math & Intro MathFoundations of CCMI & CCMIFoundations of Math II & Common Core Math II Common Core Math III & Advanced Functions and Modeling Foundations of CCMI & CCMICommon Core Math IICommon Core Math IIIAdvanced Functions & Modeling Common Core Math ICommon Core Math IICommon Core Math IIIAdvanced Functions & Modeling Math Sequence for students enrolled in CCM I or Honors Geometry in 8 th grade Special Topics in Math/CCMII HonorsCommon Core Math III HonorsPre-Calculus (Honors)AP Calculus AB Common Core Math II HonorsCommon Core Math III HonorsPre-Calculus (Honors)AP Calculus AB Common Core Math III HonorsPre-Calculus (Honors)AP Calculus ABAP Calculus BC Science Earth ScienceBiologyPhysical Science or Chemistry (if enrolled in CCMIII) Required Southeast only Recommended for UNC system sequence Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy and Phys., AP Chemistry, AP Physics, AP Biology, AP Environment Honors Earth ScienceHonors BiologyHonors Chemistry (if enrolled in CCMIII ) See above Social Studies World HistoryAm. Hist. I Founding PrinciplesAmerican History IICivics and Economics Honors World HistoryHonors American History I or AP United States History Honors American History II or AP European or AP Geography Honors Civics and Economics Sample of the Core Courses for Graduation Plan

52 Wake County Public School System Graduation Plan 9th Graders Entering in 2015-2016 Name ___________________________High School_____________ ID# _____________________ Subject Area9th Grade Course Name10th Grade Course Name11th Grade Course Name12th Grade Course name 1.English 2.Math 3.Science 4.Social Studies 5. Healthful Living or Additional Course 6.Additional Course 7.Additional Course 8.Additional Course 1. Alternative Course 2. Alternative Course 3. Alternative Course 4. Alternative Course (Southeast only) Parent/Court Appointed Custodian: ______________________/___________ Student: ______________________________/ _______________ SignatureDateSignatureDate Email Address _____________________________________________ English IEnglish IIEnglish IIIEnglish IV Common Core Math ICommon Core Math IICommon Core Math IIIAdv. Funct. & Modeling Earth ScienceBiologyChemistry World HistoryAmerican History IAmerican History IICivics &Economics Healthful Living Elective Elective Elective Alternate Elective Alternate Elective Alternate Elective Second Language ISecond Language IISecond Language III

53 REGISTRATION DATES zMarch 4 th – 6:30pm Parent Info. Meeting zMarch 3 rd -6 th : - Classroom Guidance zSign-up for CFNC zRegistration process zMarch 13rd-March 27 th - Students register on-line and complete graduation plans at home zMarch 23 rd, 24 th, 25 th – Students register on-line in the computer lab (during X-house) if unable to register at home zMarch 27 th – Deadline for turning in Graduation Plans, Registration Worksheet(s) and on-line Course Verification forms signed by parent. Students must have completed the registration process on-line at home or in the lab by this date.

54 Registration: What’s Due and When Staple together the following information: 1. Completed and Signed Registration worksheet for base and/or any additional school. 2. Completed and Signed Course Verification Form (PowerSchools) if completed on-line at home. 3. Completed and Signed Graduation Plan or CFNC plan. Due Date March 27 th

55 Open Houses Enloe Open house @ 6:30-8pm on Thursday March 5 th SRHS New student welcome event @ 6pm on Thursday March 5th Millbrook open house @ 6:30 on Wednesday March 11 th


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