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6 Sigma Consulting

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1 6 Sigma Consulting

2 Superior Value over the term at the right program cost
Our Value Proposition Our Value Proposition Our 6 Sigma Recipe that is derived from best practices of globally admired companies Flexible and multiple combinations in our 6 Sigma packages to suit Large, Mid Market and Small Businesses Superior Value over the term at the right program cost Focus on Competency and Leadership development in your Team to become self-dependent Overseeing Transformational Culture Change into the fabric of your organization 02

3 03 Our Offerings Consulting Training
Assessment of your existing CI program (if any) for it’s capability Assessment of your Cultural Fit Development of a 6 Sigma Deployment road-map Recast your Business Strategy (over 3 to 5 years) and prioritize areas of Strategic focus for process improvements Develop and implement a list of high impact 6 Sigma Projects Training Deployment Champion Executive Leaders Black Belts Green Belts Yellow Belts 03

4 Our Firm‘s Team capability
Lead Consultant has a 13+ year career at Caterpillar Inc.’s Asia office as Certified 6 Sigma Master Black (Black Belt) Qualified Lean Black Belt and Champion Strategic Sourcing and Cost Management Consultant Led deployment to and consulted for 25+ Medium to Large sized businesses across Asia (Caterpillar’s India office + Strategic Supply partners) over the last 4 / 6 years in India. Trained over 25 DCs, 75 Executive Leaders, 100 Black Belts and multiple Green Belts and Yellow Belts Industries served are Manufacturing, Automotive, Logistics & Transportation, Healthcare, Financial Services and Hospitality Industry Partners for special assignments / training sessions on call, to deliver superior value and optimize client costs. 04

5 Does 6 Sigma apply to me ? When there is an Output that touches Customers there is a Business Process When there is a Business Process there is possible Performance Variation When there is Performance Variation there is a 6 Sigma Improvement Opportunity When there is 6 Sigma Improvement there is Improved Profitability So, YES, 6 Sigma can be applied to ALL functions, disciplines and business processes 05

6 What is the New Age 6 Sigma definition ?
Continuous pursuit of excellence in meeting customer needs Statistical and fact-based business decision making Methodical and structured problem solving Focusing and aligning actions with your strategic priorities Improving broken processes, closing performance gaps and tapping opportunities Measuring real $ value generation Cultural Transformation in your organization Developing Teams, Leaders and Champions of the future 06

7 6 Sigma – Go the Transformational way

8 6 Sigma must be “all encompassing“

9 The 6 Sigma recipe is no one‘s invention

10 Stages of 6 Sigma driven Cultural Transformation

11 How 6 Sigma is woven into Strategy Execution

12 Must-dos to taste 6 Sigma benefits
Committed leadership focus Follow the globally adopted 6 Sigma prescription to ensure success Dedicate and focus your best resources towards 6 Sigma deployment Involve your entire Organization for see radical transformation Adopt 6 Sigma to align with and drive your Strategy Admired 6 Sigma companies have seen returns between 3x to 20x on their investments in about 2 years 12

13 An Overview of our 6 Sigma Deployment Plan

14 What is DMAIC and DMEDI ? 14

15 6 Sigma Training

16 Training Programs - Index
Target Candidates No. of days Deployment + Executive Training DC + Leaders 3 days DMAIC Training Black Belts 20 days Green Belts 6 days max Yellow Belts 2 days DMEDI / DFSS Training (Transactional) 10 days DMEDI / DFSS Training (Manufacturing & Engineering) 15 days 5 days max Sales Growth Black Belts / Green Belts 16

17 Training Delivery Suite of Options
Delivery Options Client Location Instructor Led (Facilitated – 10+ pax) Live Video (Assisted – 5+ pax) E-learning (Self Taught – 1+ pax) Printed Books / CDs (Self Taught) Exercises + Real Examples Coaching Support Deployment Champion Executive Leaders DMAIC Black Belt DMAIC Green Belt DMEDI Black Belt DMEDI Green Belt DMAIC Yellow Belt Sales Growth Training Primary Option (10+ Belts preferred per Session of Training) Secondary / Low Cost Options (1+ to 5+ Belts preferred per Session of Training ) Tertiary / Mandatory provisions 17

18 Deployment Champion / Leadership Training

19 DMAIC Black Belt Training

20 DMAIC Green Belt Training

21 DMAIC Yellow Belt Training

22 DMEDI / DFSS Black Belt Training

23 DMEDI / DFSS Black Belt Training ... continued

24 6 Sigma Sales Growth Training

25 E-Mail:,
Phone : / Mobile : Procexcellenz is a premier provider of multi-channel Consulting and Training Solutions for seekers of 6 Sigma, Lean, Stategic Sourcing, Cost Management and Strategy Planning services. 25

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