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High School on the Horizon Welcome HMS Parents January 24, 2012.

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1 High School on the Horizon Welcome HMS Parents January 24, 2012

2 Welcome Class of 2016!

3 Heritage Middle School High School on the Horizon I.Assistant Principal – Ms. Detrice Spells II.Counselors- Mrs. Nancy Williams Mc Corquodale, track 1; Mrs. Kinea Epps, track 2: Ms. Mary McCulley, track 3; Mrs. Jean Carter, track 4 III.School Social Worker – Mrs. Susan Ingram IV.Career Development Coordinator- Mrs. Rosalynn Tennie V.Special Programs Coordinator – Ms. Stacey Privette

4 GOALS OF PARENT NIGHT To learn about the current Future Ready Core high school graduation requirements To understand the courses your student must take to meet these graduation requirements To better understand the rigor of high school To lessen the stress and anxiety of high school transition time

5 High School Courses of Study Future-Ready Core “Will help ensure that students graduate with the academic foundation they need for success in the global economy” Occupational Course of Study- IEP committee decision

6 FUTURE-READY CORE GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS 26 Units of High School Credit needed to graduate (21 Units for Enloe and Wake Early College) High School students are promoted according to credits they have earned – To be promoted to 10 th grade, students need 6 credits ( English 1, two credits in the areas of math, social studies or science and three additional credits) If students fail a core graduation requirement course, that course must be repeated to earn credit in order to meet the graduation requirements – Students do not repeat a grade like they do in elementary or middle school.


8 SOCIAL STUDIES 4 CREDITS World History American History I: The Founding Principles American History II Civics and Economics

9 SCIENCE – 3 CREDITS Earth/Environmental Science Biology Physical Science ( Chemistry, Physics)

10 MATH – 4 CREDITS Common Core Math I Common Core Math II Common Core Math III 4 th Math Course

11 Please Note Algebra 1 taken in middle school counts toward the four required math classes but the grade is not calculated in the GPA. It is recommended that a math course be taken in the senior year.

12 END OF COURSE TESTS EOC tests are required for: English I Algebra I Biology  EOC’s count as 25% of the final course grade  Students must pass the course plus the EOC

13 WORLD LANGUAGES Not required for high school graduation. For admission to the UNC system, students must have a minimum of two credits in the same world language. Middle school students who have a strong command of the language arts and/or math curricula are encouraged to begin world language study in the ninth grade. For the majority of students, world language study should begin in grade 10.

14 WORLD LANGUAGES Levels I and II of the same world language are typically scheduled within the same year in high school. A world language course is recommended senior year. Language course offerings vary from school to school.

15 COMPUTER SKILLS All 8 th grade students must show proficiency. A test will be administered during second semester 8 th grade.

16 HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION 26 CREDITS to graduate from a Wake County High School (other counties/ WCPSS magnet school options such as Enloe and Wake Early College may be different)

17 Future-Ready Core Course of Study English I,II,III,IV 4 Math 4 Science 3 Social Studies 4 Healthful Living 1 2 Electives (from CTE, Arts or Foreign Language) and 4 Concentration Electives 6 Additional Electives (from any area) 4 Total Credits 26

18 CTE Concentrations (Career and Technical Education) Career Development Coordinator Electives – 10 Credits –2 elective credits of any combination from CTE, Arts or Second Languages –4 elective credits are strongly recommended from one of the following areas: CTE, JROTC, Arts or any other subject area (Math, Science, English, Social Studies). Doing this, students are able to concentrate in an area of special interest. –4 elective credits from any area

19 CAREER CLUSTERS (State Career Cluster list has 16 – not all schools have each cluster.) Agriculture & Natural Resources Architecture & Construction Arts, Technology & Communications Business Management & Administration Education & Training Finance Government & Public Admin. Health Science Hospitality & Tourism Human Services Information Technology Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security Manufacturing Marketing Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

20 FUTURE 4 KIDS.ORG Future 4 Kids – Username – heritage Password – wakeforest Save in their student portfolio –Username: NC plus student NC Wise # –Password: patriots1 ( all lower case) –(If a student has not gone to this website before, password is Date of Birth (0101198)

21 How does my student register for high school?

22 It all starts with Recommendations The eighth grade teachers will make ninth grade course recommendations in SAM (School Assistant Model). The ninth grade teachers will be able to see what the eighth grade teachers recommend.

23 English – 9 th Grade *English I Honors English I * Some high schools require English I students also take Intro. to High School Writing

24 SOCIAL STUDIES 9 th Grade World History (not offered at HHS) Honors World History Please note: Some high schools do not offer World History Some high schools require students with Level 1 Reading EOG take Geography in 9 th grade.

