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SEPAM Digital Relay Square D Electrical Protection And Monitoring.

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1 SEPAM Digital Relay Square D Electrical Protection And Monitoring

2 Schneider Electric 2 - Division - Name – Date Sepam Network Protection for Your Peace of Mind Backed by Schneider Electric, world leader in Power & Control Worldwide presence with technical assistance around the globe Over 25 years of experience in multi-functional relay design Installed base of over 200,000 Sepam relays in over 90 countries Reliability is built-in with quality at every step, from design on through to operation: Design based on dependability studies and complying with the functional requirements of standard IEC 61508 development and production certified ISO 9001 environment-friendly production, certified ISO 14001 service quality ensured by decentralized logistics and support compliance with international standards and local certifi cation compliance with applicable ANSI C37 standard, UL 508 standard, CSA C22

3 Schneider Electric 3 - Division - Name – Date Sepam Relays for Greater Simplicity Consistent range of protection relays designed for all medium-voltage protection applications Multi-functional range offering all the functions required for the intended application Protective solution for every electro- technical application on your electrical network.

4 Schneider Electric 4 - Division - Name – Date Sepam series 80: intelligent solutions for high- end, customized and critical applications Sepam series 40: high-performing solutions for demanding applications Sepam series 20: simple solutions for common applications Sepam Digital Relay Range

5 Schneider Electric 5 - Division - Name – Date Protection Control Metering Communication Sepam Multi-functional Solutions Built in solutions dedicated to the equipment to be protected: effective protection of life and property accurate measurements and detailed diagnosis integral equipment control local or remote indications and operation

6 Schneider Electric 6 - Division - Name – Date Sepam Solutions For Each Application Substation application Bus application Transformer application Motor application Generator application Capacitor application Automatic transfer application

7 Schneider Electric 7 - Division - Name – Date Sepam Selection Guide

8 Schneider Electric 8 - Division - Name – Date Sepam Series 20 Current or voltage metering according to the application 10 logic inputs / 8 relay outputs 1 Modbus communication port 8 temperature probe inputs Control Power 24-250Vdc, 110/240Vac

9 Schneider Electric 9 - Division - Name – Date Sepam Series 40 Current and voltage metering for all applications: all measures available directional protections 10 logic inputs / 8 relay outputs Logical equation editor 1 Modbus communication port 16 temperature probe inputs Control Power 24-250Vdc, 110/240Vac

10 Schneider Electric 10 - Division - Name – Date Modular Architecture For Greater Flexibility to Meet Your Needs Modular architecture enables your installation to evolve, allowing you to add modules at any time! Sepam series 20 / series 40 maximum configuration 10 inputs / 8 outputs (1 MES114 module) 1 analog output 1 Modbus communication ports Temperature probe inputs Series 20: 8 inputs Series 40: 16 inputs

11 Schneider Electric 11 - Division - Name – Date Sepam Series 80 Multiple metering: all measures available directional and differential protections 42 logic inputs / 23 relay outputs Logical equation editor 2 Modbus communication ports 16 temperature probe inputs Memory cartridge and backups Control Power 24-250Vdc

12 Schneider Electric 12 - Division - Name – Date Sepam Modular Architecture - Series 80 1.Base unit 2.Parameter and protection settings saved on removable memory cartridge 3.42 logic inputs and 23 relay outputs with (3 MES120 modules) 4.Connection to communication networks (2 Modbus communication ports) 5.Temperature sensors (16 inputs) 6.Low-level analog output 7.Synchro-check module 8.Software tools Enhancements through additional option modules to keep pace with your ever-changing installation: plug & play modules, easy to install and connect complete setup using software

13 Schneider Electric 13 - Division - Name – Date Sepam Boosts Productivity Easy operation to ensure fast and effective servicing, thereby reducing the operating and maintenance costs of your electric installation A choice of user-machine interfaces (UMI) to meet your operating needs Advanced UMI for all Sepam relays: on front panel remote UMI installed in the most convenient location for the facility manager mimic-based UMI for Sepam series 80, offering local switchgear control

14 Schneider Electric 14 - Division - Name – Date Understood by all...... it speaks all languages! Readily available information locally to aid operating and maintenance clearly displayed on the LCD screen of the UMI UMI screens can be translated to your language alarms and operating messages can be personalized Screen language may be customized Accommodates all graphics: typographical characters drawings Texts in English remain available

15 Schneider Electric 15 - Division - Name – Date Sepam Boosts Productivity Improved continuity of service With Sepam relays, all data is available for optimum management and use of the electric installation. The clear and complete information supplied by Sepam following a fault trip enables the operator to restore power as quickly as possible. Preventive maintenance of switchgear is made easier by the diagnosis functions provided by Sepam. The predictive information supplied by the motor-protection functions optimizes process control.

16 Schneider Electric 16 - Division - Name – Date Simplified maintenance Sepam Series 80 Removable memory cartridge all Sepam characteristics in memory cartridge to put Sepam back into service quickly after faulty base unit replacement, without setting operation For quick and safe maintenance operations!

17 Schneider Electric 17 - Division - Name – Date Remote Operation and Monitoring Available through two types of communication networks: S-LAN (supervisory local area network) to remotely control and monitor Sepam relays connected to a supervisory system (SCADA or RTU) E-LAN (engineering local area network), reserved for Sepam remote parameter setting and centralized installation diagnosis using the SFT2841 software

18 Schneider Electric 18 - Division - Name – Date Easily Integrated into PowerLogic Energy and Power Management System Integration to industrial and commercial network management system Power management software tools Modbus protocol & Modbus / TCP/IP

19 Schneider Electric 19 - Division - Name – Date Easy to commission Predefined functions, ready to use: defined by application to activate and set according to the need Simple to set functions with advanced UMI (Series 20/40) with SFT2841 software For fast implementation!

20 Schneider Electric 20 - Division - Name – Date SFT2841: a user-friendly, powerful software tool One software tool for all Sepam relays 3 operating modes unconnected connected to Sepam communication network Windows environment Ergonomically designed to guide Sepam setup On-line help To derive maximum benefit from your Sepam digital relay!

21 Schneider Electric 21 - Division - Name – Date SFT2841: a user-friendly, powerful software tool Advance graphical assistance Professional report printing

22 Schneider Electric 22 - Division - Name – Date Switchgear Diagnosis Continuous, comprehensive device monitoring: Trip coil monitoring Number of operations Operating time Charging time For effective preventive maintenance!

23 Schneider Electric 23 - Division - Name – Date Local Switchgear Control Sure and simple local control of switchgear Mimic based UMI available for all Series 80 application Mimic diagram editor Library of standard diagrams and predefined symbols Sepam 100MI is used with Sepam Series 80

24 Schneider Electric 24 - Division - Name – Date Network Diagnosis Assistance Disturbance recording 1 to 19 records in COMTRADE format max. memory: 20s max. record: 10s 36 max samples/period Phase unbalance Tripping currents Alarm history Tripping context For better understanding!

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