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Sissonville High School Scheduling Spring 2015. Graduation Requirements English (4 Credits) English 9. 10. 11. 12. (4 Credits) Options: Regular, Honors.

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1 Sissonville High School Scheduling Spring 2015

2 Graduation Requirements English (4 Credits) English (4 Credits) Options: Regular, Honors AP English Language/Literature will substitute 11 th /12 th grades English 101 will substitute as 12 th grade English

3 Graduation Requirements Math (4 Credits) 9 th Math 1/Lab Regular or Honors Math 2 Regular or Honors 10 th Math 1 Math 2 Regular or Honors Conceptual Math Algebra II 11 th Math 2 Regular or Honors Math 3 Regular or Honors Algebra II Honors Algebra III Honors Trigonometry Pre-Calculus 12 th College Transitions Math Math 3 Algebra III Honors College Transitions AP Calculus AB/BC College Algebra

4 Graduation Requirements Science (3-4 Credits) 9 th Physical Science ( Regular or Honors) (not accepted by WVU as a lab science so you must take lab science in 12 th ) 10 th Biology ( Regular or Honors) Advanced Chemistry (for Honors students only) 11 th & 12 th Honors Advanced Chemistry AP Chemistry Honors Advanced Anatomy Anatomy Earth Science Forensic Science AP Biology **prerequisite Advanced Chemistry Physics

5 Graduation Requirements History (4 Credits) **Regular and Honors available in each 9 th World History 10 th US to th Contemporary Studies or AP Geography 12 th Civics

6 Health Physical Education- Technology--Business Computer Applications. Digital Imaging. Fine Art--Art, Band, Chorus, Light/Set, Theater, Guitar, Piano, Classic Films Graduation Requirements Mandatory Electives (4 credits)

7 All students that plan to enroll in a four year college MUST complete 2 consecutive years of a foreign language. Spanish I, II, III, IV French I, II, III, IV Optional Requirements Foreign Language (2Credits)

8 Optional Electives ALL CHOICES LISTED ON BACK OF SCHEDULING SHEET THOSE WITH SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Computer Science/Montage (Seniors only-Must be approved by Jennings) Yearbook (Must be approved by Minney) Drivers Education (1/2 credit) must be taken with Current Events ( ½ credit) or Psychology ( ½ credit). ACT Prep ½ credit must be taken with Speech ½ credit Art 3 & Art 4 (permission only) Tech Crew (Seniors only-Must be approved by Strahler) TOTAL CREDITS TO GRADUATE = 25

9 Personalized Education Plan(PEP) Career & Technical Concentration (4 CREDITS) NEW--Every student must complete 4 credits in an approved Career/Technical Program of Study prior to graduation. **we will design custom programs to help rising 11 th & 12 th grade meet this requirement 16 Career Clusters : Agriculture, Food, And Natural Resources Architecture and Construction Arts, A/V Technology and CommunicationFinance Business Management and AdministrationInformation Technology Education and trainingManufacturing Government and Public AdministrationMarketing Health SciencesScience, Technology, Engineering & Math Hospitality & TourismTransportation, Distribution, Logistics Human Services Law, Public Safety, Correction & Security

10 Personalized Education Plan(PEP) Career & Technical Concentration (4 CREDITS) Counselors will work with you during registration appointment and throughout the rest of your high school career to make sure you select the correct courses to complete a career cluster. Career clusters are available at SHS, Carver, and/or Ben Franklin.

11 Credit Recovery If you have failed an academic course required for graduation, you MUST take credit recovery to make up that class. Credit Recovery will be offered after school in night school next year from 2:30-3:30 pm. Select students with 3 or more failed courses may qualify for graduation support. If you are enrolled in graduation support for credit recovery then you MUST also attend night school. Preference is given to Juniors and Seniors then slots will be filled with underclassmen as spaces become available.

12 Promise Scholarship $4,750 Scholarship if you meet the following requirements: COURSE REQUIREMENTS: 4 English credits 4 Math credits 4 Social Studies credits 3 Science credits GPA REQUIREMENTS: 3.0 Core Academics GPA AND 3.0 Overall Cumulative GPA ACT SCORE: 22 Composite Score with 20 in each sub score area

13 International Studies Citation Students that wish to earn an International Studies Award/Cord for graduation need to a curriculum that includes Foreign Languages, International Studies Electives, and Honors level and Advanced Placement classes. See Mrs. White for more information about specific courses.

14 Community Service Students that wish to earn a community service cord for graduation will need to complete and document 150 hours of community service prior to graduation.



17 Scheduling Process March 4th…Students take their scheduling worksheet to each core class and receive personalized teacher recommendations during class. TAKE THE FORM HOME AND HAVE PARENTS SIGN & RETURN FORM TO 1 ST PERIOD TEACHER ON MARCH 5 th (Thursday)

18 Scheduling Process March 6th Scheduled meeting times will be posted in various areas of the building based on student attendance. Those with the best attendance will get to register first. PLEASE look for (AND REMEMBER) your meeting time. If you miss your meeting time you will automatically go to the bottom of the list. March 9th…Scheduling begins. Teachers will be aware of students entering/exiting their rooms for scheduling. You will need to notify your teacher before you go. They will have a copy of schedule times. NO SKIPPING CLASS!

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