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Pike County High School Rising 9 th Grade Parent and Student High School Transition Meeting Rising 9 th Grade Parent and Student High School Transition.

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1 Pike County High School Rising 9 th Grade Parent and Student High School Transition Meeting Rising 9 th Grade Parent and Student High School Transition Meeting

2 Pike County High School Mission Pike County Schools exist to produce students who are academically successful, graduate on time and achieve their post-secondary goals.

3 Pike County High School Vision Pike County High School will be the highest academically performing small high school in the state of Georgia.

4 Pike County High School Essential Question What do parents and students need to know about transitioning to PCHS?

5 Overview  Purpose   To provide parents and students with information about high school registration and graduation requirements

6 High School Graduation Basics English4 credits Mathematics4 credits Science4 credits Social Studies3 credits Personal Fitness1/2 credit Health1/2 credit Foreign Languages and/or Fine Arts and/or CTAE 3 credits Electives6 credits Total= 25 credits

7 Foreign Languages Foreign Language is not required for graduation. Four year colleges and universities require 2 -3 years of the same foreign language. Must have approval by current Math teacher to register for foreign language in 9 th grade PCHS Currently offers French I, II, III (French I and II alternating years) Spanish I, II, III Latin I, II (alternating years)

8 Fine Arts PCHS Currently Offers Band I, II, III and IV Advanced Chorus I, II, III and IV Theatre Arts/ Fundamentals I, II, III and IV Visual Arts I, II and III- 9 th graders are NOT allowed to register for Art due to the high demand of the course

9 Career, Technical, & Agricultural Education

10 CTAE 4 areas of study: Agriculture Business Education Healthcare Science


12 End of Pathway Exams All students who complete a pathway will test for true industry certifications

13 Pike County High School Pathways

14 What is a Pathway A pathway is a sequence of 3 sequential classes. We want EVERY student to complete a pathway.

15 Types of Pathways Foreign Language- 3 sequential foreign language courses Fine Arts- 3 sequential fine arts courses CTAE- 3 sequential CTAE courses Advanced Academic- must pass 1 AP or dual enrollment course AND pass 2 years of a sequential foreign language

16 Pike County High School Additional Educational Opportunities

17 Gifted/Honors Classes ► ► Available for students in the Gifted Program and for high-performing students ► ► Available in most of the core courses ► ► Students must have recommendation by current teachers

18 Advanced Placement Courses ► ► Available for students who want the challenge of completing college level work ► ► Earn credit at most colleges if student passes the AP exam ► ► AP Courses- some offered during alternating years   AP Literature, AP Language   AP Physics, AP Biology, AP Chemistry   AP Human Geography, AP US History, AP Government, AP Economics, AP World History   AP Calculus

19 Dual Enrollment- Accel Program ► ► The Accel Program allows a student to earn post-secondary and high school credit at the same time ► ► Open to students during their 10 th, 11 th and 12 th grade years ► ► Must have a 3.0 GPA in core courses and meet the SAT/ACT requirement ► ► Attend Gordon College or an Advanced Academy

20 Other Opportunities ► Another opportunity for students to earn postsecondary and high school credit at the same time is through Southern Crescent Technical College. ► Minimum 2.0 GPA required ► Students take core classes or elective classes

21 Testing

22 End Of Course Tests/ GA Milestones ► ► The state mandated End Of Course Tests (EOCT’s) will be required in Algebra, Geometry, Physical Science, Biology, Ninth Grade Literature, American Literature, US History and Economics.

23 9 th Grade Registration 9 th Grade Registration

24 9th Grade Course Selection ► Special Education services are offered at the high school. If your child has a current Individualized Educational Plan, classes will be scheduled to fulfill those requirements.

25 9th Grade Course Selection ► ► Ninth Grade English/Composition ► ► World Geography or AP Human Geography ► ► Biology or Environmental Science ( Based on CRCT scores) ► ► Algebra or Geometry ► ► Personal Fitness and Health ► ► Elective (Fine Arts, Foreign Languages, CTAE or Math Learning Support) ► ► ***Gifted/ Honors classes are available in English, Algebra, Geometry and Biology

26 Registration Information ► 7 Period Schedule- Sign up for 5 electives/ CTAE classes in order of preference. ► Make sure students sign up for electives/ CTAE classes that they are interested in taking the entire year. ► No schedules will be changed.

27 Registration Information ► Schedules will not be changed for teacher or lunch preference. ► There will be no changes unless there is an obvious mistake.

28 Registration ► ► Complete Registration Sheet ► ► Obtain Middle School teacher signatures as needed. ► ► List elective choices and number 1- 5 in order of preference

29 Registration Return Registration Form and STEM Parental Permission Form (If your child received one) TO Middle School Homeroom Teacher DEADLINE----TUESDAY FEBRUARY 17

30 Certificates of Attendance ► Required to get a learners or drivers permit ► Students must see Mrs. Adler in room 217 ► Request 48 hours in advance. Cost is $2.00

31 Teenage And Adult Driver Responsibility Act (TAADRA) ► ► If you have 10 or more unexcused absences from school in a one year period, your name will be turned into the Department of Driver Services. The penalty is a suspension of your driver’s permit or the ability to receive a learners or drivers permit for one year from the date of the offense or until your 18th birthday. ► ► Additionally, you will also lose your license if you are found guilty of several offenses which include possession of a weapon or drugs on school property or at a school sponsored event. Know the law. Go to for more information.

32 Student Support Options ► Counselors ► Graduation Coach/ RTI Coordinator ► Learning Lab ► Math Support

33 9 th Grade Facts The most powerful predictor of whether a student will complete high school is course performance and attendance during the first year of high school.

34 9 th Grade Attendance Data GA Department of Education reports the following: 9 th graders who miss: >15 days have a graduation rate of 26.2% 11-14 days have a grad rate of 50.89% 6-10 days have a grad rate of 64.04% 1-5 days have a grad rate of 74.94% 0 days have a grad rate of 76.32%

35 This Year’s 9 th Grade Class ► ► Failed 178 ACADEMIC courses semester one ► ► Had 450 discipline referrals ► ► 34% Electronic Device Instructional Cost: more than 500 Days ► ► 27% have missed more than five days

36 Tips for Parents ► ► Understand Graduation Requirements ► ► Progress Reports and Report Cards ► ► Check Grades Online- PowerSchool ► ► Quizzes, Tests, and Projects ► ► Homework ► ► Making Up Missed Work ► ► Cell Phone

37 Questions??? High school staff members available on gym floor

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