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NetClock Time Synchronization Solutions Public Safety Market.

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1 NetClock Time Synchronization Solutions Public Safety Market

2 Confidential 2 Spectracom - Your Partner in Timing Generation, distribution and measurement of time and frequency Leader in timing and sync since 1972 Wide range of products and systems High reliability and superior service Operations throughout the world NetClock Time Synchronization Solutions ●

3 Confidential Radio Consoles CAD Systems VoIP Telephony Systems Voice Logging Recorders ANI-ALI Controllers Emergency Notification System Network Management System Radio Test Equipment Network Servers/Clients Wall Display Clocks Time and Attendance System Physical Security Video Recorder (cctv) Building Access Control Scheduled Fire Dept. “Noon Whistle” via contact relay connection Telecom/SONET networks 3 NetClock – Designed to Synchronize ALL PSAP Systems and Devices All displaying the same time/date.All logging the same time/date. NetClock Time Synchronization Solutions

4 Confidential 4 NetClock Time Synchronization Solutions GPS-based High Bandwidth Time Server with NTPv4 NENA Compliant & NG9-1-1 Capable Latest network security protocols – NG-SEC Front-panel configurable Available OCXO & RB Holdover Oscillators Fixed and Portable applications RoHS Environmental Design 5 Year Warranty 4 NetClock 9483 PSAP Time Server/master clock

5 Confidential 5 NetClock 9483 Fully Complies / Exceeds NENA PSAP MASTER CLOCK STANDARD Defines where time is sourced from, how it supports PSAP Time source must provide CONTINUOUS time data to ALL equipment systems in the facility, including CAD, ANI/ALI, Voice/Logging Recorders, Radio Consoles, etc. NetClock Time Synchronization Solutions

6 Confidential 6 NetClock 9483 Compatible with NENA SECURITY STANDARD Guidelines and requirements for the protection of NG9-1-1 assets or elements. Time source must be a protected asset and network element. NetClock Time Synchronization Solutions

7 Confidential Base Model Connections 10/100Base-T (RJ45) 10MHz and 1-PPS NENA Card for RS-232, RS-485, IRIG, and Alarm Relays Integral 100-240VAC Power Antenna Card Slots Available for Expansion Available Card Modules - Multi-Network Port Card: 3 x 10/100/1000Base-T T1 Timing PTP (IEEE1588) Dual-Power Supply Option 7 New Modular Design – Rear Panel of NetClock NetClock Time Synchronization Solutions

8 Confidential 8 Rear Panel of NetClock with 3 x Multi-network Port Card Module Advantages over the previous model configuration, which previously required separate 9388 slave time servers connected to the NetClock master, include: Single 1RU NetClock with total of 4 network ports – saves rack space Configuration and management from single unit – single browser manages everything, with separate routing tables for each network Cost savings – 3 time servers provided for the price of one NetClock Time Synchronization Solutions

9 Confidential 9 Synchronized Communications Center NetClock Time Synchronization Solutions

10 Confidential 10 NetClock Time Synchronization Solutions NetClock Command Center Package Complete Time Sync System – NG9-1-1 capable GP933 Multi-LAN pkg

11 Confidential Monroe County 911, NY ‘Accurate and synchronized time is crucial to maintaining the integrity of my dispatch center. Our NetClock system ensures my personnel can focus on the call at hand and that our records are traceable to a reliable time source.’ - Craig Johnson, Deputy Director City of Rochester/County of Monroe, NY Emergency Communications Department NetClock 11 NetClock Time Synchronization Solutions

12 Confidential 12 Premium Support Program 24/7 emergency technical customer support for down mission-critical systems Express 24-hour loaner service (loaners sent out next business day) Free loaners (normally a $250/mo. minimum charge) Priority repair service, first-class rank for repair service (standard 10-14 days) Automatic notification of new releases including maintenance releases or new features available NetClock Time Synchronization Solutions

13 Confidential 13 As Your Technology Supplier Spectracom Offers: Short lead-times – most orders ship in 1 to 2 weeks; most RUSH requests ship within 24 hours with no expedite fees Reliable, accepted product designs synchronizing over 4500 E911 Communications Centers, Police, Fire, and Ambulance services in North America Acknowledged Industry-leading Tech Support and Service 5 Year Warranty NetClock Time Synchronization Solutions

14 Synchronize Critical Operations TM NetClock ® products… Employing a time standard like NetClock provides the means to accurately measure time, which allows Public Safety response times to be measured and improved. Improved response times save lives.

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