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Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators

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1 Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators
4/8/2017 Quiz on Tips for Candidates Attempting the Clinical Exam — Part Two of the Physiotherapy Competency Exam (PCE) April 2014

2 Try your hand at the following quiz to see how many pointers you remember.
To check your answers to the quiz questions, please left-click on your mouse or use the right arrow key on your keyboard.

3 1. What will help increase your chances of scoring better on the written stations?
Writing legibly Erasing or crossing out answers that you change Numbering your responses Spelling does NOT count.

4 Check your plan in your notebook and adjust it if necessary.
2. What should you do when you enter each station? Note the equipment that is or is not provided. Note the standardized client’s position and appearance. Check your plan in your notebook and adjust it if necessary. Locate the station instructions for referral, if needed.

5 Explaining helps the examiner understand what you are doing.
3. Why should you explain what you are doing in the station? Explaining helps you stay focused and helps the standardized client understand what you want. Explaining helps the examiner understand what you are doing. When you are observing (e.g. posture or gait), you must say what you are doing and seeing, so the examiner will know. If the station instructions say “describe to the examiner…” or “tell the examiner…,” you must say this requested information out loud to get credit.

6 4. If you have trouble with a station, what should you do?
Do the best you can. Take a deep breath at the end and leave the station behind you.

7 5. Can you assume that you have consent?
Yes, unless the instructions state otherwise. 6. Can you use your notebook to write down key information to remember? Yes

8 7. Do you have to return your notebook at the end of the exam?
Yes 8. Will the notebook be marked? No

9 9. Should you use the washroom during approved break times?
Yes, otherwise, you might have to wait. 10. How can you follow infection control practices? By using hand sanitizer before contact with a standardized client

10 11. When speaking in a station, what are some strategies you can use to ensure you are communicating well? Use everyday language when you are in the station. If you tend to speak quickly, slow down, pause frequently, and check that the standardized client understands.

11 12. If you want to demonstrate that you know how to interact well with your standardized client, what must you ensure? that you treat the standardized client as a real patient that the standardized client is safe that you are being professional

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