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We Pump More Blood Healthcare Marketing Solutions 1/11.

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1 We Pump More Blood Healthcare Marketing Solutions 1/11

2 B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - 2/11 END-TO-END MARKETING What We Offer You … More than just Marketing! CUSTOMIZED DATA SOLUTIONS

3 B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - Customized Data Solutions 3/11

4 DATA USEFUL IN HEALTHCARE Researchers Hospital directors Distributors Doctors Products Biotech Pharmacies Nursing What our DATA comprises for the healthcare sector – All you need to know about pharmacies, hospitals, C-level decision makers, nursing services, research facilities, diseases, geographical issues, etc. Our Data Solutions for Healthcare strategies Industry DETAILS (company, institution, program related) Profile DETAILS (individual, people related B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - 04/11

5 How you can get the Data Through our multiple Data Purchasing Plans, you can…  Get us to Expand your existing list of business/research contacts  Get us to Improve the database health at your end B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - 05/11

6  PROCURE business contacts from us  LICENSE them out from us, or better still…  SUBSCRIBE to a regular flow of refreshed business intelligence Our Data Purchasing Plans B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - 06/11

7 Our Data Services in a nutshell… Fill 80% of your database with sure buyers Get in touch with hospital directors looking for you Understand needs of medicine in all regions of the world Find cures through biotech research information Communicate as and when there is real- time demand Get internationally reckoned B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - 07/11

8 B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - End-to-End Marketing 10/24 B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - 08/11

9 What we do for Enhancing your Marketing & Advertising Industry o Website Development o Web Management o Pay-per-click Marketing o Search Engine Optimization (SEO) o Social Media Management o Product Marketing o Custom Applications o Content Management But before that… Plan LAUNCH MARKETING CAMPAIGNS Research Strategize B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - 09/11

10 Results of Custom-Marketing your Healthcare Business More pharmacies looking for your business Sell by channelizing through the best distributors Become distinctively patient-friendly Drive up your health unit’s popularity Spike your health service site visits by 600% Keep your partners and patients consistently well-informed B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - 10/11

11 B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - The Final Result And you can get right here A consistently growing healthcare brand Increasing customer base Popularity of products and services a b c 11/11

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