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Moxa Embedded Solution on IEC 61850

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1 Moxa Embedded Solution on IEC 61850
Moxa Systems August, 2009

2 Theme IEC 61850 with Smart Grid Moxa Solution Summary
Substation Automation Empowered By IEC 61850 Moxa Solution Summary Confidential

3 Future of Power: Smart Grid
Everything is now based on electricity Computers, Networks, Telecom, Medical, … Electric grid produces at least 40% of CO2 emissions Aging electric grid contributes a 20% power loss while delivering to end user Confidential

4 Smart Grid Infrastructure
Substation Automation Advanced Metering Infrastructure Power Generation Customers Electricity Dispatching Control Center Distributed Energy Integrated Transmission Distribution Source: EPRI Intelligrid Confidential

5 Substation Automation in Smart Grid
Electricity consumption, switchboard operation, information gathering, station decision making feedback Electricity Dispatching Control Center Grid intelligence strategic decision, T&D automated management Substation Source: EPRI Intelligrid Confidential

6 Current Power Automation Protocols
DNP 3.0 IEC ModBus Confidential

7 Protocol Trend for Power Automation
Newton Evans: IEC is the trend Migrating to Ethernet-based Confidential

8 Future Power Automation Protocols
DNP 3.0 DNP 3.0 LAN IEC 61850 IEC ModBus/TCP ModBus ModBus Confidential

9 Substation Automation Empowered By IEC 61850

10 Benefits of IEC 61850 Power Substation
Protocol Integration Easy Maintenance Time to Market IEC 61850 Confidential

11 Moxa Offering Confidential

12 Moxa Embedded Solution

13 Lead with IEC61850-3 Certified Embedded Computer – DA-681
DA-681-I-DPP-T IEC Test PASS! Confidential

14 Using DA-681 in IEC61850-3 Substation
Requirements IEC certified hardware Multiple LANs to connect IED device and communicate dispatch control center Requires AC/DC power input 19-inch rackmount, fanless design Benefits The DA-681 has 6 LANs for network redundancy and centralized communication Excellent patented heat dissipation design for use in -40 ~ 75˚C environments Serial port with isolation protection for integrating legacy RTU into IEC substation Dual power design to connect simultaneously to 100 VDC and 240 VAC power sources Confidential

15 Features Briefing Intel x86 1GHz CPU with 910GMLE chipset
Built-in DDR2 SDRAM and industrial-grade DOM 19-inch rackmount installation, 1U high 6 Ethernet ports for network redundancy 2 USB 2.0 Host, supporting system boot up 4 Serial 232 & 8 RS-485 ports (wide baud rate) CF/SATA interfaces for storage expansion 100 to 240V AC/DC power input Dual power for redundant application (DP/DPP model only) Fanless and low power consumption design Confidential

16 Challenges to Certify IEC 61850-3
Function Test EMC Test Wide Temperature Test Anti-Vibration Test Confidential

17 Unique Design to Conquer EMC Test

18 Wide Temperature Know-How
Thermal Placement Optimization of Components Natural-Convection Chamber to Test Wide Temperature Components Database Optimal Heat Transfer Methods Self Warming System heat sources. It is particularly efficient as the main heat can be directly absorbed and dissipated from the sink. However, it takes a lot for hardware engineers to find out the main heat sources within the components. Meanwhile, it also contains a mechanism that can automatically raise the internal temperature when it is used in the extremely cold locations. It often requires lots of jobs to keep the system working either in the extremely hot or cold surroundings. Confidential

19 Special Heat Dissipation Design
L-Type for Heat Dissipation Confidential

20 System Throttling Design
High Temperature Solution: Dynamic Throttling Technique Safe User Configurable inside BIOS time Confidential

21 120 hours Uninterrupted Testing

22 Production Quality Management (Dynamic Burn-in)
High temp. (55~75dc) Pilot Run 24~48hrs Room temp. (30~40dc) Mass Production 4~24hrs Wide temp. (-40~85 dc) W/T Product screen 24 hrs Over 80% function test items are covered during burn-in test program. Monitoring programs control the entire burn-in status, and show the data for analysis. Confidential

23 Anti-Vibration Tolerance Test
50 G Anti-Shock MHz Anti-Vibration Confidential

24 Summary IEC is the trend in modern power substation to integrate different standards in Relay, Control, and Metering equipments DA-681 is the best solution to fit in “Communication Processor” and “Back-end Host” Confidential

25 Thanks! Confidential

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