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Klein Collins High School Course Registration for 2015-16 Current 8 th graders & KCHS 9 th graders.

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1 Klein Collins High School Course Registration for Current 8 th graders & KCHS 9 th graders

2 EOC Endorsement

3 3 Requirements to Graduate Earn 26 State Credits Complete one of the Endorsement Plans Pass required 5 End of Course (EOC) Exams

4 End of Course Exams (EOC) You must successfully complete the following EOC exams. – English 1 – English 2 – Algebra 1 – Biology – US History For more information go to: KCHS website—Testing

5 Credits State Credits - count toward graduation – 26 Credits Required – 1 Full Year Class = 1 Credit – 1 Semester Class = 0.5 Credit Local Credits - do not count toward graduation (Office Aide, Student Leadership, etc.) Denied Credit – Student does not earn credit due to excessive absences, despite passing grades!

6 Transcript Official academic record – Semester averages – Total credits earned – EOC, GPA, Rank Send to colleges & scholarships 6 credits=10 th grader 11 credits=11 th grader 17 credits=12 th grader

7 GPA and Class Rank GPA (Grade Point Average) - Grade points are awarded in each course and will eventually be used to calculate your GPA. GPA determines your class rank. Colleges consider GPA and Class Rank for admission decisions. Remember your GPA and Class Rank start your 9 th grade year!

8 How Do I Earn Grade Points? Semester averages are used to determine grade points Advance courses receive more grade points “How to Calculate your GPA” power point is online on the KCHS website GRADE POINT VALUES Course AverageGT/AP/PreAP/Dual CreditAdvancedRegular * * * * * * * * * *1.51.0


10 5 Endorsement Areas ARTS AND HUMANITIES Political science, literature, world languages, cultural studies, history and fine arts. BUSINESS & INDUSTRY Information technology, database management, marketing, accounting, finance, graphic design, architecture, construction, welding, automotive technology, agriculture, vet science, culinary arts and hospitality. MULTIDISCIPLINARY This endorsement provides students the opportunity to take a variety of courses from each of the other four endorsement areas. PUBLIC SERVICE Health science occupations, education, law enforcement, cosmetology, and JROTC STEM Science, Technology-including computer science, Engineering, and advanced Math.

11 Suggested Courses for 9 th graders 1.English 1 2.Algebra 1 or Geometry ( If Algebra has been completed) 3.Biology 4.W. Geography Electives:  PE  Foreign Language  Fine Arts  Other Electives

12 Suggested Courses for 10 th graders English 2 Geometry or Algebra 2 ( If Geometry has been completed) Chemistry W. History Electives Finish other required courses (Fine Art, PE, & Foreign Language) if not completed in 9 th grade Other Electives in your Endorsement

13 Required Coursework 2 years of Foreign Language – Spanish – French – German – Latin Most colleges require 2yrs of a Foreign Language Must take 2 years of the same language or 2 years Computer Programming Languages (Computer Science 1 and 2)

14 Required Coursework 1 year of Fine Art – Art – Band – Orchestra – Choir – Theater (Performance or Technical) – Dance – Color Guard – Floral Design

15 Required Coursework 1 year of PE or Equivalent – PE – Athletics – Cheerleading (S1 only) – ROTC (waiver) – Drill Team (waiver) – Marching Band (S1 only) – Dance Can earn up to 4 PE credits

16 Athletics 9 th Football, Girls Track and Girls Basketball are the only open enrollment sport at KCHS All other sports require tryouts and/or coach approval Sign up for PE until approved by coach or tryouts occur Coach contact information on KC website and in your packet

17 Advanced Academics Pre AP, AP, & Dual Credit Rigorous coursework & more homework Preparation of AP/DC classes Earn college credit Be better prepared for college Higher GPA Scale Consider your schedule, extra curricular activities, and other responsibilities.

18 Schools of Choice International Baccalaureate –At Klein Oak High School –This advanced, comprehensive program of study offers an integrated approach to learning with an emphasis on meeting the challenges of living and working in a global, technological society. International Business Academy –At Klein Forest High School –A four-year, magnet program that encompasses the high school core curriculum with additional academic courses that emphasize business, foreign language, and global culture. Additional information can be found on the Klein ISD website

19 Use Your Resources Class Catalog & CTE Catalog Forms and info packets Classmates, teachers, and family Counselors – , stop by before/after school, or put in a counselors request. Attend TIE Night


21 What’s in the Course Selection Packet? Introductory Letter Course Request List sheet 4-year-plan Course Selection Sheet These sheets must be turned in!

22 Sample Course Selection Sheet

23 Course Selection Sheets Listing of the courses available Key * = 1 Semester Class + = Approval Required $ = Fee Required F = Form Required ▲ = Prerequisite Required Keep for your records

24 Course Request List Form All students must turn in a Course Request List

25 Course Request List Form List the Course Name and Course Number 7 Class Periods – 4 Core Classes + 3 Electives – 1 Full-year Class = 1 Period – 2 Semester Classes = 1 Period 3 Alternates Student and Parent Signatures

26 FOUR YEAR PLAN Use Pencil Include any courses you have taken in Middle School that you will receive high school credit for Fill in blanks with classes you plan to take Check required classes ALL students must turn in a 4-year plan with a PARENT SIGNATURE.

27 Online Data Entry Bring completed 4-Year Plan & Course Request Form Students will enter courses online via Career Cruising during Social Studies classes Jan Review at home via Career Cruising

28 Deadline for Schedule Changes Check them carefully! – 7 Class Periods – Electives Schedule Change Deadline is June 11,2015 JUNE 11 th

29 To Do Review Course Selection Sheets Which Endorsement will you earn? Learn more about class options Turn in completed 4-Year Plan and Course Selection Sheet Jan

30 KCHS Website Check our website for announcements, deadlines, College and Scholarship information, other useful material.

31 Work Hard. Graduate!

32 Questions?

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