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Unlock Customer Growth and Loyalty in Today's Economy Data Solutions for Finance and Banking 1/19.

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1 Unlock Customer Growth and Loyalty in Today's Economy Data Solutions for Finance and Banking 1/19

2 Financial Industry – In a nutshell B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - o Efficient operations o Strong risk management o Effective marketing Braving todays economic upheavals, financial Industry is looking forward to realign the existing business practices and embrace digital technology for a balanced growth. 2/19 Financial institutions like banks, insurance companies and brokerage services are banking on these factors to improve profitability:

3 Financial Services Firms lag in leveraging data and Digital Marketing B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - o Exposure to New o Banking Challenges o Lack of Knowledge in digital Marketing o Exposure to global economic markets Despite growing digitization and online adoption, financial services firms are still adept at adopting digital marketing and leaders. Top challenges faced by Financial services: 3/19

4 New era of opportunities and growth for Financial Sector B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - o Online banking: Opportunity to reduce cost, improve service levels o Remote banking: Use of ATMs has added convenience to retail customers o Wider services: Incorporate new banking services, like brokerage, investment management, etc Despite economic uncertainties, financial sector is gaining new ground due to resilient adoption of digital technologies and adoption of electronic banking services Opportunities of growth for financial sector: 4/19

5 B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - DITIGIAL MARKETING WHAT WE OFFER YOU to Financial Services… Bull Ride on Digital Marketing! CUSTOMIZED DATA SOLUTIONS 5/19

6 B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - Customized Data Solutions 619

7 Our Data Solutions for Financial Services Industry B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - o C-level decision makers o Financial manager o Finance director o Financial controller o Finance manager o VP, finance o Chief financial officer o More… Market parameters Detailed addresses Phone numbers Company details IDs Reach TOP TITLES from financial services Industry 7/19

8 EXAMPLES OF DATA RELEVANT IN FINCANCIAL INDUSTRY Securities Trading Insurance Securities Analysis Investment Banking Banking A Small Cross-Section of our Data Solutions Industry DETAILS (company, institution, program related) Profile DETAILS (individual, people related) Supply Chain Directors CPAs End Users Finance Managers Financial Analysts B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - 8/19

9 B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - Get hands on Verified Data Fast, Secure, Data Source … Better experiences from high-quality data and better insights Get us to Improve the database efficiency at your end 9/19

10 Our Data Purchasing Plans Procure contacts from financial services Industry License verified data for fulfilling business objectives Subscribe to fresh business intelligence data B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - 10/19

11 How we elevate customer engagement with your Existing Data B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - If this is what you do… …this is what we do before we take you out for marketing Data Segmentation Clean Database High Value Asset Validation Customized Solutions 11/19

12 Our Data Services in a nutshell… B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - Acquire verified contacts from Financial services Contact top-level decision makers in financial division Segment data for personalized marketing Expand Influence with Contact Management Reach contacts through multi-channel marketing Prospect to hard-to-find contacts 12/19

13 B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - Digital Marketing 13/19

14 B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | degree digital Marketing 14/19

15 Results of Digital-Marketing your Financial Services Industry B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - Reduce Marketing Cost by embracing digital marketing Broaden Marketing reach by targeting wider audience Reach multiple contacts within the same company Customer-centric Marketing Organic lead growth through website optimization Flexible marketing by leveraging insights from data 15/19

16 Transform Marketing of Financial Institution B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - QualityServiceDelivery 16/19

17 B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - The Final Result Design DeliverAchieve Create effective multi-channel marketing campaigns Customer-centric promotions and offers Profitable growth 17/19

18 Get stellar results in the blink of eye... B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - & build a better customer experience. 18/19

19 B2Bdatapartners Website:- | Phone: | - 19/19 Contact United States Head-Quarters B2Bdatapartners Firestone Blvd, Suite 400, La Mirada, CA Phone: India Phone: United Kingdom Phone: Australia Phone: Canada Phone: France Phone: Israel Phone: Singapore Phone: China Phone: South Africa Phone:

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