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Ms. LeBlanc Spring 2014. Must choose betweenthese two curriculums. JumpStart Curriculum  Prepares students for a community college, technical school,

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1 Ms. LeBlanc Spring 2014


3 Must choose betweenthese two curriculums. JumpStart Curriculum  Prepares students for a community college, technical school, or employment.  23 credits to graduate  Must choose a Job Specialty ◦ Must complete 9 credit hours in chosen job specialty Core 4 Curriculum  Prepares students for a 4 year college or university  24 credits to graduate  Honors program

4 4 credits required JumpStart  English I  English II  English III  English IV/Business English Core4  English I  English II  English III  English IV

5 4 credits required JumpStart  Algebra I  Geometry  Math Essentials  Financial Math Core4  Algebra I  Geometry  Algebra II  Advanced Math

6 2 credits required4 credits required JumpStart  Civics  US History Core4  World Geography  Civics  US History  World History

7 2 credits required4 credits required JumpStart  Biology  Environmental Science Core4  Physical Science  Biology  Chemistry  Environmental Science/Chemistry II/Physics/Biology II

8 2 credits required JumpStart  Health/PE  PE Core4  Health/PE  PE

9 0 credits required2 credits required JumpStartCore4  French I  French II

10 0 credit required1 credit required JumpStartCore4  TOPS = Art or Fine Art Survey OR Band

11 9 credits required2 credits required JumpStart  IBCA  Journey to Careers  Job Specialty Core4  IBCA  Journeys to Careers

12  Students in JumpStart curriculum can NOT graduate unless they complete 9 credit hours in one particular Job Specialty.  We only have a limited amount of choices  Your Job Specialty does NOT have to be related to your career after you graduate. You just need to meet the needs of LDOE in order for you to be able to graduate.  In each Job Specialty, you must complete 9 credit hours.




16  All honor students are required to complete the following prescribed college preparatory curriculum according to the following schedule. The Honors Curriculum is aligned with LA Core 4 curriculum and TOPS requirements. Additionally, students must complete 16 classes at the Honors level according to the grade level minimum requirements listed above and one additional core class.

17 9 th Grade 10 th Grade 11 th Grade 12 th Grade English I Algebra I Physical Science World Geography Journey to Careers Physical Education IBCA Elective English II Geometry Biology Civics Health/PE French I French II Elective English III Algebra II Chemistry US History Fine Arts Survey or Art or Band Elective English IV Advanced Math World History Biology II or Physics or Chemistry II or Environmental Science (Optional): Elective

18  College level class taught by a teacher on our campus  At the end of the class, you can pay $90 to take an exam that you may earn college credit if you score a 3, 4, or 5 out of 5.  Possible AP classes: ◦ World History AP ◦ Chemistry II AP ◦ French III AP ◦ Calculus AP  If you are interested in taking one of these classes, indicate this on your IGP.  You can count AP classes as honors.

19  You must score a BASIC or above on the LEAP test in whichever subject you want to take as honors.  For example, if you make a BASIC in English and an Approaching Basic in Math, you would be eligible for English I Honors, but NOT Algebra I Honors.  Scheduling only 1 or 2 honors classes is difficult because we are a small school.

20  In order to be eligible for the next honors class in each subject, the student must earn a grade of C or better in the current honors class.  If a student wants to move from on-level to honors, the student must earn a grade of B or better in the pre-requisite class.  Additionally: Students are required to take one EXTRA core class. This means each student must take all 16 core classes required to complete the CORE4 curriculum AND one more additional core class in order to graduate with Honors equaling 17 core classes.

21 9 th Grade Less than 6 credits 10 th Grade 6 – 11.5 credits 11 th grade 12-17.5 credits 12 th grade 18 or more credits Graduation: 24 credits Core 4 and 23 credits for JumpStart

22  Accepted by all four-year colleges and universities in the United States  Offers both a college admissions test and a career planning component  Offered six times per year  Loreauville High school code—191-635—this is the code for ACT to send your scores to us to keep on file  A student may choose up to four colleges and/or scholarship agencies to send scores to for no charge: Examples:  TOPS code—1595; NCAA—9999; UL-Lafayette—1612; LSU— 1590  Fee waivers are available for students that are eligible for free or reduced lunch programs — see your Professional School Counselor ◦ Website: Register for the ACT on this website. ◦ You must create your own account. Please save that information because the School Counselor does NOT have access to your ACT registration account.

23 Ask me about English III and IV Dual Enrollment If you do NOT pass your EOC exams, you do NOT graduate.  *All students will take the ACT test series as part of school accountability in March.  Freshmen will take the EXPLORE test.  Sophomores will take the PLAN test.  Juniors will take the ACT test. The test will be free to students because the Louisiana Department of Education is requiring the schools to give the test to all public school students. It will be given on a week day and students will be allowed to use their scores for college entrance requirements.  End of Course Exams  EOCs will be given at the end of the Fall semester in December and at the end of the Spring semester in May ◦ Algebra I ◦ Geometry ◦ English II ◦ English III ◦ Biology ◦ US History

24 Credit Recovery Credit recovery is an instructional program for students who have failed core courses taken previously. Credit recovery courses are taught using computer software programs aligned with the state’s content standards and grade level expectations. To recover credit, the student must pass a comprehensive final exam approved by the State Department of Education. A student athlete interested in a Division I or II University MUST repeat the required courses in their entirety to fulfill the NCAA requirements. Students cannot simply repeat the deficient skills of a required course they fail. In other words, they cannot use the credit recovery option for promotion of subjects failed. It will not meet the NCAA requirement for that course.

25  Please take note that prerequisites for certain courses are included. Do not schedule a course with a prerequisite unless you have fulfilled the necessary requirements.  The course directory contains brief descriptions of courses along with necessary information as to grade level prerequisites. Honors and gifted are the highest academic levels. On-level is the average academic level. Be sure that the level of the course fits your abilities and you meet all requirements and prerequisites.  Student schedules will be determined according to this Individual Graduation Plan.  Schedules will not be changed after the first week of a new semester unless the change is approved by the Principal or Assistant Principal. Contact your School Counselor before the end of May to turn in your Individual Graduation Plan.

26  Schedules will NOT be changed without parental approval!!!!!!!  Students may not receive credit for the same course twice.  A Job Specialty must be completed in order to be allowed to graduate with a High School Diploma in the JumpStart Curriculum. Electives must be related to the student’s Job Specialty. This applies to the incoming Freshman of 2014 and beyond.  In order for a student to complete a Job Specialty, he/she must complete 9 credit hours in the chosen specialty.  If you are interested in taking Advanced Placement classes, indicate your desire on your Individual Graduation Plan!!!! Let Ms. LeBlanc know that you are interested.

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