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Exam Technique.

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1 Exam Technique

2 Available marks 1 = a short sharp answer – use key words or clear phrase. 2 = an answer and a reason or two answers, you now need to analyse the question to work out where the marks are allocated. 5/6 marks often involve a QWC mark. Usually looking for 3 keywords used in correct order and context.

3 Look for Keywords in the question
State/name – A clear short answer is required State two - Two clear short answers are required – not 3 or 4. Examiner will mark the first two but may remove marks if there are incorrect answers.

4 Describe and Explain Describe – Write down the information in the correct order. Explain – First describe, then explain WHY giving reasons using the word because. DO NOT use the words IT or THEY always name exactly what you mean.

5 Compare and contrast Compare – identify similarities and differences.
Give both sides e.g. mitosis results in 4 cells, meiosis in 2. Its easy to assume the examiner knows what you know – they don’t! Contrast – Give differences only DO NOT use the words IT or THEY always name exactly what you mean.

6 Labels and Calculations
Label – You need to add to an existing diagram. Be clear in your use of an arrow. Calculations – Show all working out, clearly. Use units. (If you can’t do the calculation but know the units required, pick a random number and write the units next to it) Remember - weight is a force it is measured in Newtons (N)

7 Use the data!!!!! Use data/information provided – Sounds stupid but use it. Look for patterns in it and quote numbers – actually take numbers from the table and write them in your answer. Spelling – As long as it can be recognised the scientific word that you mean, it will count. If you forget a word – describe what you are referring to e.g. Heart, the organ that pumps the blood.

8 Long answer questions Before you start, analyse the wording of the question, relate it to the marks available. Feel free to annotate the question paper. Draw yourself a diagram etc. If you are making 3 points and explaining them, lay it out so the examiner can identify the 3 points easily. QWC (Quality Written Communication) Use key scientific terms in your answer, make it clear that you understand what they mean.

9 CC or write the unit name in Physics e.g. Coulomb
Capital letters These are used in Biology in genetic crosses in Chemistry in Formula and in Physics as units Make them Clear C or c Might look alike to an examiner. Make it obvious CC or write the unit name in Physics e.g. Coulomb

10 HSW Reliability - The reliability of data can be improved by carrying out repeat measurements, removing anolamies and calculating a mean. Validity - Data is not valid if a fair test is not carried out (more than 1 variable is changed) or there is observer bias. Accuracy - a measurement is one which is close to the true value.

11 Good luck Stay calm Leave anything you aren’t sure of and come back to it. Keep an eye on the time. Use time at the end and go back over questions especially calculation. Draw graphs etc in pencil, if you mess it up you can rub it out.

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