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DATASAT IITM from Stratos

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1 DATASAT IITM from Stratos
Product Overview March 31, 2017 Product Management

2 Stratos VSAT – Englewood, Colorado
Englewood Operations has added 5th hub and is evaluating adding new services to further utilize existing 7 x 24 NOC Deepening the SCADA-focus Along with new hub, Stratos VSAT recently added new RF upgrades Evaluating possible RF expansion Key Staff intact and expanding

3 New Platforms, More Diversity – DataSat II
Stratos introduces New SCADA VSAT Service for Oil, Gas and Utility Markets Shared Hub VSAT service – 7 x 24 support w/proactive notification Supports supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) applications such as Metering Flow Monitoring Terminal Management Leak Detection Well Head Monitoring Tank Farm Monitoring Other Supporting Applications such as Internet/Intranet Inventory Control Remote Video

4 DataSat II VSAT Suite Provides the appropriate VSAT for each use
IP and/or Serial traffic Some VSAT’s can be tailored with expansion cards Adding capabilities rather than requiring purchase of a new VSAT Three Platform offerings DataSat II IP IP router enables interactive broadband IP, legacy and multicasting applications to individual or multiple remote locations DataSat II PRO Multi Service VSAT bundles interactive data, broadband IP and legacy, public and corporate telephony on a single platform Includes 3 expansion slots for optional plug-in cards including quad LAN, voice, and mesh DataSat II Armadillo All outdoor weather-proofed unit for the most rugged out conditions. SCADA and other applications have a VSAT with an integrated heater, fans, ruggedized components and a waterproof enclosure

5 DataSat II IP – High Performance Broadband IP VSAT
DataSat II IP Benefits Compact Design IDU - 180mm W x 190mm D x 54mm H Low Power Consumption Less than 20W; solar power is no problem AC or DC Operation V AC or V DC Easy mounting requirements Fast Network Deployment Data Interfaces supported Ethernet 100BaseT, RS-232

6 DataSat II PRO – Multi-Service IP VSAT
DataSat II PRO Benefits Compact Design IDU – 300mm W x 200mm D x 100mm H AC or DC Operation 72-250V AC or V DC or 48V DC (rack mounted version only) Expansion Cards Quad LAN – Ethernet 100 BaseT Voice – 2W FXS 1, 2, or 4 ports Mesh receiver 3 expansion slots Up to 12 Voice Interfaces Multimedia card (rack mount only) Data Interface supported Ethernet 100BaseT, RS-232

7 DataSat II Armadillo – All Weather Enclosed VSAT
DataSat II Armadillo Benefits Sealed, all weather enclosure operational under wide range of conditions – mount directly outdoors! Internal thermostatically controlled heater for cold/heat-sink and fans for heat dissipation Increased lightning protection Compact Design IDU – 300mm W x 200mm D x 100mm H AC or DC Operation V AC or V DC Operating Temperature -40 to +60 C (-40 to +140 F) Data Interface Ethernet 100BaseT, RS-232 (Optional)

8 DataSat II – Optional Configurations
Serial Port Expansion Some Stratos customers have needs for multiple serial ports at one location DataSat II Pro provides this option Expanded Temperature Operating Range Armadillo supports good range but some sites need even more DataSat II Pro may be configured inside one of Stratos “SCADA Sat” enclosures Provides even better operating range Provides more serial port availability for these sites Provides more space to locate RTU’s or PLC’s in same box Contact Stratos for Exact Pricing and Configuration

9 DataSat II Optional Configuration
DataSat II Serial and IP Simultaneous Current configuration does not support use of simultaneous serial and IP on one site Stratos “TwinSat” Allows two VSAT terminals to operate simultaneously on one 1.2M antenna

10 New Service, Better Performance – DataSat II
Improved Performance 64 Kbps to 256 Kbps (higher speeds available late 2008) 24/7 Network Monitoring Over 20 years experience from trained technicians from our Denver NOC Public or Private Networks Flat-rate pricing North American Coverage AMC-4 Full Service Provider

11 DataSat II – Network Configuration

12 DataSat II Coverage – North America

13 Stratos – DataSat II Full Service Provider
7 x 24 Monitoring of VSAT’s by site with proactive notifications of outages Network Engineering and Design VSAT Hardware Systems SCADA Systems Integration Antenna’s, Anti-Ice, Mounts, Pads, Modems Installation and Commissioning Network Technical Support and Configuration Repairs and Maintenance Technical Training Monthly Statistics and Reporting

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