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Hosted PBX And VoIP Phone Systems LOGICAL Alternatives to Traditional PBXs ELLEGENT SYSTEMS, Inc.

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1 Hosted PBX And VoIP Phone Systems LOGICAL Alternatives to Traditional PBXs ELLEGENT SYSTEMS, Inc.

2 Agenda: (yes, we have an agenda) Hard Truths Types of VoIP Systems Things You Should Know Compare Hosted to In-House Ellegents Value Pricing Return on Investment How it Works & What You Have Questions

3 Phone systems, as we have known them, will no longer exist in 10 years. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) will be the basis for all phones for the next 20 years. Hosted (Cloud) PBX solutions offer more flexibility than an in-house system. For small businesses with one location, in-house VoIP systems make sense. VoIP Phones are expensive (not yet available at Walmart). Telephony is changing The hard truths of business:

4 Types of VoIP Systems In-House High First year Costs per location. Inexpensive when figured over 5 year life expectancy Uses the same Internet lines that Hosted PBX uses Hosted Fixed annual costs, phones can be rolled into monthly payments. Great for businesses with multiple locations 99.999% uptime for the phone system.

5 Things You Should Know All major Cloud providers either have or will have a Hosted PBX solution by 2014, that includes Microsoft. When IPv6 is fully implemented in late 2014, Hosted Phones Systems and Voice over Internet will be used more than cellular! A single Hosted PBX will support IP phones at multiple locations, software phones on a PC or Laptop and APP phones on a smart phone or iPod like device. Currently Quality of Service (QoS), which is the quality of voice, is similar to Cellular, but when IPv6 is implemented, QoS will be similar if not better than analog phones. Current SIP QoS IP phones may not be compatible with IPv6.

6 And there are many more that cant compete! The ELLEGENT Preferred Hosted Providers ELLEGENT Preferred In-House VoIP Systems FortiVoice CudaTel ShoreTel Avaya Wave Cisco Rhino AastraLink MicroTech-Tel Virtual PBX

7 ELLEGENTs Value Years of experience in networking and with Quality of Service Excellent understanding of vendors in this market and with maintaining vendor relationships Understanding of how to evaluate business need and value. Excellent local Service, support, management and montioring

8 Why own an In-House Solution? One-Time investment You Know the environment You Control the Costs Your business owns an asset Hosted PBX solutions sounds good? But youre paying for their facilities o Systems in multiple locations can talk to one another and seem as one system. o Your In-House System can be Fully Managed by Ellegent. o Lifetime costs substantially lower than Hosted PBX. o Most currently available, new, In-House Systems are ready for IPv6. o GREAT for small offices Its an Industry Standard Solution! Ellegent, or any qualified Tech can help you maintain it...and their boat payment

9 Why use A Hosted Solution? Same Cost every month Incredibly reliable Awesome Tech support More features than most In- House Systems Easy to add lines and users Never any upgrades or repairs to the System! Secure Data Center with Fail-Over, HUGE Internet Pipes, Generators, Manned 24 X 7. o Multiple Locations can connect to your Hosted PBX. o Moving your office is easy. o Power outages have no effect on your Phone System, everything goes to voice mail or your cell phone. o Will transition to IPv6 seamlessly. o NO maintenance cost. o 99.999% Uptime o Inexpensive to get up and running

10 When using VoIP over the Internet, right now you need a BIG Internet Pipe. ALL Hosted Phone Systems require VoIP over the Internet. Some of the In-House VoIP Phone Systems we recommend work with Analog lines or PRI T-1s. All VoIP Systems require VoIP Phones. There are different types of Quality of Service SIP DiffServ The New Internet will be a game changer when it comes to Hosted Phone and Hosted PBX. What You should know about VoIP Systems.

11 VoIP Solutions Reliability Communications Where you want it Lower Operational Cost Flexibility Hosted Or In-House State of the Art Technology

12 Frequently asked Questions 1.What is SIP? 2.What is IPv6 and why is it better? 3.Will we need to rewire our building? 4.What if theres a power outage? 5.What about 911? 6.How long will an in-house system last? 7.Phone systems used to last 15 years, now they only last 4 or 5, why? 8.What about Faxing? 9.Will our numbers transfer? 10.Will our callers get busy signals? 11.What about taxes?

13 How do we know it will work? Questions we will ask: Can we get a copy of your phone and internet bills for all locations? Can we take pictures of your facility? Can we document the equipment you have? We dont know if Hosted PBX or VoIP over the Internet will work at your location, we have to do a pre-site survey What we will do, for free: Evaluate your location(s) for high speed Internet availability. Evaluate your network to see what needs to be done to ensure good voice quality. Explain the advantages to hosted or in-house to you Provide you a quote for all options

14 Questions? ELLEGENT SYSTEMS, Inc.

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