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Ilan Havered, Vice President Emergency Operations Need Synchronized Time.

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1 Ilan Havered, Vice President Emergency Operations Need Synchronized Time

2 Company Confidential 2 Hard Problems in Public Safety Critical need for better collaboration (post 9/11) Interoperability: Local PD, FD, 911; State; DHS, DoD Critical need for faster responses Regionally: Katrina Locally: heart attack victims (cardiologists reducing benchmarks for time to diagnosis and treatment) Disaster planning: secondary center, command vehicles, virtual PSAP (back-up and redundancy) Heightened public visibility and expectations, media scrutiny Litigation (records accuracy) In-bound 911 calls (data) coming in many ways Traditional: Voice, TTY/TTD, Multi-lingual Current: Wireless Phase 1, Phase 2; Telematics Next: VoIP, Text, Chat, Pictures, Video… Consolidation of PD, FD, EMS dispatching centers Network convergence, next-gen PSAP

3 Company Confidential 3 Example of a No-No Physical Security system says 12:22:29 Display Clock says 12:16 Which one is correct (A medical centers Public Safety Center)

4 Company Confidential 4 Public Safety Time Synchronization Two most important issues for PSAP calls include: Consistency Credibility of the time stamp attached to each of the 9-1-1 event records Accurate time stamps for: Event reconstruction Process improvement Legal evidence of emergency response times for court Using a legally traceable time reference (master clock/time server) provides this for the PSAP and its Public Safety partners (EOC, PD, FD, EMS….)

5 Company Confidential 5 Synchronizing Critical Operations TM Key Processes Needing Synchronization: Call taking and recording Dispatching Referrals – handoffs to other centers Advanced EMS over the phone Incident command & coordination - NIMS Coordination with Federal including DHS and DoD Personnel shift changes Database backups Scheduled maintenance such as Back-up Generator PSAP security systems recording of video Quality metrics, process improvement, training

6 Company Confidential 6 One of the still-unanswered questions is the timing of when help was summoned. It would appear that as much as seven minutes may have elapsed after Smith began convulsing and before the Monroe County Emergency Communication Department received the call. But the discrepancy between what police say was an immediate call to 911 and what emergency records show could be explained by the agencies involved using different clocks. Monroe County, Rochester, NY The PSAP had time synchronization. The jail now has time synchronization. Heightened Public Awareness An inmate was dying. A delayed call to PSAP was made to 10-digit PSAP Number.

7 Company Confidential 7 Time is Unambiguous Time has been measured astronomically - forever Therefore 1 second = 1/86,400 of a day Defined as GMT by treaty of the meter with 24 time zones offsets so noon is always mid-day By international treaty in 1972, the definition of official worldwide time changed to UTC Atomic properties of the cesium-133 atom 1 second = 9,192,631,770 cycles of an energy transition Maintained by BIPM (France) Contributed to by NMIs (NIST in USA) UTC is absolute: the same no matter where you are located Suppose the UTC is now 00:2:00 I know the UTC offset for New York is -5 (plus any seasonal adjustment) Therefore, it is 21:00:00 in New York

8 Company Confidential 8 Regulations and best practice requirements Time Accuracy 10,000 sec/day 0.5 sec/day 1-10 sec/day 10 nanosec/day 0.1 nanosec/day

9 Company Confidential 9 Time Synchronization Device Clock Authority Master Clock

10 Company Confidential 10 Master Clock Synchronization Authority GNSS Internet Time Services Radio Services: DC77, MSF Dial-up Services In the North America GPS is the standard for providing legally traceable time Accurate Reliable Redundant Available everywhere Traceable Dial-up service is a reliable back-up to GNSS or as primary in cases where GNSS deployment is impossible Urban canyon applications Reliable Available in other countries as ITU-R services Traceable Long distance call

11 Company Confidential 11 Device Clock Synchronization Network Time Protocol (NTP) DHCP Server Syslog Server LDAP or RADIUS Server Network Management Legacy Computer Alarms Legacy Infrastructure Recorders Next Gen Infrastructure Network Devices

12 Company Confidential 12 Evolution of the Network-Centric NetClock 8182 NetClock/2 WWVB master clock Serial timecodes IRIG 8183 NetClock GPS master clock Add-on NTP time server Frequency output 9183 NetClock Built-in NTP Web UI SSL/SSH SNMPv3 CE 9283 NetClock DHCP Pv6 NTPv4 Syslog RADIUS/LDAP IPSec UL IP Capable

13 Company Confidential 13 Public Safety Time Synchronization NENA PSAP Master Clock Standard: (04-002) Defines where time is sourced from, how it supports PSAP Time source must provide CONTINUOUS time data to ALL equipment systems in the facility, including CAD, ANI/ALI, Voice/Logging Recorders, Radio Consoles, etc.

14 Company Confidential 14 Master Clock Synchronizes all Electronic Device Clocks ANI-ALI Controllers Voice Logging Recorders Radio Consoles CAD Systems Management Information Reporting System Emergency Notification System Network Management System Radio test equipment Computer/Networks including: email server, network router Wall Clocks Time and Attendance System PSAP Physical Security Video Recorder (CCTV), Building Access Control Scheduled Fire Dept. Noon Whistle via contact relay connection PBX Systems for tracking administrative calls Other departments or agencies in the County, City, Borough, Town, etc. All displaying the same time/date.All logging the same time/date.

15 Company Confidential 15 PSAP Synchronized Communications Center

16 Company Confidential 16 NENA Compliant GPS Master Clock NetClock® Model 9283 Front Panel 10/100BaseT Ethernet Port NTP timing Network management LEDs indicate Power, GPS status Dual front panel clocks / displays Inside 12-channel GPS receiver Stratum 1 NTP Server Oscillator options provide holdover Back Panel GPS Input RS-232 Console Port (2) RS-232 Time Code Outputs (2) RS-485 Time Code Outputs For 9288, TimeView clocks or TimeTap to RS-232 (1) IRIG B/E output - Voice Recorders (1) 10 MHz output – Calibration Ref. (3) Alarm/Event Contact Relays

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