25 MATH – 9 th Grade Special Topics in Mathematics – Students who had Algebra I in eighth grade and had a low C average and a low level III on the Algebra EOC will be recommended to take this class. They will receive an elective credit. Common Core Math I ( Students who took 8 th grade math and those who failed Algebra I in eighth grade will be required to take this course). Geometry or Honors Geometry

26 SCIENCE – 9 th Grade Earth Science Honors Earth Science Biology (must also be recommended for Geometry) Honors Biology (must also be recommended for Honors Geometry)

27 HEALTHFUL LIVING - 1 Credit Highly recommend this be completed during freshman year

28 REGISTER FOR 8 COURSES and 3 Alternates on SPAN 1)English course 2)Math course 3)Science course 4)History course 5)Healthful Living I (Strongly recommended) 6)Additional Course (elective) 7)Additional Course (elective) 8)Additional Course (elective) And 3 Alternate Courses (electives) * Students do not get to select which courses they get each semester.

29 Parents and students will: Review the teachers’ recommendations Choose electives using your high school’s 9 th grade elective sheet Register on SPAN at home for 8 courses and 3 alternate electives Print a copy of the completed registration

30 Registration The specific dates for registering your student are based on tracks. The counselors and teachers will communicate deadlines/timelines through the team ‘s blackboard site. Your student will bring home all registration materials specific to their assigned high school. Deadline to complete registration for all tracks: April 13, 2012 Availability of electives is NOT determined by when students register on SPAN - as long as it is before that deadline.

31 More high school info….. you’ll be tested on after the presentation!

32 Block Scheduling 4 courses each semester 2 semesters each year 8 courses per year First Semester 1. 90 Minute Class 2. 90 Minute Class 3. 90 Minute Class 4. 90 Minute Class Second Semester 1. 90 Minute Class 2. 90 Minute Class 3. 90 Minute Class 4. 90 Minute Class

33 BLOCK SCHEDULE 1ST SEMESTER Math History Healthful Living Elective 2ND SEMESTER Math or Elective Science English I Elective Example

34 Grading Scale A=93-100 B=85-92 C=77-84 D=70-76 F=less than 70

35 GPA- Grade Point Average is based on Quality Points Letter GradesStandard Courses HonorsAP A456 B345 C234 D123 F000

36 CUMULATIVE GPA 9 TH Course Grade QP Honors English ID2 Common Core Math D 1 Earth ScienceF0 World History D1 Healthful LivF0 Speech C2 Computer AppC2 Teen LivF0 TOTAL QPs8 8 QP’s divided by 8= 1.0 GPA 10 th Course Grade QP English II C2 Common Core MathB 3 Biology A4 American Hist 1 C2 Healthful LivA4 Chorus A4 Biology C2 Computer App IIA4 TOTAL QPs 25 25 QP’s divided by 8 = 3.125 GPA

37 EXAMPLE – 11 th GRADE COURSE GRADEQUALITY PTS. AP English III B5 Common Core Math III A5 Honors Chemistry B4 American History IIA 4 French IA4 French IIB3 ChorusA4 PhotographyA 4 33 QT. PT 33 QP’s divided by 8 = 4.125 GPA


39 TOTAL QUALITY POINTS Divided by TOTAL CREDITS = GPA 66 QP’s DIVIDED BY 24 credits = 2.75 C+ Remember the 11 th grade GPA?? 4.125 (A) Freshman Year Counts!

40 Attendance Requirements In a block schedule: Up to 10 days per semester per class (EXCUSED OR UNEXCUSED) Excessive absences result in an “FF” (Failed with a grade of F) for the course Parent may appeal the failure to an attendance committee comprised of teachers and administrators

41 Special Programs High School transition meetings will be held in May or June for any student with an IEP. Stacey Privette Special Program Department Chair


43 LEARNER’S PERMIT 14 ½ Years old 30 hours in the driver’s ed classroom 6 hours actual driving DMV and DPI require that students under the age of 18 pass 3 of 4 classes each semester to earn and to keep their Driver’s License

44 COLLEGE PLANNING College Admission Offices pay careful attention to the following: –Grade Point Average ( GPA) –Difficulty of course load –SAT/ACT scores –Attendance/ Behavior –Class Rank –HS and community activities, involvement –Recommendations

45 First Day of High School Traditional Calendar: August 27 th Southeast Raleigh Magnet HS and others on modified calendar: July 23 rd Be sure to attend your HS Open House in the spring as well as the orientation in the summer!

46 Q and A’s

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