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Use of Examination Technique to Improve Your Grades

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1 Use of Examination Technique to Improve Your Grades
A2 Exam Technique Use of Examination Technique to Improve Your Grades

2 What is Exam Technique? Using a set of techniques to increase the mark you get in the exam Being able to identify what is required in an answer Targeting your answers to the question Learning how to answer questions the way the examiner intended them to be answered

3 Why is Exam Technique Important?
You may have the knowledge but not be able to put it down in words Exam technique can gain you up to 8% more on the exam – this is the equivalent of one grade No additional knowledge is required, it is just a different way of writing your answers The examiner If your answer is clear and covers the marking points it will get all the marks If your answer is vague and full of waffle it will lose marks Make it easy for the examiner to mark and award you marks

4 The A2 ICT Paper Time: Style: Context: 2 Hours Lines to write on
Unlike AS no leading words on the lines Part A – structured knowledge based answers Part B - context Context: Your answers should be written within the context

5 Key Words Identify, State, Give Describe Evaluate Compare Explain
Single word/phrase answers Give more than asked Do not contradict Describe State, in a sentence Evaluate Give reasons and draw conclusion Compare Pick a feature, compare each to the feature Explain Describe, with reasons Depending on the question – unless otherwise asked, give advantages and disadvantages Discuss Explain, with a conclusion

6 Hints and Tips Do not cross anything out Do not doodle
If you have made a mistake, do not cross it out Leave it and write the new answer underneath Draw a line down the side of it but do not cross it out You can write a comment to the examiner saying: “Mark this first” If you cross it out it will not be marked May have some marks in it that you would not receive Do not doodle Remember the AS exam technique

7 AS Exam Technique Revision
Remember the Key Words Look at the number of marks available Take the number of marks, half and add to total That is the number of points to make If the question is out of 4 4+2=6 – make six points Make sure you have answered the question that has been set Re-read the question – does your answer have enough points to get the marks and have you answered the question

8 Summary Write to the end of the examination
Try and get the balance between knowledge and application of knowledge Bring in examples A2 allows you to express your wider knowledge and understanding of the subject

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